How do you cope under zombie neoliberalism? It affects me everyday...

How do you cope under zombie neoliberalism? It affects me everyday. The economy is brutal and we are all hoping that if we #selfimprove enough some secular heaven will come justifying all the suffering - it won't and the status-quo has no trump card against things like climate change, automation and nuclear/biological WMDs. We just get to suffer inexorably.

Mark Fisher (rip) captures a lot of my angst here:

Also fuck modern American psychology. Behavioral testing (outright class warfare from bourgeois psychologists) is constantly pushing the meaning of 'average' further towards exceptionalism (in terms of exploitability by business) that no one can keep up. You will eventually be left behind if you haven't already been passed up.

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Most people cope in organised "rituals of social cleansing", as some Ancient Greeks may have called it. Frustration and unrest is not expressed in the constructed "public space" but hidden away in structures like pubs or houses or rock concerts. There is mutual chaos and destruction which is played out in these private areas, which has the purpose of maintaining civilisation out in "the real world" of your job, or in the streets or whatever. It is interesting how we become very savage in these places and then emerge as obedient subjects when we leave, and maintaining the savagery into the public is seen as a crime of incivility. The dividing factors between good and evil become retained to spatial dimensions, and further from your home you may even permit things like murder and rape, as long as it does not disturb civilisation.

I personally indulge in Dionysian rituals of intoxication and mania in the privacy of my home, and return into the world as a joyless individual, like others I know. What my obnoxious description is supposed to convey is the idea that if the madness we share and collectively organise in private places were directed as violence against capitalism in the public space then the left would have more ammunition. I do not have any working theories on how to transfer this private energy into public weaponry though, but the impulses towards destruction are already present in society, simply displaced in social structures, which leave the false appearance of complete docility and motionlessness of society.

The truth is that as the world becomes more civilised, the more destructive forces are repressed, and so the more tensions against repression arise. Maybe this is why today in western society there is much anger, but without conscious agenda.

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I think the lazy answer is we are all too stressed figuring out how to pay rent next month or working on our sidehustle to organize effectively. Massive strikes don't exist anymore just spectacles like the one day Amazon strike (which is more about virtue signaling on twitter that you arent a scab).

But yea people are really pissed they just blame the migrants or still hold onto neoliberal lies that the market gives you what you deserve. I think blaming the working class for not becoming class conscious (read a book n***a) is just a form of class warfare, but the current outcome is frustrating.

I think the left-accelerationists said that we must deal with a "politics of alienation" as we progress towards more global forms of order in the world, which is a troubling way of saying that we must have representative and national means of solving problems rather than any Utopian ideal of "community" or "horizontal" communication.

The problem here is that the general public in the west is statistically losing faith in politicians and the state, but have no consensus nor theory on resolving this issue, which gives populists power since they claim they have solutions, when the honest thing is to understand that we are entering problematic and increasingly anti-democratic modes of governance as we try to stabilise society in the west.

So, I will be a pessimist and claim that we may have to be partisan and vote for our respective left-leaning parties in our countries rather than any revolutionary strategy if the general humanistic left wants to be successful. The paradox here is that to preserve "the left" we must abandon it.

This is simply my perspective, maybe someone can change my mind.

I'm more uacc gang, the thing to look forward to is our loathsome 'democracies' biting the dust. As automation keep on moving the bar higher and higher for employment consumption will rapidly drop off even under feckless policies like UBI (watch as your landlord conveniently raises the rent by $1000). I think Jehu (therealmovement) is banking on this, eventually the proletariat will be so hollowed out that everything will topple over from lack of consumption from the base. But yea the only solution to the massively expanding fascism is to own lots of guns and get good at martial-arts.

Anyway it's a sucky time to live in, but it's certainly an interesting time.

Well, this is the concern for me - that capitalism will be so efficient in it's spontaneous order through the logic of market dynamics that it will supersede politics and establish it's own power. We are seeing that already with Yang proposing UBI, which substitutes political power with financial navigation. It is like the ancaps want, to be able to "vote with your dollar", this is the endgame scenario.

Yea that's the Nick Land forecast: Let's just go into fully inhuman capitalism and see if the species will survive (unlikely). However I think Fisher makes the interesting point that capitalism relies on anti-production. For me, politics is only a vehicle to promote further unrest, trying to wrestle back political power lost since the 70s is a fools errand.
The only reason America continues to stay together (despite obviously being primed for civil war) is our military and economic superiority - both of which will soon lose out to China. America only works as a superpower, as a shitty third world country (1 in 5 Americans are currently starving) there's no reason to not balkanize.

i fucking broke down crying half way through that video
i never feel this way about dead strangers, or even dead family members, i guess cause i've been alienated from myself, or something. but i had that one moment of sincerity

rest in fucking peace mark fisher

Guy Debord: Suicide
Mark Fisher: Suicide

Meanwhile my piece of shit rightwing grandfather was ranting about queers and immigrants literally up to the hour of his death, by general diseases of old age.

I became full hermit and stopped talking to people in meatspace. It would help if I took online a lot less seriously, seeing as it's full of shills and bots and agitators.

The thing about behavioral testing and the application of psychology is that you can basically always be marked with something, and there's nothing you can do about it. It's always something. If they can't find a convenient psychological malady (and it's nearly impossible to have a clean bill of health), they'll resort to some other social marker, or ye olde racism (this is a big one), or you'll just not have the right pedigree or didn't make the right social connections. The truth is that you only get what you're allowed to get in this system, and it's all very tightly controlled, and the schemes people do to get ahead are ludicrous and usually self-defeating.
It's never been a question for me, I'm the lowest of the low and nothing will ever be expected of me. The whole point of my life in public is to be humiliated over and over until I die. I've given up on this world or any political projects really.

'Murica will never balkanize, as much as the neo-Confederates bitch about secession and how they were occupied. The overriding concern for the American political system has been to make secession impossible and force the states together through economic means. In the past, that meant high capitalism, after WW2 that meant withholding welfare bux unless you play nice with the feds and having the central bank. Even if you did break that system down, what is there to balkanize into? The only territory that has any serious history of independence is the old Confederacy. Everything else is thoroughly Americanized and has no real sense of independence, and even the South has learned to get the fuck in line. There's also too much benefit to keeping this thing together.
The only thing that could possibly do it is a total breakdown of global finance and capitalism in any recognizable form, and in that scenario the US likely just imposes central planning and does state capitalism ("socialism" in any meaningful form is dead, it's never coming back and if it does it would be a curious form of socialism with hard class lines drawn. Americans hate the idea of social equality and political equality too much to ever allow even something like the old USSR.)

you just do

Realize that isn’t true, and if you want to self-improve fine, but do it for your self.

We can deal with that post-revolution

This will provide the social shock needed for revolution

These are a non-issue. If you think they are a serious problem your a tinfoil hat tier brainlit.

Maybe I'm just being optimistic but I see as most people in 'murica as unable to get along. Everyone wants to kill their neighbor. I agree that a lot of the states effort has been to prevent that, but with the emergence of bitcoin undermining state scrip and getting out neoliberaled by China I just don't see the government wielding much power in the future. I mean hell they are currently reeling over how much power social media companies acquired since 2008 and aggressively putting stops on it (see tumblr), that comes from a position of fear. The benefits of staying together have a shelf-life.

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this is interesting
as humans' personal autonomy increases through technology, the more the state must make necessary means of securing power, which paradoxically reduces autonomy. I wonder when this gets to a point where we are fighting to be slaves of the machine.

K. Explain how states keeping artificial locks on how to build nukes and biological weapons isn't going to eventually be democratized. It's basically inevitable, but surely no bad actor will jump on that.
You also completely fell for the mindful trap aggressively foisted on a miserable workforce. Self improvement isn't just about inverting the old neoliberal aphorism success = happiness, now you need to be happy to get successful, its primarily about hustling yourself into obtaining skills to maybe have a chance out of wageslaving. Its a total delusion past down by self help shills apart of a 11 billion dollar industry to profit off the current malaise endemic in America.

People everywhere have never gotten along though. America is no exception. There is no old country where people were peaceful and happily cooperative. Anglo civilization is a lot more individualistic, yes, but that doesn't prevent civic institutions and expectations from existing, while cultures that emphasize conformity don't have the kind of civil society that we have. I would think China is more likely to fall into warlordism than America, if we're just looking at the culture (which is why the CCP has to use some pretty rough methods to maintain order; it's not just because muh one party rule is mean, because America effectively has a one party state and far more extensive media control than even China).

Bitcoin or any other alternative currency scheme is basically a non-issue. The big financial centers of global capitalism bankroll the national security states, and once American Empire collapses that state will turn inward and viciously attack its own people. Burgers, generally being a cowardly lot, are more interested in slaughtering those beneath them than fighting a revolt, and the slaughter will be geographically distributed and directed at social class and political enemies that can be agreed upon. (Basically, all those marked as mental defectives will be straight up killed in the open, shit it's basically the law now and Americans seem to think this is normal and stable; the usual suspects will accept an escalation of that from mere starvation, police brutality, and lynching, to systematic killings in the open, and they've even been primed to accept that. After the crazies have been dealt with, they'll start building a hierarchy, elevate some of the old Hitlerfags, and start going after the marginal minorities, and they'll likely reimpose black chattel slavery because of course.)

I'm not denying the precipitous slide into fascism that's a given, but I think enough burgers will want out of that to justify a split. I did say maybe I'm just being optimistic, which is why in an earlier reply I recommended owning lots of guns and getting good at self-defense because things will get bloody.

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welcome to the brave new world

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Unfortunately the base for fascism is geographically distributed quite wide, and they would inherit a centralized police state that could be held together. I think in the age of high technology and computerization, "civil war" in any conventional sense is problematic, and balkanization isn't likely. Balkanization happened in the actual Balkans because of long-standing ethnic tensions in that region that were never quite resolved before the age of nationalism and the revolutions of the 19th century. It took a lot to bring those countries together into a unified thing in the first place, whereas the unification of America has stood since 1865. Since the old Confederacy is more inclined towards fascism than the rest of the country, it wouldn't have much reason to resist the slide towards fascism, and there's no other region of the country that would put up stiff resistance in a big way. The Rust Belt for instance would likely be fashy central, the ideology runs strong here from all of my observations.

I see a lot of tension these days. Outside of niche corners of twitter basically no one gets along on anything, the democrats want to kill conservatives and vice versa, we literally have rape camps for migrants atm. We're certainly not moving towards a position of harmony lol.

The only serious racial question in America is the black question, and black nationalism is going to have a hard time fighting a civil war. Most black people want desperately to assimilate into white America, and the race question itself was always necessarily tied to the economic system of slavery and prison labor.
The Mexicans and Latin Americans in general are, if they're rich enough, basically honorary white people, and there's never really been a serious race question. Again, the current situation is almost entirely about the economic system and the need to maintain illegal labor.
In the Balkans, you're talking about groups that literally never saw each other as the same thing, or even close to the same thing. A Serb was a Serb, a Croat was a Croat, and that was that. They were ruled over by another foreign empire that had nothing to do with them, which had a hell of a time dealing with the separate groups. You don't see anything like that in the American states, not even the Confederacy was like that (because the South was fighting for a primarily economic reason, and they had before the Civil War agreed to join this thing, the United States, as an equal partner given some comfy concessions).

Racial narratives is one of those narratives that gets played a lot and built into more than what it is, especially in the modern era. Neo-confederates desperately need to believe for their own pride that the blacks really are inferior by the rule of God and that whiteness is something special and mystical, and liberals sold out to eugenics and race-science a long time ago though they're too polite and have the sense now not to advertise those beliefs too hard. It makes sense that they want to utilize every racial and social divide possible to segregate people, because their mythology depends on in-groups and out-groups. But it really is about institutions and people, political power and class. That has always been the overriding case in America, even if Americans themselves obscure it in mythology and are blinded by their class and social system.

As for conservatives and Democrats fighting each other, that's pretty laughable when the shit hits the fan. Most of the country hates even talking about politics, but if they have political inclinations, normie conservatives and normie liberals basically don't want to fight each other, and certainly won't fight over the stupid wedge issues they are presented with today. No one's going to fight a civil war over abortion or gay marriage. Some wingnuts might take up the cause of killing liberals (I doubt many liberals are invested in killing conservatives), but such people probably aren't even reliable enough to elevate as temporary thugs.
The most likely case for American "civil war" is that the police state bloats and begins devouring the country completely, until it is left a husk. What happens after (if there is an after) is anyone's guess.
Honestly though, in the long run, if Asia takes over as the center of global political and economic power, it is very likely that its culture and system(s) just perpetuate throughout the rest of the world, and America becomes just another vassal. Maybe an important vassal, because North America's geographic position and political makeup would still make it pretty big, but as I said, global Empire today doesn't really benefit from splitting up occupied territories. The current policy of globalization relies heavily on regionalization and integrating large parts of the world together into manageable units, rather than drawing new arbitrary boundaries, which is inevitable given both capitalism's tendencies and the practical realities of technology favoring centralized states and regions.

it's just feels>reels talk basically.