Zig Forums virgin whiteboy shoots up unarmed civs again...

Zig Forums virgin whiteboy shoots up unarmed civs again. 4 Zig Forumstard attacks in 3 months and they still consider it a place for freespeech . If we switched the roles and say if there was a /islamicstate/ board (which was banned of course) the mods would have removed it instantly.. which they did. How is Zig Forums still up?

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He's a trumptard, kek.


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Girls love a terrorist

Zig Forums is pol, whether we like it or not (though I'm glad that now we are consistently on the third or fourth place). God forbid them of wanting to ban /pol because what they would do is deleting Zig Forums alltogether and /leftypol would dissappear. I know no other place to debate marxists politics with this quality so I hope it doesn't happen

honestly the fact he had a gf going for him makes it sadder

those are from russian vkontakte account retard it was debunked on the first day


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Big surprise

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lol trannypol is like a retarded half-dead siamese twin of pol
that's right, never forget whose in charge here, we control the motor functions leftysoys

ahahahah glorious


Do it live billo

Why are communists so reactionary? A relationship between two consenting humans is always ok. Pedophobia is just as reactionary as homophobia, racism, islamiphobia, and others forms of bigotry. Hating your fellow in the working class over their sexual orientation is what porky wants. I stand with the LGBTQBP

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ancaps are so fucking degenerate

Lmao, is the P for Paedo?

Take a look to his "likes". lot of tweets from PJW pig. Spread it.

why are /pol-tards so stupid and childish? I remember that you could actually have a good talk with someone from pol a few years ago. The only ones who seem smart right now are the people from /fascist.

Go back

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You'd think in TX with all the gun carriers this would have ended quick. Yet it seems like nobody had the balls to shoot back, even when they were fully loaded.

feds trying to shut us down

it was a hoax. The manifiesto was a hoax and the thead too probably.

mods ban this fucking faggot

ummm maybe we should do more to understand the plight of white males and cut back on the deeply triggering and problematic rhetoric in our media?

don't forget, the real victims today are all of the innocent whites who may suffer a back lash!

no its brought about by age knowledge size and biological development fuck off with your post modern radlibbery

Not funny, didn't laugh.

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unironically yes. Only a stupid liberal would think that we have to understand and not simply imprison fastly young black males who committ disproportionate levels of violence, but not doing the same with white people. There is a social problem with young white males that has to be adressed with theory and understanding. Believing otherwise is literally reactionary.

Adults are literally physically more powerful than children. Adults are also literally physically more intelligent than children, because their literal physical brains are more developed. Even if you ignore all the ways adults are empowered over children in society and culture, you can't ignore biology.
And furthermore-
Oh. Thanks mods.

Don't respond to obvious ancap shitposters trying to derail a thread.

Zig Forums is going to get this fucking website shut down one day.

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we can only hope

And then we’ll just have to go to the dark web and use crypto. What will the government do? Be mad? Lmao

It's easier to attack communists when you strawman their beliefs.


20 people died cause of this dumb motherfucker


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2 children shot at least, one 2 year old.

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Screencap as much as you can those kind of tweets before his twitter is purged.

Because imageboards are run by shitty libertarians or apolitical/apathetic NEETs who don't care if fascists are enabled to organize more efficiently

he was a democrat tho


already archived

not his real account obviously

Gotta give us some proofs Zig Forums or maybe proofs are a jewish invention?


good job

The poor fuck that shares his name probably wants to die

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keep banning comrades idiot

never change Zig Forums

that's not his real name though. see his drivers id here.

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Well, to be fair… I wouldn't call what pic related did an attack

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It was fake after all.

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Oops I misread, I didn't see the "reported" part. All bets are still off.

Hey comrades:
Where can I get a pdf of the fake manifesto?

I want to read that shitpost, I don't care if it is fake, I want to laugh at the shitpostign tryhard that made it

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It's on the front page


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Congratulations America.

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Oh shit if BLN, some unknown news outlet, said it on their unverified twitter account, it must be true!

People are blaming Trump for this, but i believe that most of the radicalization comes from those shitty youtubers acting as some kind of pseudo-journalsits with their shitty fear-mongering of the white replacement and typical stuff. You know, like that canadian bitch, shock-man, the Autism Level-bald dude impersonating a fan-girl.

Seriously, people should point at those assholes and not orange man.


Yeah sorry I posted that too fast.

It's not like Trump doesn't stoke the flames with his constant immigrant fearmonger.

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Trump didn't have the fault of this, the people who supported Trump in the first place did. The propagandists on youtube and in shit media are the responsibles of all the massacres that the alt-right has commited, and blaming Trump for this is just seeing the trees and not the forest, or a political weapon at worst. Trump, himself, hasn't radicalized these people, but the people who had inflated Trump in the first place. Trump would be nothing if it weren't for the propagandists out there that, freely, out of their own conviction and helped with a little bit of cash from somewhere are the culpraits here.


And what exactly are you "liking" you fucking dumbass?

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I guess he's a poltard and he didn't like the fact your were mean to his youtuber idols.


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Sorry for making fun of your favorite e-celebs, faggot

One of the police chief on NBC seemed to confirm the manifesto was real.

The alleged manifesto.
And the twitter account of the alleged killer was closed.

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Proofs? Seriously, you're spooked by 3rd wave feminism and are desperate to make every terrorist secretly an incel.

Number fucking 5. Anyone else want to bet on the total this year? I'm thinking 11.

It's Trump, even all the alt-right YouTuber's put together don't compare to the fame of Trump. I know Marxists sperg out about any "great man" narrative, but sometime people do make things happen single handedly.

A Marxist would ask why people like Trump have support in the first place, instead of saying this is somehow Trump's fault.

Any archives?



was it autism?

replace can with grenade

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Not only trump, but other porky parties in europe that those con-tubers shill for.

Pretty simple, white's were never really proletariats, they were propertied early in capitalism and have consistently chosen the relative advantage of white supremacy over revolution with few exceptions.
Even now, white people are the only race with real estate which continues to climb in appreciate. This is a de facto bribe from porky to white proles to the tune of trillions.
This shooting will be swept under the rug by white people just like the Las Vegas shooting one last year was.

is he fucking wearing ear muffs


Guns are loud

Probably listening to le based remove kebab/eurobeat playist. Zig Forumsniggers are such a cliche

based mods

he's listening to lofi beats to study and relax to

That shit is unironically great.

Can we get a alt-right kill count going for say the last decade in terrorist events? this is now exploit pol/the general alt-rights plunders thread!!!


I'm dead sure that he was listening to Sabaton as the ignorant alt-burger that he is.
**Sabaton is based tho, only that it atracts Zig Forumsacks thinking that the band is"based and redpilled"*


My goodness, I don't know if it's because of the shooting but Zig Forums shitposters are out in droves. I'm at 15+ bans for tonight.


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Zig Forums usually gets upset when they find out its one of their own that does the mass shootings. Once thats the case, they want to try & correct the record.


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At any rate, if you find I'm too severe with my bans of poltards, let us now in the moderation thread.

Iirc you could hide these annoying recommendations by clicking Not interested > tell us why > I'm not interested in this channel