True political compass?

I see a lot of shitty interpretations of the political compass. What do you think the TRUE representation is?

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i think the people on this board will probably reject political compasses as being undialectical

I'm sure there must be some sort of visual representation that's more accurate than the rest?

This video should give you some good insight, anyone who disagrees is most likely a centrist so take it as Gospel from now on

A circle with various flavors of liberalism.
Outside the circle: Post-capitalist schools with various degrees of overlap.

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How about a vertical timeline of human development.

Down: Obsolete forms of state/production/societal control, monarchy, feudalism, Catholicism.
Present: Capitalism
Upwards: Post-capitalism

In this graph, the political spectrum is a 2D vector. Social liberalism and conservative liberalism point left and right respectively, but have no vertical component (some slightly down), since they aim to maintain capitalism with small variations.
Neomonarchists, and other hyper-reactionary anti-democratic faggots point down to a real or imaginary past.

There is none. Politics is the open question of how to run society - the set of all questions that fall under that and the sets of all answers to all of those questions. Trying to represent that as a spectrum (or a few of them) is unfathomably fucking stupid.

The only actual use for political compasses is overbroad memes.

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The political compass was made by libertarians, so that should tell you how salvageable the idea is. There is no "true" compass. It's all garbage.

Every political compass is a flawed abstraction at best. But obviously the 'traditional' political spectrum does a better job than those meme spectrums you posted like the tyranny/liberty one.

people's political views aren't randomly assembled from a pool of questions and answers. tendencies exist. political compasses fail for a variety of reasons, but at the base they are simply models, and rejecting models as models is unscientific.

The 8 values test is a much better idea because it allows for overlap in different ideologies

This. Short and simple. Only about Government policy and not about womens rights and stuff.

Yeah, there's one called politiscales that's pretty good and gives even more shit (second pic). It even makes a little flag for your own made up country c:

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Politiscales is a lot like 8values and has
more axes

Your test called me a fucking liberal

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Far Left(Commies/Anarkiddies): Free shit
Left(Tankies): Gulag
Center-Left(Revisionists): Gulag with a human face
Extreme Center(NazBol): Gulag for the Jewish race
Center-Right(SocDem): Capitalism with a human face
Right(NeoLib/Fash): Capitalism, but blame everything on the poor/blacks/jews/patriarchy/communists etc
Far Right(AnCap): Lord Bezos


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based and Xi pilled

Lose it every time

Every political compass I've seen has a spectrum for nationalist, conservative, and right wing positions. Why is that? Right wing ideology has very paltry theory behind it bordering on none. Shouldn't it just be left off of political compasses all together?

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