Youtuber's union something's happening !

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Would be interesting to see what kind of political things many of these youtubers would start saying in videos if unionization works for then

I'm new. Can someone give me a quick synopsis on this Joerg?

They are petite-bourgeois and are going to be about as socialist as the lawyer unions. There are also such huge differences in their audience/power/income that the better off will let themselves be bribed out and most will never get a living wage from it.

Oh, nvm, looks like he's just a gun guy.

lmao a handful of prominent youtubers forming a cartel like they did on tiktok could sink the whole platform if they go somewhere else

Its more complicated than that and you know it. YouTube extracts surplus value

So do labels from rock stars, does not make them less bourgeois swine. Technically it's nit even true as youtube is not profitable, it's almost a public utility.

It's good to have community input into how a public utility is run. Even in a world of worker owned enterprises you would want to have both employee unions and "consumer" unions so the interest of both groups is considered by the enterprise.

Wrong. Behind every wealthy rockstar, athlete, etc is a capitalist who is far far more wealthy and produces nothing. Haute-proletarians are an issue to be dealt with but they aren't bourgeois until they use their wealth to become so

Recently YouTube's policies have been so shitty, I wouldn't be surprised if even the more successful YouTubers stand in solidarity against it and refuse bribes (since the bribe wouldn't free them of a lot of the creative restrictions and controls set by YouTube, which is the issue here). I think the question is, if the union manages to get off the ground in the first place, can it maintain itself after certain demands are met? You occasionally do see this weird amount of solidarity between YouTubers, like when that guy tried to sue H3H3 and everyone suddenly got behind him.

They extract surplus from others by taking more labour-product out than they put in. They are parasitical and have a vested interest in class society.

I don't follow edrama, but "showing solidarity" did not cost them anything there or less than they got in good PR by showing what great people they are. Will they when they will have to sacrifice their own wealth and power?

This is where you're wrong. They all donated to a fund to help H3H3's legal case and helped found this sort of lawyer's group. They donated a lot. It wasn't just a "shout out".

Philantrop is a scam, they took all of it from others in the first place and are still rich. They were also not up against YouTube. In ny case, the upper middle class organising is not going to bring us any closer to a classless society.

I agree, but there is no indication of these youtubers having any desire in a consumer union existing.

Contrary to what retarded MTWs and Gonzaloites might claim, there is no obvious connection towards theoretically being compensated for more than you're worth and supporting class society. Even if they're compensated handsomely for their labors, more than said labor was actually worth, they lack bourgeois authority, and thus the real, visceral connection to class domination that would make them side with the bourgeoisie, nor any real compensation in proportion to that of the bourgeoisie that would make them necessarily associate their own success with the success of the bourgeois class.

The current societal system is what enables them to live a life of fame and luxury with all its decadent indulgences. Mass media being listicles, reaction videos and video game streaming is a symptom of neoliberalism and not desirable. These ecelebs will fight against any real challenge that would lead to systematic change as it would threaten their privileged social position. At most you might get them on your side by promising an even more privileged place in the future hierarchy.

Their beef with YouTube is its increasing vicegrip on the community which is often completely arbitrary partially due to their insistence on doing everything by algorithm, partially due to them being a bitch to big name advertisers. This isn't really a money thing, though money has something do do with it since your videos can get demonetized or age-restricted practically on a whim, which is a big hit to a YouTuber's revenue.

There may be some truth to what you're saying, but it's the same "labor aristocrat" argument you see from Mautists and fails in the same areas where that argument typically fails, which is to establish where said labor aristocrats would draw a logical connection between their own success and the success of the bourgeois class. I think a better analysis of this group is that they've got comfortable and secure positions, and thus can easily be corralled into a non-threatening liberalism by social conformity and threats against said comfort and security, not the big leap that they somehow all identify with the bourgeois class and the greater class system when the connection isn't obvious.

Where would they stand on abolishi g copyright, which is to say expropriating digital objects and moving them back to the commons?

well there is no monolithic "youtuber" class, but a lot have expressed desire to curtail the power of IP and IP law at the very least because it intrudes on the creative process.

what is there to establish? it's clear as day
they live off ad revenue, are fed from bourg hand, waving their fucking tail all around, whining pitifully, all while trying to look up their master's eyes submissively

Please tell me Hank Green has nothing to do with it this time

For those who aren't aware, CNN got several people's channels taken down for streaming the democratic debate or even using clips from it.

In the United States, a presidential debate is privatized and treated like a pay per view sporting event. To hell with fair use, especially on something as unimportant as who will be head of state. CNN used Youtube's copyright claim system to not only enforce "their" property, but also to eliminate the burgeoning independent competition online.

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As much as I hate "youtubers" and their general petite bourgeoisie mentality I think it could be really good if they successfully manage to do something. If Youtube reverted to its old system of monetisation, it could help people like Jason Unruhe, FinBol, Tovarsich Endymion or even Prolekult earn more for their living. It would also put somewhat of a stop to corporations trying to monopolize the platform's space by giving more power to small creators.

However there's no denying that Youtubers are labor aristocrats and scums, I really doubt the most popular figures like MrBeast or Pewdipie are going to come out in support of this, let alone talk of it. Why ? Because their interest is to keep things as they are and if they wanted to change how things worked on the platform they would have already done something about it.
This fact alone is making me sckeptic about the potential success of this effort, because most people on Youtube are retards that follow the big creators like dogs.

Vid related :

do you have a source for streams taken down?

Details pls. I'm trying to use tiktok for marketing and I have no idea how it works.

uhhh shit I meant, the predecessor to tiktok that got killed cause like a dozen prominent content creators jumped ship

I'm in the FB page and there are like Corbynites spreading pro-union propaganda it's good shit.
Also people trying to shill people like Computing Forever then people turning around saying "Oh he's anti-union though" is entertaining.


Unions are socialism and the more unions there are the socialister it is. Get fucked educated young professional.

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Smfh, trot.

I'm not a trot, I can just smell labour aristocrats a mile away. The Nazis had unions too, I wonder how that worked out.

The nazis shut down the unions formed by ordinary people you fucking idiot.
Also "MUH LABOUR ARISTOCRACY" is fucking trotskyism.

Are you a survivor of David North's rape dungeon?
Also there is nothing ordinary about educated narcissists from a middle class background that get thousands of dollars for talking into a microphone. They have plenty of control over people which they exploit for personal gain.

Someone inserted that, that's not what he said

No I am just british, existing on the british left is having to deal with trots who hate trade unions because they don't personally run them.

twitch thots union when?

uwot mate
I wouldn't even call youtubers labor aristocracy, because there's so little if any labor involved, they even hire people to do montage for them
youtubers are capitalism's flesh and blood, their whole livelihood depends on capitalism existing, they WILL fight tooth and nail to keep it
if you ever use youtube to make money you deserve to be shot
no excuses, whores of capital get the bullet too

Yeah Joerg, who makes his money by displaying slingshots he made on videos he edits, is not doing any labour. right. sure. Great analysis there, new David Harvey over here.

Even if she did the compensation should be that of a common labourer. You know perfectly well that the majority of "content creators" are self-important posers who spread worthless, addictivr mindpoison and use their sway over people to live a polyamorous wealthy lifestyle.

He whoever he is makes money off add revenue.
That's called selling your soul. The End.

I thought they just merged together

What's funny to me is that the American police unions are some of the strongest out there and conservatives never contest them.

lol what, the vast, vast majority can't even get a stable income off youtube and patreon