I'm a leftcom What should I read or watch that will make me into a Maoist/MLM?

I'm a leftcom What should I read or watch that will make me into a Maoist/MLM?

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Instead of a Book by Benjamin R. Tucker

LWC an Infantile Disorder might do it

State and revolution obviously. Then read history books and become a Dengist. Then read News and Zizek to finally find peace. Then realize we need something new.

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You're probably not a serious leftcom then

Left Communism is so much more fringe than Maoism

Science of Society by Stephen Pearl Andrews

Black Shirts and Reds by Michael Parenti

I'm never sure with these posts, is it 'give me your best shot at criticism' or just ideology shopping 'justify me hetting a hot new identity'?

given the time and place, the latter most likely

Cockshott is Mao gang although he’s not so much sectarian. Tbh it’s more about broad reading than anything, you need to look at how class struggle has emerged across the world particularly outside of the imperial centres. Also you have to understand it’s not particularly different to Leninism it’s a couple disagreements which are basically down to the material conditions insurgencies generally arise in.

Although good people to look into are the BPP, Naxals, New People’s Army in the Philippines. Also the Kurds have basically been carrying out a people’s war with testy allegiances with the national bourg I’ve spoken to volunteers who classed it as a Maoist people’s war.

Also Latin America in general.

Continuity and rupture is a popular book that is contemporary.

Don’t listen to anything fucking Jason Unroohoo says

oh yeh also you basically will not "get" Maoism until you have actually engaged in struggle. Basically the whole theory is how to develop struggle and developing through struggle

Lmao @ people calling themselves leftcoms cuz they don't want to be anarchists or succdems but are also scared to get called a tankie despite not having read shit about any of this shit beyond Wikipedia

The State and revolution
Imperialism the highest stage of capitalism
Left Communism an infantile disorder
The Foundations of Leninism

If you wanna go full Maoist after that read
Quotations from Chairman Mao
On Practice
On Contradiction
Combat Liberalism
On New Democracy
The Mass Line

It litteraly doesnt fucking matter just pick whatever sounds coolest and use that as a sticker for your Twitter profile

If you just want to convert to Maoism, just find video clips of him being cheered at mass rallies watch them repeatedly, aquire a copy of the little red book and carry it with you always and refer to it for guidance

Just huff paint until your Autism Level drops 20 points. In all seriousness MZT isn’t bad but MLM is utter cancer, and every MLM group in the west attacks other leftists with the zeal of the feds.

A History book

Thanks for all your responses. It seems a very controversial topic, many of you certainly have strong opinions!

No one has asked OP what kind of leftcom they are, 'leftcom' on its own means basically nothing.

it seems a vanguard party + central power is needed for revolution, yet after the revolution this same party becomes both reformist/revisionist and against the workers almost immediately. I've seen no solution to this problem, as I do not agree with reformism, but see little hope of the proletariat rising on their own.

I don't see why we should follow ML, Maoism, or something else. The 20th century is over for nearly two decades by now. Their previous tactics obviously hold water, but it's not like we live in 1918 Russia anymore. What needs to be done is to be judged from time and place.

This is kinda why Maoism took on importance for me, as it still holds modern day relevance , there are still many peoples wars going on. Whereas I can't think of somewhere right now which is close to achieving a revolutionary situation through industrial action among the urban proletariat building to seizure of state power.

I wouldn't even say I'm strictly Maoist, just in terms of tactics for carrying out a revolution or organising people, I've seen first hand what is effective and its basically applying the principle of peoples war to everything, serve and defend.

Care to share?

Its all about slowly building your capacity and resources. You are always starting with next to nothing. It is often better to grow deep than to grow wide, but never forget that you want both depth and width, the manner in which you build the depth should allow you to easily build on top of it. Everything should be thought of as stages. We can do A but we want to be able to do D, we will have to go through B and C.

This all sounds sort of abstract and maybe a bit like " common sense" but i think where Maoism shines is the idea that you can only really come to B and C by struggling with A, personally learning that dialectic through your struggle and then being better able to come to C and D.

You only fight battles you can almost definitely win. Build momemntum on small victories in order to build to big victories, go even smaller than you are actually capable of, just for the practice, then build to bigger things.

The revolution is kind of in the organisation, you want to organise people so that they are organising themselves, this is also another concept in Maoism where people get the whole "Maoism is decentralisation and therefore ultraleftism" thing.

But really it basically just means when you organise you want to do so so that you are building a model that is easily replicable and is therefore expandable with little oversight, which is particularly important where oversight is very difficult i.e. in a revolutionary situation with weak communications and an oppressive state.

Now it has to be said, I have only ever organised in the first world, but i think the same principles of organisation apply, just not the other parts of Maoism such a new democracy etc. I don't think people in the west have a reason to ally with their nat bourg because there generally is no bigger borg to get rid of, unless maybe you could somehow convince the british bourg to cut ties with America but at that stage you are in bizzaro world anyway and none of this applies

Thanks. Might need that kind of advice soon.

also the principle of serve the people is hands down the most effective way to get the public on your side. Generally if you are giving peoples essentials they did not have they do not care what believe

should have put more emphasis on this part. It is not healthy for an organisation to be completely top down, simply by the fact that one person cannot do the labour of 20 people and struggle is labour. Therefore the way you organise should build up peoples confidence, skills and ability, you want every member to be as strong as the next

MLM is dumb, if you arent from the global south, be an ML instead best way to get there would be watching some great finbol vids about ML (and the one about MLM) or read the classics, like Lenin State and REvolution, What is to be done (important), Stalin Foundations of Leninism etc

The BPP organised in the global north. The global North happens to be full of souths.

Also point me the global north country with a revolutionary unions made up of urban proletariat. Offshoring and outsourcing means the proletariat is extremely dedeveloped, the value of their work is very little, all the money is made in finance, these leech countries such as my home country of the UK exist on global south debt peonage, dividends and rents,only topped up with the surplus value of their own populations who are increasingly unproductive in comparison to the rest of the world. With this they afford the welfare state to stem the bleeding and keep the crowds at bay.

Why don't you stop being a meme-pilled autist instead OP?

Read Althusser faggot

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What do you mean? Left Communism is pretty diverse. Although, the main tendencies are Council Communists (make every factory a direct democracy with elected, re-callable delegates), or the Bordigists who are just Leninist who hate democracy (also rejecting united/popular fronts and being anti-Stalinist) Bordigists are probably "tankies" in so far they are extremely authoritarian, even more so than MLs. Actually, MLs should read Bordiga.

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Also, Lenin praised Bordiga in that book. He wasn't really attacking Bordiga, in fact, he was attacking the Council Communists like Mattick and Gorter. Bodiga even wrote a response to that work agreeing with everything Lenin said in that book. More so, Stalin even fucking praised Bordiga.

who cares if the BPP organized in the global north lmao we also have maoist groups here in germany, doesn'T change the fact that Protracted Peoples war isn't viable option for carrying out revolution in urban, populated first world countries hahahahaaah

You also have unions and the US did have unions and those unions failed to bring on a revolution. A revolution of the industrial proletariat has never happened in a developed country ever in history. So why would it happen now? No other left wing organisation had as much revolutionary potential in the US besides maybe the IWW

No lenininist but a Maoist has done jack shit in America ever

Well germany had the KPD wich had a really succesfull attempt at revolution in Germany wich didn't failed because they didn't try out Protracted Peoples war

Just abolish political parties after the revolution.

Simple. Go onto Twitter and become a woke radlib whose opinions are all based on how many likes and shares you get for saying them. Now, slam your head against the nearest hard surface until you get a concussion. Do this repeatedly until you get severe brain damage.

Good, you are now ready to set on your path to becoming a North American style Gonzaloite -ahem- I mean “MLM”. First, convince yourself that a glorified Peruvian drug cartel has developed the highest level of Marxist science. After that, read Settlers religiously because you think that Mao’s protracted people’s war is universally applicable and that black and brown people are America and Canada’s peasants for some reason and Settlers proves this somehow instead of just being woke ethnonationalism. You are now ready. Form an organization called the “Red Guards” of wherever you live, get into fights with the police for no reason, get into fights with other leftist groups for no reason and terrorize the local minority community by declaring yourselves the new revolutionary leaders of said community, preferably without its knowledge or consent because you held a couple of community barbecues were you gave away some used clothing and diapers. You have successfully made your transition into a full fledged Gonzaloite!

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implying the US doesn't have small towns out in the sticks with people owning small plots of land but generally living in poverty, no, obviously not a feudal peasantry but still not urban proletariat either.

implying you can't organise in the inner cities also, which has already been done.

did you know Castro also profited from the sale of drugs? Needs must.

How about we being ML's and try sell our papers on our stalls full of wizened old men and hogwarts looking students, mutter something about the labour movement but actually have very little involvement in it

oh and all the while trashing trots while doing absolutely nothing different to them just being edgier about it

why even this need for a specific snowflake ideology beyond just calling yourself a Marxist

What's the essential Bordiga text?

toilet water

The Fundamentals of Revolutionary Communism

Tbf, Marx didn't want people calling themselves Marxists. More so, the label "Marxist" was actually originally used as an insult.