Anti job thread

This thread is for all anarchist or othe rejectors of jobs

in MY case i refuse and reject a job because youtubers are making more money than I would if i worked. Why should I compete with a thot? it's better to drop out of the rat-race altogether.
in this(not in another) thread,we shall discuss

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Ask the anprim guy. He would become my hero if he actually was a hobo living in the woods. Sometimes coming to the local Macdonalds for wifi connection to shitpost here.

i h8 u

To be fair,of said capitalist masturbates or pays prostitutes for parties,i REJECT him having money.

I'm trying to buy all the items i will need so i already buy them and have them for the future.
The main concern is food.
I have a form of neetbux to pay for the monthly fee of the apartment I own.

in my dear country Taxes take 40% of your work.
so i dont work,i wont feed the taxes.

Do you use the roads though?

I am proud of never having used a car.
I would have NO qualms about using roads while avoiding taxes.

That's actually based. I read a report that showed that the main reason for deaths on exotic trips was actually car crashes. Unironically future is public transport.

Not working is mostly a luxury tbh, you have to make passive income somehow. The biggest class of professional slackers are the bourgeoisie and anti-work ideology is a dead end.

agree with you.
if one has the ability to not wagecuck and the desire to do so, one should definitely go that route. I've been freelancing a while and I've been enjoying it much more than my previous job. I make a lot less but I'm more satisfied and happy.

What about sidewalks?

Start your own enterprise and charge cash.
This removes you from "a job" and from paying taxes.

It seems like you're just a lazy fuck though.
I mean, you haven't even made the effort to think past other options besides getting a job.

I Revel in using the even tho i dont pay taxes

while i would readily Defend being lazy,i happen to not be lazy.
i cant think of any enteprise to make,but I hire servants to clean or repair my house

That's more of a problem with markets, especially if they lack regulation, not jobs in general. For example in China they have some anti-thot legislation by blocking Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, and Twitter, and they have an internet police that goes after thots.

Everyone wants to retire early / have a passive income, you're not unique.

It's not enough to be anti-wagecuck, promote alternatives like self-employment, cooperativisation or emigration to cheaper, visa-lenient countries.

everyone on the left should be pushing for a massive reduction in labor hours. It's been over 100 years since a discussion about work hours has opened up, UBI is feckless improvident bs compared to demanding a 20 hour work week.

i DENY not being unque
dont lump me in with the rest
Are you peddling inmigraton so i can get mistreated overseas and considered a fleeing prole?

I'm anti-job but I don't want to live at my parents house anymore, so I'm looking for a job.

this. good luck w the easy money schemes. it’s probably more important that us wagies organize informally outside of work to live more collectively, but I myself haven’t come close to beginning.

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Oh joy another one. At least you're self-contained… for now.

Libertarians are the biggest cucks on the planet, they think they are railing against the state but they still fundamentally believe in cops, military, and schools they just think the fucking sovcorp should manage it.

did you know at the start of the industrial revolution the only way to make people work 16 hours was to threaten their life through the work - ie if they had to pail water it was done in such a way that they would drown if they stopped working. OFC monastic discipline in the school made hardwork equivalent with virtue and now most workers are cucked. Recently a businessinsider article talked about how farmers under feudalism had three months of vacation a year. Its outright class warfare to never allow talk about reducing hours or work commitments in over 100 years. fuck you youre a shitty leftist.

I like this irony of libertarians, that they are statists, absolutely.

i DEFEND monasticism.

just kill yourself