Commies are quite literally incapable of countering this and they cope as a result

Commies are quite literally incapable of countering this and they cope as a result.

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food is everywhere, owned

Disavowed as non-materialist.
Go repost this on twitter where you belong.

Then how come starvation is so common in communist countries?

You have a human right to an attorney, yet they are a finite resource.

when did commies do this? All the healthcare/ internet is a human right talk comes from western liberals who are white fascists

Stalin constitution
lmao bruh

We don't have to. The concept of rights as something inalienable and god-given is a Liberal nonsence.

Communists also don't believe that a product or a service should be a right.

Answer this:

You literally proved my point.


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That your point is stupid and doesn't have a bearing on actual reality? Great thanks bye.

So it's like a shittier less efficient capitalism then

Probably some handwavy bullshit about how because the law is artificially complicated a lawyer is neccesary and so it doesnt count because it's because gubmint bad

What about it?

"you have a human right to an attorney, yet they are a finite resource" is quite literally an argument for my point made in OP. Are you stupid?

wtf it doesn't even have human rights in it

"you have a human right to an attorney, yet they are a finite resource" is quite literally an argument for my point made in OP.

How is making everyone work instead of having lazy capitalists and people doing useless jobs less efficient, even if you don't agree with the idea

Third times the charm, post it again

Which again, is fucking meaningless because for a civilised society you need universal legal representation for the accused.
As I said, detached from reality.

Commies quite LITERALLY do not know their own history. Really sad!

Btw Biden is going to win and I am going to laugh SO HARD when you losers cry and cry about it. It's gonna be based.

None of those rights require scarce commodities. The fuck are you even talking about?

so what in America at the same time had compulosry education. The only thing I'm seeeing is a right to reduce the work week. None of this shit has anything to do with scarcity or services besides education

keep seething and coping marxist

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What about sanatoria, rest homes and clubs?
They are relatively scarce.

just see. some god tier brain acrobatics right here

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Rights are a spook. What matters is how resources are allocated and socialist countries generally focus on ensuring that everyone has housing, healthcare, food etc. while capitalist countries divert resources to the those at the top of the hierarchy so they can have mansions, yachts, private jets etc.

where the fuck are you seeing health or medicine there the fucking public resorts?

Explain how the right to work, the right to rest, the right to a retirement home, the right to education and equal gender rights are somehow prone to scarcity.

So how come they are far worse than capitalist countries at providing housing healthcare and food? If tats what they are focusing all their resources on.

Commies can't even read!

We have enough food to feed roughly 10 billion people, medicine is abundant, and America has more empty housing than it does homeless people.

These things are only unrealistic to distribute under capitalism because capital is itself inherently scarce, dem faggots BTFO y’all niggas get the bullet too

Just because you can't get the best medicine does not mean you can't have the right to medical treatment. Are you actually fucking retarded?

ah, the communist utopia

commies btfo it's true retirement facilities are a scarcity prone thing

They are not if you take into account the overall resources.


I dont know what you mean by overall resources.
But in capitalist countries like Murrica, the poorest people in the country have so much food that they are obese. Where as in communist countries poor people were like skellingtons.

Retirement homes can only be built from rare minerals from Indonesia, duh.

Smoke my communist arsehairs you gulag victim

Amercica has huge farmlands to feed far more than its population while for example cuba does not, the economic system would not change that. Also there are still plenty of people going hungry in the US and the USSR had better nutrition.

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You’re going to laugh when Trump becomes president again? Or will you blame Russia when people don’t vote for your senile old man?

is this u

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Holy shit you really don't get it. All places where socialists managed to seize power were underdeveloped as fuck compared to western countries. So the comparison is between socialist and capitalist countries with similar industry.

no that's not true

the skinny ones are gulag labor and political prisoners basically criminals liberals and nazis the party members all get fat vouchers and free apartments

Ecks dee

gee, i wonder why that is

maybe it's because you'd have to be illiterate to fall for the communism meme

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The soviet union had tonnes of farmland and they all became skellingtons (except the party leaders who became very fat). Clearly its not about that.


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nice gyno btw

manlet DYEL classcuck detected fam

whatever brainlet, enjoy your failed ideology

You realize every component technology in making the damn things were created through public research? Why are you niggas so retarded? Biden will fucking lose because everyone despises him and he’s an obvious retard just like trump, will you finally eat a bullet when that happens or will you persist in your faggotry?

Do you have a source on that my dude? :^)
There was no real shortage of food after the Ukranian famine.


Biden will lose because he's a FUCKING WHITE MALE. At least Sanders is Jewish.
Either way, Trump was elected because the Democratic party's ideology failed to captivate the people. It's quite literally the definition of a failed ideology if i've ever seen one. Democrats cope.

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Biden will lose because he’s a neoliberal vampire and a retard whose entire campaign hinges on endlessly referencing Obama, wtf are you talking about

GTFO with your Zig Forumsfaggotry


Yes, exactly?

I think that supports my point.
Where as in murrica as I have said a few times the situation was completely the opposite. The problem was people having too much food to eat, too many consumer goods, cars and labor saving devices which made them fat.

I'm not arguing with you there, but he's still a white male in the democratic party. He can't possibly win.

When Bernie doesn't refund your donation and gives it to the DNC again, what are YOU going to do?

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the demshit party is mostly white suburbanites around wealthy cities and the blacks in the inner city the progressive wing is a minority

All pre-industrial societies had famines, and Russia was almost entire agrarian.
And also, agriculture was not collectivized until after the famine, so it was actually caused by capitalism.

It wasn't common. Some people like to bring up how Imperial China and Russia before the soviets was better at dealing with famines. They were… because they had them all the time, in comparison with the latter government policies that got rid of famines all together.

Lmao you’re on the wrong board

He still has no chance compared to the likes of camel harris. He's a male in a race against females. He won't win because he doesn't have enough underprivileged brownie points.

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Why do commies just blatantly lie and fucking expect to get away with it? Lmao

Why are you acting as tho Biden isn’t obviously the worst out of those that stand a chance?

Kulaks hoarded and burned the grain. Also biden will lose. Cope.

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You obviously give a shit about it given that you've made several posts commenting on it ITT


Commissars export Ukrainian grain because the entire southern USSR had a famine

Why are you even bothering like you’re better than anyone else when you back a addle-brained hundred year old vampire?

You brought up Biden first and have the jackass flag

I mostly don’t give a shit and haven’t done anything but insult Biden because he’s a retard and his supporters are the most retarded set of democrats

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Harris makes Hillary look charismatic it's risky playing your wahmen mullatto combination with a weak candidate like Harris who risks getting btfo by Trump what are they gonna do after that just keep running mulatto women until they get one that lands I'd wait till they find an Obama like women mulatto first. It's either gonna be Warren tbh or Biden with Kamala Vp or some other women or black vp

These three posts convinced me that communists aren't people. Good job on pushing somebody further to the right.

Not watching your faggotry.

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It'd be better if we banned this seething democuck. He's just angry at us because he blames our board for pushing the democrat party too far left. He's coping hard, assuredly posting on an iphone or macbook that he bought with daddy's money.

Imagine actually fucking defending Stalin and the holodomor. You people are insane.

I really don’t care what you do or whether you go to the right, you were already a far right retard just for supporting Cheddar-brained Joe anyway, go vote for Trump idgaf

Stalin should’ve killed more people

You were never left-wing at all. Cope and seethe cucklet.

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Probs thinks we stole the election from slay kween with the help of Russia lmao

So what though? The point is to make sure the resource is distributed to everyone or to make it not a scarcity.

Imagine actually blindly believing Stalin was an evil monster who ate 6 million Ukranian babies.

Ban me then pussy. Keep your circlejerk going so regular people can't tell you how much they hate you and you stay ideologically blind. I see you fags trying to spread your "anti-porkie" propaganda on other boards and on 4chan and it never works, you losers always get BTFO

I am centre-left.

“Regular people hate you”
Lmao awesome projection
Lmao good meme

Democrats aren't people. Cope and seethe.

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Democucks arent center left

Go vote trump pussy

gtfo neoliberal.

I think im more inclined to believe the other guy who said that was down to industrialization.
Ya know tractors and stuff. Rather than the policies of some well connected apparatchik in a comfy office in the city.

Neither are republicans.

No, you aren't.

Only 40% of Americans identify as either party. Everyone else believes in lesser-evilism. Neither party is people.

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Americans arent people.
And im talking about the whole continent here including the shithole countries and Canada.