How does it feel knowing zoomers are being taught to hate communism much more than millennials?

How does it feel knowing zoomers are being taught to hate communism much more than millennials?

How does it feel knowing that millennials will have much less economic and political power than zoomers?

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Lmfao, they won't.

zoomer here, climate change and all other contradictions of capitalism will radicalize us. This goes both ways. We'll have the Hitlerjugend as well as Pioneers… I still have hope, but the next crash might see us turning to full on fascism…

We'll be fucked even more, yeah

t. zoomer

I hope zoomers reject all PC sulture, tired of all these fucking trannies

God damn/pol/ is so fucking stupid about shit. Do you actually think people's opinions front change overtime? So you actually think that 13 Year Olds current "beliefs" can be extrapolated into the future

How does it feel knowing Zoomers are going to get BTFO if they keep this anti-Communist shit up?


Gen Z are 100% not your guys. They're not necessarily anti-capitalist though (that's kind of up in the air atm).

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I hate burger politics so much.
Absolute garbage topics to even be polling.


I don't really care. Zoomers will wake up when they have their own economic crisis, just as most millennials woke up when 08 happened. Zoomers will get their lesson soon enough.

Zoomers dont understand politics
t. Zoomer

This. People who freak out over the whole "zoomers are right wing" statistic forget that millenials when they were 13-21 in the early 2000s were way more right wing. Zoomers might meme about being fascists and hating Jews but most of them are gay or bi or trannies who have no sense of religion or social . In the Bush era gay marriage was still illegal and 20 percent of kids were honeschooled by evangelical Christians.

I think you're extrapolating a small section of zoomers onto the rest of them. Most don't really care for that shit at most might make some Jew jokes to shit on morals

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Also, Christians didn't vote for Ron Paul.

How the mighty have fallen

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Weird shit

Now THIS is coping

One of the FEW nice things that can be said about the libertarian party is that in becoming popular after it the information revolution they introduced a lot of people to anarchism by accident which meant s lot of people who only got into libertarianism cuz of the antiestablishment aspect could learn about Marxism without the cold war propaganda and then after getting festooned go on to defend leftism in general

They literally were. Zoomers mostly are cool with at least basic social Democratic economics and a certain level of gay rights whatever their supposed/pol/ leanings. America under Bush was way more racist and imperialist and theocratic than Trump could ever hope for.

Christians didn't vote for RP. RP wiped out Obama in versus polling.

I don't understand your point. Are you trying to say zoomers would vote for Ron Paul?

Cope. Millennials were lefty as fuck when they came of age.

How the mighty have fallen? I riffed on that to talk about Christians who are disappointing.

Christian choices to boycott RP, directly enabled Obama to win.

I literally said they were right wing UNTIL they turned 21

Ron Paul wasn't going to neat Obama man. I hate Obama but c'mon

ki ke s were anti-RP and boycott him too.

he was he was somthing like 60-40 over obama, or more


polls have long been deleted. the media stations would have them. i thought it was more like 80-20

Are you saying zoomers are Christian?

How convenient:^)

Depends what you mean by Zoomer. I thought Millienials were born after 2000.

So I was the only one to look at versus polls huh? None of the raging cucks or normies were actually looking? Or anyone else. Unbelievable.

Lol no you fucking idiot
Millenials are generally defined as people born between 1980s and mid 90s who "came of age" in the early 2000s and 2010s
Zoomers are usually defined as those born from 1996-2001 who are "coming of age" now

God damn you're lazy faggot

Is it burger posting time already?

I mean if you look at,the general Autism Level level of responses itt it obviously is boomer hours

It's to shit on Zig Forums's idea of Gen Z being fascist. Nothing more.

Seriously, how fucking stupid are you that you can't grasp how material forces shape political opinions? Do you think Millennials were leftish for no reason? Or was it because of dah jooz?

"In 2019, the age range for Millennials is 19 to 38 years old."

So you're wrong.

Ron Paul would have given even more favors to porky than Obama anyway. Sure he gets it right more often than most other Republicans, but his economic views are still nightmarish.

They're better than neoliberal, social demoratic.

YOU ARE WRONG FA GG OT. Millenials are 19-39

Ancapistan is not better than anything.

Yes it is. It's better than neoliberalism. Anything is better than what we've got.

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No-one actually agrees on the date lol, I'm a zoomer or a millennial depending on who you ask. 'generations' are just idpol bullshit used to sell outrage media, old people have been complaining about young people since the dawn of human civilization, even the greek philosophers did it.

imagine believing this lmao
millennials are milquetoast social democrats who whine about not being too radical, universal healthcare and how stalin killed ten trillion
zoomers want to nationalise everything put liberals in gulags and eat the brains of the rich, they're going to be the greatest generation

theres literally no way to knowing what the dominant ideology of a developing generations is. most likely they will be no different than previous.

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we will all die by 2100 due to climate change so who cares

this is the most pathetic Zig Forums thread since the last most pathetic Zig Forums thread

look at the neolieral pice of shit here, ragging on millenials who want extremism. what a fucking cuck.

No you're a millenial, according to the definitions you tried to pin me on. STHU

Zoomer will overtake and bring socialism in our lifetime, capitalist contradiction grow just so strong in this generation and the next crisis is coming

t. Zoomer

yup. the banks would fail. the neoliberal z o g bots would be punished.

Reminder: BO is a whitey, we need a new BO.

yup. the banks would fail. the neoliberal z o g bots would be punished.

Reminder: BO is a KI KE, we need a new BO.

Because, you dumb burger, more vs less government is based on an ideological model of bourgeois society that has no material basis.

The actual issue is "reform" capitalism, vs don't, all within the framework of liberalism.
Naturally this will be reflected in the generations as they age and FUCK YOU I'VE GOT MINE! (although zoomers will never get theirs).
That's why fash leaning liberals can't understand left politics. It doesn't exist within this framework, rather seeks to overthrow/exit/move beyond it, since that's the only way to resolve the underlying contradictions once and for all.

This is me. I was a "libertarian" as a teen because all the cool hackers on the internet were. We only really cared about politics as they relate to digital rights (government get off our internetZ).
Segued nicely into marxism because digital goods are postscarcity, and all our problems were being caused by capitalism flooding our cool hacker space.
It just needed to move from the specific case, Microsoft, Sony and RIAA suck, to the general case, capitalism sucks.

Lol, socialism is rising in popularity. People want to love forever. Not a typo; undying love is a broad phenomenon across the populace that seriously bolsters immortality sentiment in people who can feel it. Capitalist medicine won’t fund immortality; leading capitalists aren’t apparently love forever types and don’t even seem to want it for themselves, and they’re too bigoted in their miseries to fund it for the sake of other people. Yet this momentum won’t be stopped forever; efforts to eradicate diseases are still making serious headway, and medicine is still advancing.

Life is more powerful than capitalism. There doesn’t ever need to be a conflict; I myself am agnostic between social systems. Yet the conflict is brewing, and life is winning.

I'm not the same person lol

All you've done is gone onto google and chosen the first result that agrees with you and decided that it's the objective truth.
The other guy could easily do the same, many sources define GenZ as post 1996.
This argument is ultimately meaningless because this Generations meme is meaningless, it's just a poorly defined demarcation, it's only role is as another pointless signifier, further eroding class identity.

There is no significant generation gap. Boomers are actually the most left wing on most issues.


Joke's on them, I'm a GenX er.

Are you under the impression that millennials were swimming in socialist left ideology and sentiment?

It’s material conditions, you dumb fucks, and that hasn’t changed for the Zoomers, it’s arguably going to be worse for them. Placing all your bets on some cultural bullshit be why you will fail.

But, then again, if you were a materialist, you wouldn’t be right-wing, so…

whadabout pocket computers?

I wonder if you'll consider to say that after the next economic crash radicalizes zoomers.

t. zoomer

seems like it would depend on what China does now that it is an economic power this time and sure to be affected. I'm not optimistic.
t. zoomer

The soviet union made those, hell they had mobile phones and 16 bit personal computers earlier than the west, what did that do?

were they mass produced and available in stores though?