German Recession

Analysts say a German recession "looks unavoidable"

More Signs the Next Big Financial Crisis Begins in Germany

Germany is Europe's most economically dangerous country

Is this gonna be the one comrades is it finally time for the working classto do some stupid pacifist occupy wall street shit for a few months than vote in social democrats who betray them almost immediately while neofascists gain seats in congress

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You know what must be done.

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There is no way this country is ever going to elect something left-wing, Germans rather tighten their belts.

If Germany goes then so does the rest of Europe. The reason crisis empowers fascists is cause porky starts backing them massively to supress socialists, not cause they're actually supported by the people.

And like always not one word about usury…

what socialists?

What you call usury is better understood as economic rent which every capital owner earns. Or is it only bad when jews do it?


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sadly this

It's about compound interest, it's about fiat currency, it's about money not being made from labor, it's about a currency backed by nothing, it's about the endgame of every usury based economy…war, destruction and death.

As for the small hats…who do you think owns the publishers of these articles that for some explainable reason leaves out the main cause of economic collapse? I mean if the jews own the money, shouldn't that totally unsuspected economical crash by pointed out to them? I mean how will the poor jewish bankers take this unforeseen economical hiccup. And while I'm at it…posting this news on "bitcoin(.)com"? Something's fishy here?

Show me an article not blaming the mortgage industry for the great recession.

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Don't try to shift the blame. This is about usury and since you already concluded that that automatically means jews (since I didn't mentioned them), let us stick to the topic. So Deutsche Bank (owned by the Rothschilds) had a huge internal scandal going on that took the entire branch to it's knees, and now somehow Germany is running out of money? Yet not a peep about usury out of any source.What was that number Rothschild was boasting about his den of thieves is worth? 500 trillion (which obviously not includes all the illegal activities)? And somehow no news article says Rothschild dynasty, how will they take this unexpected financial hit? Any comment on that?

If you really want to learn about debt you should read Micheal Hudson. He even talks about jews in historical sections.

Finally. It's a bit late. I have to move at the end of the year and wanted the prices go down before that. However, at least it will help with the argument of immigration. I'm looking forward to the debate if it was a good idea to let 1M poor and uneducated people from outside Europe into Germany alone, and give them the right to stay, instead of using guest workers, more robots or poor Europeans.

Nah, I'm good. I haven't had a bank account in nearly two decades. I don't need to learn anything more about organized crime other than how to avoid their latest rackets.

this is your brain on jpeg infographs

The people on the street. Not mainstream politicians that's for sure.

not even capable of reading his own fucking posts

See that's the thing when people have the ability to "print" their own fiat currency…it creates a world of lies where you can't trust any numbers. So let's just assume they have one, the rest of the world has zero. That explains usury pretty good.

Not even capable of reading his own fucking posts…right back at ya, user…with interest.

I hope some day you take your anti-psychotics and gain an understanding of materialist analysis instead of just parroting whatever you hear from other schizo-fascists.

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That's hedonism, which is always self destructive under the laws of nature, user. It's also a tool to control mankind which is based on the following mechanics; ownership, leadership, laws, law enforcement, religion materialism. One leads to another and in the end they create a circle that starts the process of self destruction anew…Ouroboros.

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You're so stuck in your schizo-fascist echo chamber you don't even know what materialism means.

Why do you lie about this so blatantly? You realize we can just look it up, right?

The hedonistic claim of ownership, based on greed, which will create envy in others.

I'm becoming convinced that Zig Forumsyps are not even human. Any actual human would be filled with doubt after the ancom post, and would've googled materialism to make sure they had the right definition, but this schizo fucker just goes "hurr durr its when u buy fast cars lol."

They're going by the popular perception of what materialism is in contrast to religious spirituality which seems to be to actually be an attempt by porky to push religion as a justification for economic austerity.

It's probably a 16yo troll, but I wouldn't be surprized if it was some kind of shill too.
He did a good job of derailing the thread from its original subject, as it look like OP claims are hurting someone's stocks, maybe we can prevent more damage from being done if we divert attention toward the jews don't you think ?

unlike 100 years ago there's not socialist movement to speak of

Yeah, I don't use corrupted sources to talk truth. I stick to nature, where materialism means matter over mind, which translates to claiming ownership instead of using common sense. That is hedonism, which is a natural temptation, which like all other temptations always lures towards death. See for the hedonistic monkey claiming ownership over a stick might seem like a good idea, but in the next moment he gets attacked by six greedy apes who want want he has, and once again hedonism brings negative consequences in form of a beating.

I didn't bring up the jews. I only said usury, which is as on topic as it gets.

Materialism in Marxist terms refers to analyzing things through the lens of the material reality (conditions of life, economically and socially) that people experience, not material goods.

Why would you come here just to be a retard?

Im thowing my hat in the ring and saying it is the Irish behind DB

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fascists love fast cars ironically. that's what the futurist movement and autobahn were about

Since we haven't googled it and thus have no evidence against it, I think that's a fair assumption.

Do it Germany! For papa Thalmann! Just do it!

There is no other reality, user. We are inside a closed ecosystem, everything we make up in our minds is based on information we are getting from the outside. You cannot create out of nothing; everything already is, therefore materialism means claiming ownership over something that was given to all.

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fucking LOL
But seriously, if you lurk more, you have much to learn here.

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Wew. At that point the Nazis had already seized power and unleashed their terror on trade unions, communists, socdems etc.

Do you have any research to back that up that goes deeper than Rothschilds are a banker dynasty in Europe & Germany is in Europe?

Not sure if fatmerican tween or anti-German professor 🤔's_Party
The only thing remarkable about Nazis is how common their politics and attitudes were among Germans. They were the logical conclusion to their politics.

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fucking lost it

that wasn't me idiot

There were no nazis in 1908. But okay, a colonial power saw the colonized people as inferior, it's almost like that has been the justification for colonialism since forever.
The Versailles Treaty was absolute fucked and was probably the main cause of WW2. I have no idea what point you're trying to make here.
Nazis hated jews. Woaaah.

You're a dumbass
in more ways than one.

I don't understand what you're talking about.

There was nothing unique about NSDAP politics. Defending the majority of German people for voting for them is idiotic. That 39% of Germans that supported Nazis directly should've been cleansed. As a start.

I agree, a lot of it was quite popular in Europe.
If you want to cleanse people who once voted for far right parties, you're going to wage a war on a majority of the working class. Get the fuck over it. You're not special for not liking nazis.

lol totally undialectical and essentialists. Tankies are truly theorylets

Your posts don't seem to relate much to the posts you reply to?

You know what must be done.

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Germany today is the consequence of not cleansing the Nazi supporters. As is Italy. And Japan.

Shit take.

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Oh boy who would have fucking thought

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Bumping because this shit got off topic yesterday

Zig Forumsacks sperg out about this cause they're petit-bourg and either they or their parents own significant amounts of stock and this means they're not getting another yacht

So is aufstehen going to do anything?

Send in the BOYS

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First off breh, the Nazis didn't get in on the advocated political program of exterminating the jews, or advertising that they were backed by a small circle of industrialists with nearly 1B reichsmarks between them. They lied, they claimed job creation and the settling of old scores/"reversing of allies imperialism" etc.
These all buy concessions for the citizens,while at the same time creating an atmosphere of silence: severely blunting the Communist revolutionary edge.
They, much like people who vote for the two party system in the USA, are usually blind to the class and ethical implications of their choices. This is deliberate.
We have to convert them, not condemn them. They know not what they do.

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Fuck why can't I look like young Honecker

Their blindness is willful, their support for hierarchy deliberate. Truth exists independent of your perception, and it is your duty to find it. Dereliction of this duty is not subject to negotiation. Reactionaries knowingly tell lies, and consciously make the decision to believe them, based on nothing more than it feeling right to them, and aligning with their pathological view of the world. Not only do they not know what they do, they don't want to know what they do. Every second of every day, they make choices, and when they went into the polls on 5 March, 1933, they made a choice. And these choices must have consequences. How long do reactionaries have to make fun of our patronizing attitude, before we get it? How many times do we have to witness them springing up to attack, every time we make a mistake? How long do we need to watch them make not a single move to choose communism?

It died in its crib

People don't like hearing this because it's easier to respond to violence with violence. But the bourgeois state benefits from that. You have to defend yourself and your fellows, obviously, but anyone out on the street advocating for violence has revolutionary potential and any movement that doesn't capitalise on revolutionary potential can't be revolutionary.

Really? What happened to it? What a shame. Seems like Europeans can’t get any mass movement done…

How tf is Germany in recession when fundamentally weaker countries in the same cycle aren't? How has the UK not hit a recession given the drop in investment due to Brexit?

Germany is an industrial country so is more susceptible than financialised economies to upswings and downswings, but those swings tend to be softer. It's why it weathered 2008 so well.

If Germany slides into recession, will they take the rest of Europe with them? How will this affect Russia and the US?

It would be extremely painful.