Liberal Bullshit

post pics of cringe and bluepilled burger shitlibs, I have no idea tier of autism they're on but god damn is it driving me insane.

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Burgers are fugged, aren't they?

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This is also the guy who did the "raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to send children to Marvel movies" thing.

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He must be getting paid for this right?
Surely he doesn't do it for free.

This land can only be purified through the blood of it's people

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uhhh hmmm
that don't make no sense

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I know I should have been totally blackpilled from the beginning so it's my own fault but it's been pretty disappointing to see omar and cortez swing right so quickly. I mean they were never radicals but I at least thought they'd stick to their guns as nominally anti-war socdems and would have been content with that because there is literally nothing else even remotely optimistic about the American left. But I mean it was almost on day one the while thing just imploded

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“I’m a trendy hipster asshat and/or am mentally ill and never log off Twitter”

Didn’t mean to sage

Never repudiate the 100 million figure, because there are more than 100 million in US alone that need to be victims of communism.

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What the fuck? Pelosi was the one who started this shit in the first place.

Pic related is actually quite scary

Why do you care more about Twitter than how they actually vote?


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Why do you support social democracy?

I think the overzealous amounts of celebrity-tier attention from hordes of liberals got to their heads.

Seriously, the octogenarian democrats pushing 1950’s tier red scare are trying really hard to throw the election to Republicans. The ruthless class warfare donors that fund the conservative parties also pay to pick their opponents in general elections by funding liberal party leaders and their party activities. So it’s not surprising that despite 60% of the progressive democratic caucus supporting socialism we see Democrats try to push anti-socialist propaganda. Globally the conservative parties have been on the decline since the late 80s (end of the Reagan and Thatcherite eras) due to shortermism, reliance on sympathetic news media and extensive contradictions so the 20th century traditional conservative donors have been working overtime since then to infiltrate well established liberal and labor parties. By the looks of it they’ve had some success.



Just check r/politics, you'd think they're all paid but most of them believe this shit for free. Just check any thread on Tulsi on this subreddit.

What's also funny that for all their "wokeness" they get incredibly sexist when it comes to Tulsi, like saying shit that her supporter base just vote with their dicks, and people google her to see her in a bikini, not even entertaining the thought that people might support a woman because of what she says and not because of how she looks.

It's so bullshit because their entire argument is "hurr only someone like copmala harris could defeat Trump, Bernie is too extreme" when it's in fact the complete opposite. Neoliberalism has become really unpopular especially after the Obama debacle (you can not sell people the same shit with a brown minority person with a Muslim name twice, that only works once), and who are they wanting to run now? Joe Biden?! The guy who looks like he just crept out of a coffin and often doesn't even know what he's being asked?

I mean, these are the out-of-touch Democrats, but then you have some who at least realised that they can't continue like before so they shill for moderates like Warren or Buttigieg (?) to build a bridge to Bernie or Tulsi supporters, because those weren't the ones voting for Clinton later, so they hope with a slightly more lefty candidate who isn't appalling to everybody who isn't a neoliberal warmonger they get them to the ballots boxes. But honestly, I'm not an American but Elisabeth Warren sounds to me like someone who'd sell out fucking quicker then Obama.

Anyway Trump is gonna wipe the floor with Biden (they can't even play the sexism part like they did with Hillary) and the Dems will ramp up the Russophobia a couple of more inches, setting the stage for what is potentially a form of American fascism. They already labelled RT and Sputnik as foreign agents, and want to kick out Russian anchor moms. Imagine you'd say the same shit about Jews or Mexicans they say about Russians, you'd be cast out of polite society.

the absolute state of burger politics

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Outside of revolution their is nothing that can shift American politics left. This isn’t so much due to America specifically but it’s the inevidble way that capitalism affects politics. Expect this shit to start happing in Europe and Asia soon. This is what capitalism turns politics into, a one way trip right.

I want to live int the world liberals think we live in.

are you the same person who said eye_roll.jpg in some other thread
if so, go neck yourself

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This Russia shit is pure Hillary Clinton. Seriously, they have a whole propaganda apparatus and circle of supporters stopping everything because of one fucking woman. Even the establishment thinks it's a joke and you can see at points how the libs gets antsy taking this Russiagate shit seriously. (It doesn't stop them from doing other insane shit like the whole "Guaido is the real presidente" bullshit, but even by their standards Russiagate is insanity and indefensible. It fails even as a test to see how brain-rotted the populace has become, because it relies on a peculiar form of insanity.)

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American "leftism" is a fucking joke

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This is why conventions should be private. All these stupid shit would just get mined by your opponents.

Your acting like they shouldn't just not do any of this shit in the first place which is missing the point

I mean it is still pretty terrible to do it but not as if naysayers and critics won’t find something else to gripe about them anyway.

It is a bad organizational move to allow such nonsense and a bad PR to let others see it without you framing it on your own terms.

Deal with it b o o m e r

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So what you're saying is it's okay so long as they do it behind closed doors?

No you retard. It is bad that they do it, and worse that they let everyone see it to use it against them.

What you're saying is "if they're gonna do it they should at least hide it" when you should be saying "defense of the dsa should be a bankable offense"

Why do you constantly try to put words in my mouth. Intersectionality is terrible but letting a livestream is stupid since your enemies will try to ‘quote-mine’ your internal antics to delegitimize you. It is a strategic error to allow this shit and a tactical error to allow everyone to see it.

Everything so that they can nitpick this stupid shit.

I think it says a lot that you aren't frustrated with the fact that they're doing petty bourgeoise reformist nonsense but are just embarrassed that they allowed themselves to be seen doing it.

I can do both of those things at the same time faggot. Hell right now I am doing both and also being disgusted at this pseudo- cancel culture that you are encouraging.

don't clap

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Go back to reddit kid

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The dsa convention was just as bad as brony or minecraft shit tbh

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Peak brainlet

It can't even be pseudo cancel culture you stupid faggot because it literally can't hurt you unless you were a tripfag. Saying "you should feel stupid for defending the DSA" isn't the same thing as me getting you fired from your job unless you apologize cuz I found a Twitter post of you saying nigger from 10 years ago

What I meant by pseudo-cancel culture is the tendency of online leftist circles to completely disregard or expunge anyone outside or even within the circle because of minor ideological difference or missteps with no avenue of reconciliation or improvement.

Liberalism shouldn't be tolerated or else you end up waving your hands around in the air while a trust fund baby screams at you for invading their sonic safe space by talking. Idk why this is so difficult for you to comprehend

Once again you are preaching to the fucking choir faggot. But unlike you I am trying to hate the sin and not the sinner (however annoying and hard it is), nor do I want this similar treatment to be done to other leftists who have ideological differences or missteps.

How the fuck can you watch that shit and still earnestly believe the people running the dsa treally give a flying fuck about actually building socialism? Guess Lenin fucked up by not just accepting that the Kautskyites and the opposition were "different" damn if only he would have allowed more internal struggle in the party surely the Soviet union would have had an easier go of it

Okay liberal

I guess you have to look at their resolutions and shit they did other than the clip to confirm it.

We literally have evidence from the last 50 years of new left bullshit that proves this retardation doesn't work go back to reddit

The leadership literally are open kautskyites who actively discourage radical chapters and chapters fold over sex pests and false accusations of sexual harassment alike every other week not to mention the cops and other bullshit

Go fuck yourself

I am not saying they aren’t but a clip should be your iron-clad evidence for it

I don’t doubt their ineffectiveness though.

shouldn’t be

Eat a dick

No I just dislike DSA for different (and better) reasons than you.

You don't dislike them you're just ashamed that the org you support as a cope for being a coward and probably a fucking petit bourg or lumpen yourself is so shit so you try to point the finger at everyone else and act like if we just gave them one more chance they wouldn't implode THIS TIME and it's actually everyone who is so unfair to themes fault that they are so pants on the head retarded and full of shit

Nice projection faggot. I didn’t know you are such a snowflake to treat critique as denouncement but I guess it is par for the course. Hell I don’t even want you to give them a chance (that ship has sailed a long time ago), but to provide an idea of an alternative

Ah there it is. "You can't say a piece of shit tastes bad unless u have a better recipe for it ;)"

Thanks for proving everything I said right

I never said you can’t but if this shit doesn’t make you reflect on why it is shit and what could be better than politics is just rage/cringe pornography than actual change.

Treating political events like it is rage/cringe pornography than actual lessons to improve.

Again, go fuck yourself liberal

Again you are needlessly putting words into my mouth to expunge me like a liberal would. I never asked or wanted you to tolerate them, but to critique them something more than ‘DSA bad’.

Lmao now you are just being hysterical.


Fuck you dude

More like
you: lmao DSA bad coz of idpol shit
Me: lmao yea they should control their optics
Me: I am, I am just saying they should not broadcast so openly since they will…
You: you are a fucking petit-bourgeoise doesn’t care about the working class REEEE
Me: I am just saying you have to structure your criticism in a way that allows the subject to be redeemed else you are like a liberal indulging in cancel culture…
You: you are just insisting that I come up with a complete route to communism REEE
All this triggered posts just because I critique something else from you…

shut the fuck up liberal

How can I be a liberal when I am not the one who talk like a liberal in this conversation?

Stop defending the dsa and social democracy

You are the one defending the org that denounces the USSR and whose leaders are featured in US state/corporate media.

I am not defending DSA at all you morons, I am saying that you have to critique better than just ‘canceling’ DSA like a liberal would. Holy shit this isn’t a hard concept to grasp.

You're implying that leftypol hasn't charted every stupid fucking thing the DSA has done since the end of 2016 and thus doesn't feel the need to bring up literally all of it every time some new stupid shit happens cuz we've already discussed it

But see you're a newfag here off the boat from r/ChapoTrapHouse or some shit who thinks you're in good company cuz I think being a leftist means being a social democrat who doesn't break down in seething rage tears when you overhear someone say faggot so when you see someone criticize the dsa, of which you are still a part probably for Twitter clout or some other such shit, you reflexively defend it cuz on whatever chunk of reddit you crawled out of that's the norm because for pea brained reddit liberals the DSA is literally the same thing as the Socialist Party under debs

Tl;Dr you have to go back

Enough with your projections. Bitch I was literally around in Zig Forums before 2016 and I know all about DSA’s nonsense. I still critique their actions on its own instead of indulging in some vague essentialism that everything DSA do is bad and they can never get better.

I swear people like you with your insufferable purity testing are why this board imploded and will never recover.

user i…

Bitch I've been here since 2016 too and I've always argued against the DSA as a bunch of radlibs; just because there were more DSA idiots in 2016 doesn't mean they were right, they were also more Stirner posters who were equally retarded.

Since then the DSA has given birth to creatures like AOC who think Maduro is a bloody dictator and we need support Guadio. So fuck off.

Now you are just being petty. Learn to read what people said before replying. We are done here.

Lmao and you said I was talking like a liberal

As if I agreed with their positioning of Maduro or even with them in general. I don’t know how many times must I repeat myself that I do not support or even like them but it seems like I am the only one who took the meme of reading to heart.

They were the best part of 2016 you fucking buzzkill.

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