How do I reconcile my interest with the paranormal with materialism

I love reading about mysticism, the paranormal, cryptids and your typical paranormal conspiraboomer bs. But I know deep down it's all a scheme to dupe schizos. I can't talk about this shit with my Marxist friends because they all call me a reactionary and antimaterialist. But I love watching ancient aliens and reading about chupacabras and Greys anally probing American hillbillies. It's just so fun anons

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You're completely aware that it's wrong and bullshit, so just keep it a hobby and don't bug your friends about it. Is that such a big deal?
And, make sure your friends know that you don't actually believe it.

those are called intrusive thoughts. you’re toying with too many ideas that aren’t worth the time of day. better off seeing a psychologist about that rather than a Maoist Situationism Bureau.

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time to live in the much more terrifying world of reality

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As long you don't actually believe in this stuff, I see no problem to treat it like some kind of hobby.

Yeah. Like go play Call of Cthulhu or something. It's fine to have hobbies.

I don’t do drugs. I have obsessive compulsive disorder and it makes it worse.

thats lifestylism
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Get the fuck over it, op.

That's how. There is no ghosts or anything of the like. It's all bullshit, like god. There's only material reality.

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I personally think Lovecraft is edgy shit crated by a scoundrel, but people seem into it so whatever. At least it's less fash bait than Warhammer and that's mainstream now.

As long as you don't actually believe in it there's nothing wrong with enjoying this shit.

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read robert anton wilson

None of the given answers are productive.

The proper answer would be: do cultural critique. Your marxists friends are being stupid in this sense. A marxist is not an autists who ignores the existence of anything he dislikes, or tries to supress it without understanding it like a fascist. Effectively, there's no room in marxism for believing in ghosts, spirits, moth man or that stuff. But there's room for actually recognizing the popularity of these tales and see the material conditions from which they arise. For example, a lot of what you mentioned was really popular in the 1870's and late XIX century. Working from a marxist framework, you could explain that looking at a number of variables: the demographic and class that consumed those cultural products, the feelings of that class in a particular moment, the psychological motifs for its attractiveness and the material conditions for these motifs. That's cultural critique. A marxist doesn't ignore cultural products. He tries to see how modes of production and more importantly today, how capitalism influences cultural production. A marxist doesn't ignore popular movies, pop music or anything like that, he sees why it arises in capitalism. Another example: conspiracies about jewish dominating the world were popular in nazi germany due to a complex operation were the economic and existential anxiety experimented by middle class germans (because of hyperinflation, advancement of big capital in detriment to the middle classes who held small business, etc) were attributed to jewish dominancy in a way that the average german could repress the traumatic truth: that the system and nation he was taught to believe in was failling because of its own malady (see the book by erich fromm for more of this).

tl;dr: don't actually believe in it, but if you enjoy it, keep reading, acquire knowledge, do a marxist materialistic and historical interpretation of the phenomena (for which social psychology will be useful to you), do cultural critique and write it.

Good look OP. Fuck the assholes who think marxism is not fun.

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Check out Rupert Sheldrake, he's a Biochemist PhD who believes a lot of weird paranormal shit, except he actually has good arguments for it. The world is a lot more interesting than the classical mechanistic worldview may lead you to believe.

No, Yahtzee, was right - Lovecraft aged poorly, because we don't live in the time where we consider ourselves to be the most special, important thing.

Surprisingly decent and logical take

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I think it's no problem at all since you state yourself that it's just for fun. Honestly, even if you had these beliefs for real, it should be possible to keep them separated from your actual analysis of real world history and politics. But yeah most non-Posadist Marxists aren't into this type of shit.

just because actual science can't explain something doesn't mean is not true
i belive that all the magick has a materialistic explanation, we just dont have the resources to explain em

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Science is always discovering odd scraps of magical wisdom and making a tremendous fuss about its cleverness.

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