Why are you anti-capitalist?

Thread title. I am wondering what made you, personally, become anti-capitalist. What did you see in our capitalist society and economy that made you decide that this system does not work? Or if you read something in a book, was informed elsewhere, et cetera, then what convinced you that capitalism is an incorrect economic system?

Is it something to do with your friends and family? Or did capitalism fuck you over in some other way that made you aware of how much it has exploited you? I am just curious.

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How about you, user?

My father's redundancy at 14 made me question why the world was how it was.

I mostly hate land ownership. That's about it.

What do you mean redundancy?

How pathetic it might sound, I find life hollow. It isn't bad for me, but it isn't great either. I want to see a change to a society in which I can actually live. What we have now isn't life. Best case scenario I work in a cubicle all day; worst case I will be risking my life to build McMansions™ for the rich. I just want peace of mind.

What the yanks call a layoff.

I was radicalized by participation in online social justice communities (SRS and the like). I eventually had to grapple with the realization that all social injustice can be traced back to inequality and (eventually) capitalism itself.

i am critical of capitalism, but i cannot call myself a socialist when the left seems to just be full of half-baked, illiterate theories or authoritarian anti-historians.

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Because fuck work; I just want my free time.

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The realisation that capitalism structurally can't let everyone succeed/do well, there is only a limited number of space at the top, and a vast number of space at the bottom for the most people to fill and be crushed under the weight of. Also the irrationality and chaos of the economy, planning has always seemed the only sensible thing to me.
Being from an eastern bloc country and growing up poor under capitalism, having my family be evicted several times growing up and rarely feeling like we had a home probably also had a lot to do with me even questioning these things in the first place, the fundamental economic security that is guaranteed to people by socialism is incredibly appealing, feeling safe in the world and not having to worry about homelessness, unemployment, etc.

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leftists have made arguments before that the "free market" is already planned by powerful manufacturers and distributors, it's not like anyone can be an independent participant in the consumer market and realistically compete. The game is already decided. So, ideas of planning as an alternative to any perceived instability of choice is erroneous.

I don't believe in this society and I don't identify with its shallow lifestyle. I'm not ready, to waste my energy for a cause, which has no deeper meaning. I want to make a contribution to the progress of humanity and create international friendship between all nations. But life under capitalism is just sickening and leads humanity straight into the abyss.

There is still plenty of chaos in the anarchy of the market and the planning of capital is deeply irrational.

The more I live the more clear it is that capitalism is doomed and will never get past this decadent neoliberal reality we live in. Liberty equality and fraternity didn't come, so it's time to choose between going backwards, Ie. traditionalism, anarcho-primitivism, or going forwards, socialism.

Literally duckduckgo.com/?q=self authoring

I'm not "anti-capitalist" as such. I think it's a stupid system and probably going to be replaced, but so far as I have any goals, overthrowing capitalism in of itself isn't one of them. I think if people got together and considered a practical system, they wouldn't be doing the market system that developed out of feudalism.
More important to me is just killing Nazis (and destroying their economic base by attacking capitalism is useful for that). If you see your enemies clearly and pursue a long-term strategy that works, an alternative to capitalism almost certainly can emerge. At the same time, I think it is a mistake to believe that socialism (or whatever comes next) will be rid of class distinctions or the state, or that it's about commodity exchange and the printing of money. No, it's about people and their institutions, that needs to be seen as the primary obstacle rather than abstract systems detached from agents.

To me, the irrational aspect of capitalism is in the unnecessary motive for profit, which causes most of the system's problems.

Grew up poor. Even in my more lib-ish phase, I vehemently hated the rich and classified rich people as having some kind of mental disorder.

What does that have to do with my post? Attempt to enunciate your point.

I anticipated responses like his, don't condescend.

Minds kinda personal and some would call it degenerate but I'm in a "harem" or polyrelationship.

They're trans girls and if you believe me or not at least listen to the story.

One is black and lives in a literal ghetto in Nevada. She is a sweet girl and takes care of her mother. She works so hard almost all day and hardly gets time off.

Another one has abusive parents who sent her to some wage slave job at a movie theater. They forbade her and others from unionizing and there's been both sexual harassment at that workplace which is ignored, and more then once from the stories she's told me and what others say, there's seems to be worker's rights violations galore, not paying people overtime and underpaying people a big one.

I myself know how hard it is to get in the job market, its hard to even find a fucking job, then when you get one they can abuse you and you are supposed to be grateful they gave you said job.

These two girls I know they work so hard and deserve so much more, they can't even transition like with hormones since money is used up on daily livings. Then I see people, people like the below I will talk about who burn me up.

I was lurking on reactionary twatter one night and was on Blaire White page. From her found some new gay alt right dude, a wannbe Milo shill. And one thing that burns me up is I don't have it but I saw him mocking students, the regular student for college debt. Then braged on how much money he has and how successful he is. He's from what I saw one of those Milo/Sargon clones that just shit talks the evil socialist SJWs and gets millions in e bucks and that. That sickened me. The sweet girls I know work so hard and don't gain things they are due for their labour, while this asshole literally just spreads what is hate speech and gets paid, then has the balls to laugh and mock people in debt and brag on how much money he makes.

If you anticipated it, then by definition I am not condescending

do transgirls hate chasers or is that just a meme?

Honestly depends on who you ask. They and I hold the term to be self defeating, its poorly defined and people can't even define the term. Why I and they don't like it is it tends to shit on guys who really like and love transgirls and there is already a small dating pool for us.

Also there are people out there since its a big big big world, who probably are solely attracted to trans girls. Like that's there thing and there's no issue with that.


I have seen be incredibly pick and bitchy about it and I don't like that, and there are some that are "literally anybody please just love me."

There probably are creepy guys out there who are rude to trans girls and could fall under chasers but I feel its overblown.

it hinders my quality of life.

one time when i was thinking about 2007 financial crash i got interested about the religious relationship with interest so I googled books about debt and it came up with David Graeber and then I read a bunch of anarchists and general politics books and then read Marx, Lenin, Mao. I was always kinda left wing, as I came of age we were going to war in Iraq, the twin towers came down when i was like 10 or something, all the news about environmental collapse and african kids starving, then the economy collapsed and the first time i ever voted it was for the liberal democrats who immediately sold out and got into bed with the Tories and from then on liberals have disgusted me. Kinda all of the above overlapping with each other. Also always been into to sci fi

who is this new Milo whats the name?

compared to what other political alignment where this is less prevalent?

Short story: I went to trade school
Long story: 8ch.net/leftypol/res/2770717.html#q2771011

On principle, mainly. It's an evil economic system that exists by exploitation. It puts society into a state that would cause the death of a high percentage of the population if the system should ever fail.

Eventually, capitalism leads to socialism because of it's ability of improving material conditions and making products more distributive - so i think my idea is to preserve capitalism for as long as it benefits people, which means criticising it's negative aspects and transforming them through progressive politics. I guess you could say I was a succdem or an imminent socialist, but I don't believe we are ready to revolutionise yet. It would seem counterproductive, and I say this based on my earlier criticisms.

i think you might misunderstand what a revolution is supposed to be. What ways do you think we should engage with the political system?


oh also i'd say the history of Latin America in the last century was what made me firmly anti imperialist

No, man…

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I mostly used hyperbole but was a Milo wannabe, he isn't that big a name but he is on the alt right skepshit sphere of things. I don't tend to keep up with them. Though he was trying for that edgy gay conservative type of thing a la Milo.

im not saying elections are useless, but by and large they suck dicks. For me there are more effective ways of doing things, unions for example, tenants and trade unions, i wish debters union were a bigger thing, forming co-operatives, forming community survival programs, all kinds of direct action, forming community self defence.

The idea of a revolution, in my mind, is to build grassroots power through the above means, as well as by trying through electoral means, but the focus has to be on building actual power, hard physical power, or everything that you have built can be easily taken away. You have to build that power and level of organisation until the organisation you have built has the strength to start getting rid of capitalism, hopefully peacefully, but also that organisation must be ready to defend itself as it will get attacked.

The idea of "revolution" is some battle where one side wins, its a constant process of organising people to change their material relation to the world and social relation to each other, it is complete when the material relations mean the commodity form has been abolished and things are made for use rather than for exchange. If a thing pushes forward that process it is revolutionary

*the idea of revolution ISN'T some battle where one side wins

The part about capitalism being based is true, but this is cringe. Unironically it's ripe for smashing. Like ya mom pussiaaah

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I noticed that commodities were actually trash.

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Capitalism🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 benefits only a few families of elite jews. Capitalism and marxism are both one and of the same, both include a cabal of jews killing off swathes of populations of goyim while they reap the rewards. After all, look up Trotsky's 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸real name🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 before he changed. National Soycialism is the only true ideology that benefits the people of that land. Why otherwise did 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸America🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 invade Iraq and Libya? Why have they blown to bits Syria (of which Russia is helping to salvage)? Why do all American politicians hate the DPRK and Iran? Could it perhaps be that Iran and North Korea dont have central banks? That saddam hussein and gaddafi both nationalized just about everything and had National Soycialist policies that benefited their citizens? Oy vey, despite the fact that saddam hussein even invited arabs from all over the world to come into Iraq and share in research. All these things are brushed over and all we hear about is how he supposedly didnt respect women and he gassed a few kurdroaches (that led uprisings against him- what do you except?).

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I'm a NEET/hikkikomori in burgerland whose social anxiety has grown exponentially every year and my dad and I almost became homeless at one point and were only spared it by finding a horrible fucking tiny house for rent with an absolute piece of shit landlord after nearly having the bank come with cops to evict us from our previous house. Then after we moved out of that place we ended up having to move again and had another landlord fuck us over due to something that wasn't even our fault (it's a long complicated story that I won't go into here). In a relatively stable situation now but still extremely depressed and resentful

The 2015-2016 election was happening in the background of all of this and I was pretty much just a succdem when it started. Pretty much an all out tankie now

Idealists get the fuck out god damn

Everyone know Trotsky was from a jewish family, this isn't new news

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Nothing I wrote had anything to do with philosophical idealism.
I don't know why people are so obsessed over generalized commodity exchange and think that's the problem in of itself, and that if we just did central planning and labor vouchers the problem would be solved. That's a very naive and un-Marxist solution, even by my own crude understanding of Marxism.

I'm not that poster but I used to unironically flirt with Nazbol and a lot of /fascist/ types argue that Arab socialism and Juche basically are the same thing as Strasserism or even Hitlerism even if they didn't intend to be. It's rooted in a totally ahistorical analysis of course but that's how idealists do mental gymnastics when they want to be anti-capitalist without calling themselves leftist

I've always been vaguely leftist since my family used to be dirt poor and came from a third world country that had suffered from Freedom and Democracy™

The moment I finally broke free from my programming was during my second year in a bougie christian school. We had an assembly with a presentation and Q&A from some filmmaker. A kid asked him "Is capitalism the root of all evil?" and the entire room burst into laughter. Even jokingly questioning capitalism seemed to ridiculous to these people. A few folks by me started making "muh six gorillions" jokes and other crap like that. I don't remember what the filmmaker guy said, but it was pretty dismissive. From then on, I funneled all my hatred of Christianity towards capitalism.

What you are us what is known as a Bukharanist AKA a social democrat who larps as a Marxist now get the fuck out

I am most obviously not a Marxist if I'm ambivalent about capitalism, you LARPing faggot. God damn lifestylist pieces of shit who think this is some fetish wear exposition. I'm here primarily because there aren't a lot of places to write about political topics that aren't pozzed by liberal trash or colonized by right-wing faggotry. I have to make do with communists as being some of the few people remotely amenable to reason (and you're not a Communist, you're just an idiot who likes Soviet aesthetics like the typical /pol nigger)

Go back to your Kyle Kulinski videos kid or read Cockshott and actually get gud at posting

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You don't know what philosophical idealism is, do you?

Why? Owning ~10 acres of land is one of my life goals.

Oh no he's about to use a dictionary definition to own me with facts and logic just like all those cool liberal YouTubers he got all of his political opinions from until stumbling across this place a week ago

The twisting of the internet from a literal library of alexandria mixed with a tower of babel, the next major step in human history, into a toy for the common person. They restricted PDF for profit, they restricted software for profit, they restricted parts and custom builds for profit. I started to see this everywhere, that instead of production there was profit. At first I became a nazi, thinking the left didn't care about corporations even though I didn't care for racism, then I found here. I found that it wasn't corporatism or crony capitalism, but there was an actual alternative. Production before profit, to make for the sake of humanity not for a personal competition of greed. I've always hated capitalism and its wastefulness ever since I first held a computer, but I've never been this low.

Will we ever know what this user mean by this?

You don't get to say "idealism!" whenever you don't like someone.
There is a lot that is wrong with just saying "durrr if people didn't make commodities it would be all better!" Marx's analysis of capitalism looked at the system to discover its characteristics and tendencies. It was not some moralistic argument that capitalism was mean and evil. Shit takes like yours are why people say stupid things like "capitalism is le patriarchy" and other such nonsense that has nothing to do with Marx's analysis.

Because you don't need 10 acres of land unless you are a farmer, and if you want to farm, then you can work on a communal farm owned by the government. Also, your life goal is shit. Are you a rent-seeker? What do you even plan to do with that much land? Chances are, your idea is stupid, and even if your idea is socialist, you would be better off with a socialist government managing those 10 acres instead.

Nobody itt or anywhere on this board has said or agrees with this so exactly who are you quoting?
Lol I literally told you to read Cockshott who is one of the most materialist Marxist economists/theorists working in the world right now you stupid faggot

Mainly just the outward manifestations. One thing is just the huge horrid car-ruled urban sprawl, perhaps one of the worst possible ways to organise a society. There are kms and kms of wide bungalows with wide roads, taking up many more times the space necessary. And it just keeps expanding and expanding, a huge grey vomit stain on the landscape (I've seen it from the air). You notice that the drive (to Tyabb say) that when you were young was through fields and forests, is now 90% through urban housing of the bungalow type which has sprung up in the past few years. They're building all these houses but at the same time young people can't afford to move out, and thousands of homeless don't have anywhere to live at all. The only thing stopping these people from getting what they desperately need is this autistic idea that they must pay for it, that their human right to have somewhere to live only applies if they have a certain amount o money. Moreover the whole peri-urban environment is just a horrible place to live. To get anywhere you basically need a car, even just to go to the shops. I'm only about 30 km from university but it often takes 1 hour 40 mins to get there by public transport: 11 mins walk to the bus stop, 20 mins on the bus, wait 5-10 mins for the train, 30 mins on the train, 15 mins on the tram. The houses are all of a detached bungalow type so you don't get to know your neighbours. The roads, as is the style in australia, are all about twice as wide as they need to be, so there are uhge expanses of flat concrete and tarmack devoid of life everywhere. To walk anywhere you have to stand around for 5 minutes at a time at pedestrian crossings breathing in noxious gas from hundreds of cars to cross a 4-lane road (and this is an area which until the mid 1980s was literally just one big apple orchard). To get to the shops on foot you have to walk through a maze of parked cars. Common sense, convenience, human dignity, efficiency, everything is sacrificed for the sake of 'muh cars'.
Also advertising. It's so prevalent people don't even notice it. We wear advertisements on our own body. Our whole life has become a huge advert, particularly with all the mobile phone addiction. I think there should be a group of people who go around and just put huge blankets over adverts.

How can people actually think that just letting everyone do whatever randomly will magically bring about a situation where the welfare of everyone is maximised?

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because thanks to capitalists my home town is overrun with baboons

why are you chimping out so hard pipe down

what a moronic hot take. I dont have to be a "leftist" to be a socialist. And yes, all these middle eastern countries are just that. One could argue that they are National Soycialist countries given the great deal of importance they place on their homeland and their people. Just watch any speech by any great arab or european fascist leader. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Capitalism🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 is rooted in jewish tyranny.

And to claim that one ought to somehow be a liberal or "lefty" to oppose capitalism is just retarded. It is only the neocons that actually push for 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸capitalism🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.

(also, why is the triple parenthesis three american flags? Shouldnt they be three israeli flags? Oy vey)


oy vey shut it down!

Non of these places abolished capitalism or even had the intention of doing so. So, they were not anti capitalist, and certainly not anti semitic, even though most would be anti Israel, which is different.

All they did was implement social democracy of the kind you probably complain about in Venezuela , only the Bolivarian revolution was less nationalistic and more anti imperialist and anti capitalist.

Social democracy is better than rampant capitalism but you would not call your average european labour party anti capitalist really. It also provides a better base for socialism and communism

I'm talking about similar examples of people missing the understanding and thinking a superficial papering-over of capitalism or class society constitutes some fundamental change and the abolition of class. Such takes are abundant on this thread, the guy chimping out is an example (and I don't think Cockshott's model of a planned economy is viable for a lot of reasons, which I don't really want to discuss here).
In any event, I don't know why my priority being obviously to fight Nazism makes me an idealist. Nazism isn't just a regurgitation of capitalism, it's a quite particular social and political system which emerges from extreme degeneracy and Social Darwinism. Communism's difficulty in being able to counter said ideology (and at times, the willful embrace of it by certain socialists) has been its death knell as a political and social system that could have any sort of mass appeal. But 1920s and 1930s Earth did not have a meaningful language with which to criticize eugenics, and no such language ever really developed. This has left the socialist movement remarkably crippled in its engagements against the political right (and I'm not sure if there was ever any hope for Communism winning). You're dealing with an enemy which is utterly implacable, and Communists show a remarkable disinterest in the kind of bloodlust necessary to defeat their dire enemies.

Saddam Hussein literally helped destroy what was left of the Pan Arab movement in the 80s and split the Baath party and fracruews it's coalition with Marxist-Leninists by collaborating with the US government through the CIA and becoming a proxy state in and of itself. Yes Saddam later moved away from US power but it didn't amount to much after 9/11 when the USA decided to go ahead with the PNAC and other projects to accelerate neoliberal globalization. If you really gave a shit about Arab nationalism you would be a communist or at least an Old School Arab socialist like Nasser or Gadaffi not a "nu baath" cuck like Hussein

Statistically they were not

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So you admit it was a Strawman lmao

Because you haven't read him probably

Take five seconds to read about who was coalitions with the Nazis in parliament and why they allowed Hitler to actually take power and also read why Hitler decided to purge the one arguably "socialist" (or at least gesturing towards socialist) element from his party before ramping up it's activities.

You mean by eviscerating it militarily by the end of ww2 and taking half of its land afterward?
So another Strawman. It's funny how you are literally crying because I am calling you an idealist yet you haven't posted one argument that isn't feels>reals

It's also incredible that you called me an sjw yet your entire plan for how to defeat the right is "punch Nazis in the face and disregard capitalism"

More socialists/anarchists/whatever should focus more on post-capitalism than anti-capitalism. Figure out workable alternatives, don't just point out the flaws of capitalism. Pessimism and defeatism won't change anything for the better.

That worked out real well for the Paris Commune and the CNT-FAI didn't it :^)

are you moronic? Im speaking on middle eastern countries and olden day germany (and perhaps britain but I dont know as much on it).

I suppose you are talking about his war with Iran? Who gives a fuck about that. Iran attempted on many accounts to assassinate him anyhow. And "later on" as you say, he unleashed terror on jews. 100 Scud missiles if i remember correctly. (youtu.be/Ofn9HSMvz1k) To say he was not critical of zionism and jews is foolish. But yes, I do value the likes of Gaddafi and Gamal Abdel Nassir- both who have done great things for panarabism. But Saddam is by far the greatest hero of them all. He was beloved by his people. He rejected the jew and wanted only best for his people- not greedy jews. (youtu.be/gxlre3jew6M)

And no, I wont be a fucking communist. Thats a jewish-invented disgrace.

true, I'll give you that. US is a lapdog of Israel
"Putin was referencing the library of Rabbi Joseph I. Schneerson, the late leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement." He was referencing text.

pic related

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You could analyse where they went wrong, or you could throw your hands up in despair and let their experiments go in vain.

Communism is free time and nothing else.

M8 I understand where you're coming from even if you don't believe me when I say that. But Saddam objectively did way more to fracture than to unite Arabs and I feel like Iran was 100 percent justified in trying to kill him considering he was literally working with the VERY predecessors to the neocons you disparage in order to try and destroy them on behalf of US imperialism.

Listen i am a materialist, I don't mind working with Arab socialists if they arent 100 percent commies or whatever if the net effect is the weakening of the centers of Imperialism and a strengthening of an anti-capitalist coalition. Saddam did the opposite and people only loved him because he was a lesser evil than what is happening in Iraq today. Would his continued reign be preferable to what Iraq is like now? Of course. But it's highly likely that the conditions for what the middle East currently is like wouldn't have emerged if it wasn't for the fracture in the pan-arabian movement which Saddam had a large part in until the early 90s.

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Okay but you are literally saying that all we have to do is punch Nazis and then everything will be okay despite the fact that what contributed the most to the current resurgence in fascism is the various negative side effects of neoliberal globalization and what remains of the era of imperialism, which are both components of the most recent incarnation of Capitalism


This mentality is what will draw people away from socialism


This whole argument relies on the notion that the Marxists are the only opposition to fascism, but ignores what I said; the socialist movement never properly repudiated Social Darwinism. Literally NO ONE did. No one has since.

I do not deny the accomplishments of the USSR. Look where they wound up in the end, though. This is the problem in the end, because Communism didn't have a clear conception of what it was up against, which led their populace to be extremely susceptible to capitalist (fascist) propaganda during the 1980s collapse.

I am not talking about symbolic violence to feel better about myself. I am talking about systematically slaughtering every single Nazi and Nazi apologist and building instruments of state power to ensure that Nazis are completely, utterly wiped out, at a bare minimum. Surprisingly, Communists seem very, very spooked when you talk about taking control of institutions and constantly questioning them. This is a flaw in the Marxist-Leninist state, where it simply assumed the institutions work for the public good (when they most certainly weren't working in the historical USSR).

I really don't care about capitalism as a system. I don't give a shit about who owns what or if "the people" (which isn't even a real thing, just an abstract concept) own everything collectively. Even Marx would tell you that replacing the bourgeoisie with a collective abstract capitalist is not a great improvement and changes fundamentally nothing. Fortunately for me, that question is not particularly relevant to me. Given a rational look at the global economy and a central plan (and a central plan would be inevitable because the so-called "free market" has always been somewhat illusory, the world in practice has been run by powerful men for powerful men), unless there was some ideological rationale why the market system was to be preserved at the highest levels, it would be an obvious decision to abolish it and replace the market system as such with something different. You couldn't do that until you had a mechanism for central planning in the first place. However, by the time that was a technological possibility, the very people who would be in the vanguard of socialism openly abandoned the goal of political equality - and there was not really an argument to make against this scientific dictatorship, except that it was mean and shit, or that perhaps "the people" would fight. But "the people" never did fight, and Lenin himself understood that a spontaneous uprising of the workers was an impossibility. Indeed, "the people" and the so-called "working class" would tear each other apart even without prompting from capitalists, and it was comically easy to feed the working class narratives surrounding race and identity so their competition would escalate to absurd heights, producing the insanity we see today.

Literally the only reason we have capitalism in any recognizable form today is because a great deal of the middle class and the so-called "working class" actively want this unequal and stupid system. By now, capital should have centralized that state capitalism would be inevitable, and had the working class shown even a shred of class interest, it would have been possible (though not necessarily easy) to make the Social Darwinists tremble through a campaign of relentless terror. Far from that though, the normal American enthusiastically embraced the worst aspects of capitalism and their own culture, and only barely managed to pass measures of racial integration which should have happened 100 years ago. The Marxists had lost the initiative. They didn't get that Social Darwinism was the key element to fight, and that capitalism in its modern form was just the guise it took. Such a criticism, though, would necessarily entail a criticism of the USSR itself, from which any organization would have had to come.

I was homeless for a couple months.

More of a perverse symbiotic relationship
You mean this Joseph I. Schneerson (also known as Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn)? The anti-bolshevik, counter-revolutionary, sentenced to death Joseph I. Schneerson?
That's not a statistic, and Solzhenitsyn is not a reputable resource.

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Cool, greedy retards can stand against the wall when the revolution happens. Go buy your 10 acres while capitalism is still around. See if it fills the void in your absolutely soulless heart.

We have this thread every week

and jewpedia is?

Gamergate happened, my fellow vidya enthusiasts started blubbering about "cultural Marxism" and it sounded so hilariously stupid it made me finally look up what Marxism actually is. Reading Marx is all it really takes. Once you understand that capitalism is a fundamentally unstable system predicated on exploitation and constant expansion, you cannot help but be anti-capitalist.

Are you schizophrenic? You don't seem right in the head judging by your incoherent post.

Communism is when you're crammed into a commieblock and the denser the commieblock the communister it is.

Jesus this place has to be a psyop.

They were the only ones who actually were and weren't just vying for who would get to "corral" fascists after ww2 was over. Go read about Operation GLADIO and Chruchhill's original opinion on the fascist movement

Is that why socialists fight for the liberation of all workers regardless of their race, gender, or ability to work? Is that why fucking Helen Keller and WEB Dubois are two of the most famous "tankies" of all time?

The opportunism which led to the collapse of the USSR on the internal front in collaboration with encirclement on the external front stems directly from Bukharinist influence throughout Stalin's time, Trotskyist influence and resentment, and the destalinization of Kruschev and Glasnost, literally of which were steps to integrate rather than isolate the country into global capitalism.

Hey man guess who was also for this historically and even carried it out? Guess who fought against that happening?

Public healthcare, public university, freedom of movement within the USSR and most of the time without it as well, over 70 percent of people voted to preserve it in 1991 referendum there were massive protests and almost a civil war when Yeltsin took power so shut the fuck up and read Blackshirts and Reds faggot

Rest of your post is tl;Dr tbh


1. I don't think Marx makes that claim.
2. Empirically looking at the USSR and the PRC, an abstract capitalist is better at investing the surplus back into economic development. You can argue that "State" capitalism was only good for building up the heavy industry foundation for modern industrialized society and it's not good at satisfying consumer needs. I don't have an opinion regarding the long term efficacy of state capitalism. However, the current need of the world economy is to rebuild the entire heavy industrial base using technologies that are less polluting as a countermeasure against climate change. In which case replacing private capitalists with state capitalists would greatly improve things for everyone.

Nothing wrong with commieblocks, I've lived in them. There's no contradiction between those who want to live on large empty tracts of land and communism. There's plenty of empty space throughout the world that needs to be tamed and made useful.

All of the statistics I posted before weren't from Wikipedia, and the screencap of Joseph I. Schneerson's page was done just to show how he was openly anti-bolshevik and how he had a long history of being so. His death sentence isn't even some hidden secret, it was literally met by worldwide western condemnation. The quote from Solzhenitsyn's wife is from a news article, and the Archipelago is not the only time he has fabricated or played up events and accounts.

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alright I see.

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So to answer this question I have to say I got into politics last election. I remember Obama running but I wasn't old enough to understand really. Anyways, at the time my best friend was Republican. His family is the richest in town and they owned one of the biggest steel mills in country in the day. So my entry point was Republican. I liked Republicans because to me the basic premise was in my mind "If you work hard/smart you will get money so being rich =/= bad". I also liked how Donald talked about work in his rallies where as Democrats would just say stupid shit like how white people are privileged. Just as a note too, I live in a small town of about in rural Illinois and In in class as a kid looking back I was kinda poor. Not food insecure poor but, I would have hardly any clothes. So I didn't feel like I had it much better than alot of people atleast around me. So from this I thought of myself as right wing but not necessarily Republican. I was atheist for an example because my parents never took me to church. I was pro guns even though nobody in my family owned any or liked them. My grandpa was an Immigrant from South America, so to me I liked older immigrants but not the modern ones who in my eyes were just looking for take away work. I also along the way got introduced to Hitler online. I watched the neo nazi movies about him and had a positive view on him but, really wasn't sold on the whole Jews thing completely because I knew of some in school and they were nice to me. I also thought of the race thing as misunderstanding because nazis online would say things about Black people but in the nazi movies I watched about Hitler he never was hostile to any other race and thought they could have their land or country whatever too. As far my thoughts on Communism at this point. I thought Communism was like a fantasy idea, I also was convinced on the movies mentioned earlier the Russian revolution was backed by Jewish bankers to try and stop Germany. I also thought in WW2 yeah Hitler killed people but I was for the greater good and Stalin had basically killed everyone back to Berlin and enjoyed it. The point I actually got to being Communist was I as a right winger needed to understand communism so I could help fight against it and when I watched Richard Wolffs college course on it I started to realize I was fucking stupid because Marxism was actually backed by science, evidence and facts. Nazism was just stories, feelings and shit. So yeah basically only a few hours turned me to the opposite side. Now, though I feel like this is end of tunnel. I am 100% sure I will be a communist until I die however my views or something might change as I learn more. I really didn't expect to write this much but I wanted to demonstrate I think there are 2 things *** we can learn from myself** 1st pulling not pushing is way to convince fascists, the most hard line nazis are lost causes but people who drifted there are would be communists if we actually had a voice in politics and online. **** 2nd is we could easily subvert these people into making a fake short book talking about Marxism and putting it around as guide to fight it. Seriously, think about we just need to put the ideas in a clear manner, if someone is racist we can fix that by getting them to talk to one pleasant person of another race. Also we need more of these guys because they are like the militant gun people so the more can convince the better.

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Are you implying that the Bolsheviks somehow fabricated him being an anti-bolshevik and staged his execution out of some 4D Jewish-Bolshevik chess? Or do you actually see what I'm saying?

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For anyone who doesn't know, USS Liberty was a joint US-Israeli false flag attempt to draw US into the Six Day war and possibly also to provoke the use of nuclear weapons during the war.

I think we all already know about this