Why does leftypol believe Transgenderism is a legitimate form of identity, but Race isn't?

Why does leftypol believe Transgenderism is a legitimate form of identity, but Race isn't?

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That's a not sequiter and a half.

How so? Leftypol bans people who talk about Racist IdPol but encourages Transgender IdPol

You say race but people don't necessarily identify as their race but rather their culture.

Some people identify as "black" but delve into Caribbean culture, or African Culture, or African-American culture. As white people may identify as German or French or Russian or Spanish. These are legitimate forms of identity is there is nothing lefties do to shake that away.

We ban autists who don't accept arguments. And say "BLACKIES BAD". Also that's not what IdPol means.

But Carribean, African, and Afro-American cultures are identified with Black Skinned people originating from Africa, identification with a "Black Race" is inherent in those cultures

Theres nothing stopping a White Man from becoming a Rastafarian, user.

But people get banned if they make one or two posts about this topic, they dont even get to have their arguments heard. Hell im expecting a ban any second now just for raising this question

But what makes a Rastafarian? For ecample the stereotype of a Rastafari is dreadlocks (African hairstyle) and a Jamaican Accent (Jamaicans are mostly people descended from Africans)

Because they post the same jpegs and just say "HWITES GOOD" is fucking annoying.

It is, but only inside of the Burgerland.

From race existing only in Burgerland as an identity, you can realise that it is not a fundamental property, but derivative of something else entirely.

Even if someone takes a nuanced view and says not all White people are Aryan Ubermensch, they still get banned for talking about Race whereas Transgenders are considered a legit identity and discussion on that topic is encouraged

This same, uncreative, poorly backed topic has been posted multiple times in the last several days following the mod policy about leniency with reactionaries. I'm not saying it's an all-round bad policy, but this is a clear negative side-effect.

But there are plenty of European Anons talking about the "White Race" user, its not limited to Burgers

Most of us don't believe in either of those. Also stay in your thread.

Dreadlocks can be found all across the globe user, and Rasta comes from Ethiopia and is a Abrahamic Religion.

It's a bit annoying but since it's been kept to like one topic in the top 20 at a time, I'd say it's not too much hassle to just avoid them. And Zig Forumskiddies are genuinely concerned about these spooks so they serve some purpose I guess.

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Every board has topics which are constantly repeated ex: Zig Forums has constant threads about the Holocaust even though its been discussed a million times over. I havent been able to see a clear discussion on this topic from leftypol because even though there are a million threads about Trans identity any thread about Race identity is trashed within a few minutes

Pic related is the general consensus of any kind of idpol here

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Surely you'll have no problem linking them then

This topic is anchored yet perfectly open, what more do you want exactly?

Dunno. maybe delete this thread because we literally have the same shit here

Dreadlocks are associated with Africans for the same reason Blond hair is associated with Europeans. Does it happen naturally elsewhere? Yes it does, but the Dreadlock hairstyle is predominantly found among Africans. Ethiopia is in Africa

If I have the time to link them I will, but surely you can use the "catalog" option to search for trans threads?

Im suprised I lasted this long tbh, Im not asking for antything more than a discussion

This is my point. Why is Race a "spook" but Trabs people can literally make up their identity on the spot and have it taken seriously


Afro-Americans kill eachother all the time over being part of a different gang, Somalis vs Afro-Americans is just another form of inter-ethnic warfare

they are americanized retards. No self-respecting european talks about his whiteness

trans is in a containment thread which houses lgbt among other stuff. don't talk like you know what discussion happens here cause you are extremely misinformed/trolling.

You can indeed, so go ahead. I only found the containment thread, but my ctrl+f skills aren't as honed as those of the polyps who spend half their time ctrl+f'ing wikipedia for the word 'jew'.

Because we don't really care about gender either, if trans people want to be called he or she, what does that affect me? Trans people don't generally think they're better than everyone else unlike white nationalists who make this kind of topic. If you want to identify as white then that's fine but it's pretty meaningless too. What I have a problem with is you using race to classify OTHER people.

Transgender people are actually victims of societal oppression, whites are not.

Europeans have discussed Whiteness Since forever user. Otto von Bismarck talked about a "White Race" in the 19th century.

If I am misinformed, shouldnt I be given the chance to have my mind changed? I am not unsympathetic to certain left-wing positions, I just truly dont understand why Trans people can pick and choose their identity whereas biologically rooted identity like Race is a spook

That's exactly why, you don't choose your race so what's the point in being proud of it? Trans people have to defy social norms so their choice is more meaningful - though still we don't really care if someone is transgender or not.

Both trannies and racists get the rope

Board invaders have never and will never use containment/cyclical threads and I don't see why they would start now. Everyone wants their own special thread, well, who cares. Let em as far as I'm concerned.

But you DO care about Gender, hence Trans-identity and Feminism being associated with the Left-wing

Trans people identify their oppression with their gender identity, in other words they feel oppressed because they choose to identify as Trans.

Whites did not get to pick their race, but if they choose to identify with their Race they are born as they are quite literally oppressed by people in positions of power ex. College professors, who call them pieces of shit for doing so while celebrating Trans for identifying with a gender that they biologically are not

Your points are baseless and fabricated you disingenuous fuck

Because our ancestors went through hell and back to give us a future, and we literally share their DNA which we will in our turn pass on to future generations, Trans people cannot change their DNA to make them the opposite gender no matter how many surgeries they have.

Is this the official Zig Forums position? Atleast it is consistent

I'm not even going to bother with the maymay showing the white homeless shelterless guy sleeping on a bench contrasted with a transgender billionare at this point

This discussion really should be off in the containment thread desu senpai

Didn't say that, I just dont feel like searching for trans threads when I could be banned at any second, but I will if you are incapable of hitting the "catalog" button

I know but the way Americans use these terms is hard for my brain to comprehend.
I understand many African Americans dont know what coutnry in Africa they came from. Thats why they use the whole continent.

You just contradicted yourself. In todays society people who are said to be 'oppressed' are viewed as better people than those who are said to 'have privilege'.

So do it ffs.

Herp derp. I didn't say 'all trans people are oppressed in general' and 'all white people are bourg scum' did I. An average working stiff trans person will be worse off than an average white person.

I think African-American specifically refers to descendants of slaves, but I'm no burger.

care to back that up?

Barely anyone even uses the 'privilege' meme anymore except rightists. We're not pro SJW but you can't deny that ethnic minorities in America/the West are more exploited and oppressed in general than white people. Doesn't make white people evil but it's just the way it is.

We want to give people basic human decency and equality, I don't know why that's political, you'll have to ask the right wingers who oppose it.

Yeah there are some shitty things about being white nowadays like affirmative action but it doesn't compare to the high likelihood of having to grow up in a gangland hellscape as a black person or having the cops harass you constantly.

You shouldnt use generalisations like that.
I would encourage leftypol to judge people not by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.

"transgender" "people" are not a valid frontier of social justice, they are a meme, and a bad one at that.

It was on TV last night. And this was the BBC. They only employ people who read the guardian (not for a laugh but because they actually believe it)

Did I say it was bad to be white? No, so don't put words in my mouth, fucko.

I don't even know what that means.

I read the Guardian! It's the best newsource of a bad bunch. Maybe I shouldn't say nobody says that, but we, the old left/leftists, don't say that.

Do it, faggot. Nobody's going to do it for you.

This. Did everyone forget the Rwanda genocide happened? Same color skin, same country, but they did cut each other up nonetheless.

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Whether positive or negative you shouldnt judge people based on that.
I had a dream about it one time. That one day leftypol will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. But not women. That wasnt in my dream.

Oops forgot pic.

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Bluntly, the trajectory of capitalism solves this issue and many others all on it's own, and the trajectory of capitalism also means we don't have time for this shit, and crudely your original argument allows rainbow capitalism in through the backdoor however you may have meant it personally
Maybe race issues need to go into the containment thread as well

FFS, I'm meeting user where he is not where I'd like him to be. If I start talking about the superstructure or some shit he's not gonna get it.

The whole point is not judging people by their race and indeed not giving a shit about it at all.

But argue seriously now or I'm gonna give you the boot.

TIME Magazine in their edition of the 100th anniversary of WW1, reprinted an interview with Otton Von Bismarck where he discussed the rise of Hitler and how the "White Race" was under threat by the Yellow Races of Asia

I did search and found at least 6 threads discussing such topics as transgender identity and sexuality

I thought you guys were against such slurs?

That is where Zig Forums and others split. Leftypol says this is a condition of culture and upbringing and racism, others like Zig Forumsacks will point out that Africans in Africa behave in similar ways to their American counterparts

Liberia has the same Constitution as the USA, yet they behave more similar to their African counterparts than White Americans who grew up with the same exact Constitution shaping their culture, or even Europeans who have a completely different Constitution

If anything this proves my point. Africans kill eachother over petty superficial differences such as made-up tribes, in Africa it was the Hutu and the Tutsi, in America its Bloods and Crips. You can find similar behavior patterns among African Blacks as you can among American or European Blacks

Post. The. Fucking. Links.

As opposed to the proud hwite europeans who never fought any wars against other hwite europeans.

My bad, the interview I was thinking of is dated at the beginning of the 20th century, but its easy enough to find 19th century European sources discussing the White Race


bismarck died when hitler was like 10 lol

Post the links you lying sack of shit

Meh, it's an imageboard, I'm a faggot, you're a white cracker, et cetera. Whatever. It's all in good fun. See, you never know what you might find out when you actually talk to people.

Black Americans have been held down bodily by white society for hundreds of years and it still hasn't stopped today. I don't really want to go into a whole thing, but suffice to say, the areas where most black people live have been ghettoised by low property values, leading to vacant lots, abandoned buildings, schools that can't afford books, public services that barely exist, and police that see them as the enemy and not as their constituents. Sometimes black people were kept in these places by laws and redlining, redistricting, et cetera, other times just by economics. Slavery was abolished 150 years ago, but the thing is, after the emancipation, many Southern blacks had no choice but to go to their own slavemaster and work for him for pretty much the same wages as before. Ever since then, black people have been used by white patriarchs in pretty much the same way. Some people would say that Obama proves racism is dead, but that's imbecilic, of course some black people will excel in spite of their circumstances. Obama was born rich unlike practically all of his fellow blacks.

So, are there problems with the black community that the black community should probably address? Yeah, sure, but that doesn't change the fact that the white oligarchy has been instrumental in forming these negative patterns in the first place.

…an ethnic conflict dredged up by colonial rule which benefited one over the other on racial lines

…who fight and die over scraps to fulfill the drug needs of white America because they have no opportunities for legitimate success in an unfair racist and classist society.

I would ask you to watch 'Boyz N The Hood' which does a good job of deconstructing the conditions of the young black male in America, but if you don't do that, at least watch this music video which kind of explains it also.


Base determines superstructure, superstructure influences base

There's a first year sociology example of the second, the royalty of france wearing potato flowers and eating potatoes to influence the peasantry to accept potatoes, something they were rejecting up till this point as a matter of taste

The upper class fashions influence the lower classes taste

There's enough elite out their of every damn special identity under the sun that they'll all struggle against this comparitive oppression on their own dime and leisure far more effectively than anything

*we can do as far as that goes

Whoops, meant Kaiser Wilhelm II

"Sorry leftypol, I lied, there are no such threads"
It's okay. Every dumb nazi thinks they know everything about communism and leftypol from the memes they see on Zig Forums. Now lurk some before posting again, thank you!

That is precisely what I am encouraging you to do. And not for every other race except whites. For ALL races.
In the 80s we were brought up to 'not see colour'. Its quite different in the modern era everyone is told that race is really important and you should judge everyone on that first of all.

And every dumb commie thinks they know everything about nazism.
In the end, strip away the buzzwords and the rhetoric and you're not so different from each other.

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Okay. Lurk more, faggot.

FFS. The 80s were racist as fuck though, that's the point. I don't care if you're white but I do care if you're a white supremacist. I'm white too you dumb shit. I don't feel guilty about it, I just don't feel proud about it either. It's literally immaterial, nothing to do with anything I've done one way or another.

Stop with this concern troll shit and just say what you really mean. Obviously you do judge black people by their race.

i-is this the true power of fedora-ism?

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You do a little bit

Because that's not the current narrative. Leftists are like a school of fish all swimming in the same direction. I like to call them "fungies" (ie, fungible). Just look at this other thread in the catalog

How do I reconcile my interest with the paranormal with materialism

Replies are basically:

That supports my point really. Obviously bringing people up not to judge people on thier raice worked because it transformed society from being 'racist as fuck' as you put it, to the peak of racial equality probably in the mid 2000's. Perhaps its different in your country but here in the UK we now have companies advertising job positions only to people of certain races and genders. Which would have caused an outrage just a decade before.

Obviously everyone involuntarily judges people who are different to them. But from my upbringing I know that those primitive responses are wrong. And they can only lead to false assumptions. Thats the difference between me and Zig Forums and Zig Forums I apply that evenly to all races. You guys make exceptions for certain races.

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Haven't heard about that, got an example?

I agree racism and chupacabras are both only good for entertainment purposes and should be excluded from any serious intellectual work.

lol fuck off

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Heres the top result on google.
The BBC says its only giving them a trainee position with lower pay which is at best still racist.

It is an extremely narrow minded and retarded mindset that's why commies are a non entity when it comes to actual political questions of the day they have zero answers when it comes to migration borders, foreign policy race issues environment tlfucking nothing except healthcare in America these fields are all occupied by either liberals or the right wing while commies can only say "capitalism and Imperials bad" but they didnt even invent capitalism and imperialism bad narratives but latched on to what was already there and have zero monopoly on it. absolutely Every issue and human sphere of activity outside the Dunig Kruger tunnel vision is sneered out and dismissed as silly ideas for plebs by actual autistic retards.

It is an extremely narrow minded and retarded mindset that's why commies are a non entity when it comes to actual political questions of the day they have zero answers when it comes to migration borders, foreign policy race issues environment tlfucking nothing except healthcare in America these fields are all occupied by either liberals or the right wing while commies can only say "capitalism and Imperials bad" but they didnt even invent capitalism and imperialism bad narratives but latched on to what was already there and have zero monopoly on it. absolutely Every issue and human sphere of activity outside the Dunning Krugger tunnel vision is sneered out and dismissed as silly ideas for plebs by actual autistic retards but everything will still be decided without any of their input and as usual they wont get nothing right and predict nothing correctly

the absolute state of that sentence. Clean up your act, bucko.

I have zero respect for anyone who would read this anyway

the left acknowledges race, they just don't believe in your retarded race-mysticism which is obviously self-serving. there is nothing magical or special about race nor is a racial hierarchy justifiable by any rationalization without resorting to massive faggotry.

also, transgenderism is liberal faggotry and even if you accept it as valid, proper socialists reject all forms of identity politics including LGBT nonsense. allowing homosexuals and trannies to live is not a matter of trying to push their stupid lifestyle but a matter of basic fucking decency, and only ruling class assholes and perverts care about what other people do in bed. fag.

Kill yourself, stupid

In what way?

When you find yourself always having to point out left != liberalism maybe take a look at the cause of this malpractice. You guys have some bedfellows to take care of. Stop being anti-idpol absolutists and grow a spine and call out faggots and trannies for who they are.

Oh sorry that would be too reactionary.. can't think too critically we most do the opposite of what big bad fascists do no matter what… i'll be a good little sissy boy and read out academic papers to people who have sub 85 Autism Level they'll understand surplus value extraction and the trannies will listen to me explain the LTV instead of daydreaming about getting back on twitter for their free attention drip. Hint: These people realize they are perfectly protected under the current neoliberal regime no matter how much they fawn over how much it totally sucks! and dont want real revolution as that'd ruin their material comforts.

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