2nd Zig Forumss protacted peoples war

Don't be scared by "problematic language", as it's just chan lingo.
If you actually cry about this because of offensive words, you better join the enemy, as the only thing you will do is lose the momentum and hurt our cause.
As you may know, I'm the idiot who made "All of that shit, by me" on the El Paso Thread.
What are we seeing right now, with the rise of fascism in the web, and thus, real life, is crucial for the historical moment that we're living right now. For everywherein the world.
If we do not stop fascism from growing, we may be dead already, or not, I can't see the future, but I'm sure as hell that we will have less opportunities if we don't stop them at their tracks right now.
We need to unite, all of the leftist around the web, train them in the act of digital warfare.
We need to prepare ourselves, tho, as Zig Forumsacks will try to ruin this board (thank god we have 8ch.pl) and newfags will shit the board.
I'm making a new thread, called /new/, where we shall teach them not only how to marxism 101, but to use this board and not do this like putting your actual email on the email thingy (remember the ancap youtuber?).
In here, we will talk about tactics, about strategy, about what to do next.
we will:


Yes, to put an example, scientology was defeated thanks to 4chan support.
I'm a larper because i want to ensure a socialist future and the survival of mankind?
You need to go to >>>/gulag/

This is a plan that will go for the long way, we must not pust this right now on reddit, but cooperate between us to make it natural, we can't just force it, we will we just bafoons if we do so.

So yea, we hit them hard with the elimination of Murdoch Murdoch, we shall get deep into their territory, and defeat them completely.

At least, the planning of it.

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Please expand this copypasta as much as you can, be it Reddit, it doesn’t need to be leftist, you can post it on a Hispanic reddit or black only reddit and that should be fine, I will translate this into Spanish. be it Twitter, be it Facebook, be it whatever.

Now, I’m gonna excuse myself, and explain the reasons by this matters to me so much. First, I’m not really Hispanic per se, but I’m a Spaniard, my country is Spain, our language is the same (being the exception Chile) and I know that Latin-America, at least, shares a lot of my blood, shares a lot of my culture, shares a lot of our customs, and I know that the shit-eating Zig Forumsack that, this day, has attacked an El Paso walmart. This guy considered the Hispanic people as subhumans, as beasts at the command of the eternal scapegoat, DA JOOS. I feel attacked by this, I feel attacked because this horsefucker had the audacity of calling me a subhuman, of calling me scum, just because he feels intimidated of strangers and has eaten like a pig right-wing propaganda. Most of Latin America shares blood with the Iberian people, shared DNA, and probably a Mexican is closer to me than, to put an example, a German, or a Russian, or the Anglo fuck that just killed 40 people (in fact, this is more true, because I’m half Spaniard half Brazilian). In fact, I remember being at the /int/ board of hispachan and someone made a poll about if they would like to unite all nations under a pan-hispanic country, and the feedback was positive, even making memes about it.

I think that the DNA thingy is important, as is in their talking points, we share blood, and thus, us, iberic peoples, shall respond to them how they respond to us.


Now, I’m gonna confess something, I lurk at Zig Forums, and you might consider “wtf is wrong with you, you giant hypocrite” but this isn’t really the truth, the board that I follow is one of lefties, as anyone can make a board on Zig Forums, hell, I could make a board about taiwanese street food, and I’m pretty sure that isn’t linked to right-wing extremism. I myself, I’m a rabid supporter of Podemos, the Bernie Sanders of America. Who’s better for this job than a guy who is now burned out by Zig Forums shit.

This is some of the shit these fuckers post: imgur.com/a/LOvZlSo

It would be stupid to say that Zig Forums isn’t dominated by right-wing schizos, though, or how we call them, Zig Forumsacks. Zig Forums refers to Politics, and has been invaded by right wing schizos since the beginning, so much now that it’s name is directly linked with right-wing extremism.

Now let’s see how a person, a normal guy, becomes a right-wing fundamentalist, because remember, we’re white boards when we are born, only by circumstances are that this shit happens.

We could use how people become addicted to drugs, for example, to see how the radicalization of people is happening, as it’s pretty similar.

by liberating chans, are we talking about converting them into ML or gas-lighting Zig Forumsyps into laughing stock? Most people do hate unironic Zig Forums posters already but that being said I don't know how would one convince people even unironic Zig Forums posting is cringe


First, we need to address that most of these people are gamers, nerds, incels, and such, and has been alienated by society, or so they think. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF WHAT THEY THINK IS RIGHT OR NOT, IT’S HOW THEY FEEL WHAT MATTERS, DON’T BE A SMART ASS.

By this, I don’t mean that they’re outright nazis, that would be to fall into right-wing propaganda, this is what the alt-right WANTS.

This circles of people are the most affected by right-wing propaganda. First it starts with “SJW™ are destroying titties in videogames” showing something like Sony censoring titties in Senran Kagura, and then correlates it to SJW imposing their PC dictatorship, instead of admitting that, Sony, being the international company that it is, knows that showing titties in less developed parts of the world, like the middle east, were fundamentalism is rampant, will make them sell less than expected on those countries, or outright banned.

This stage would be when someone tries weed for the first time.

Now this guy, let’s call him Paul, subscribe to this channel, and the next video that he will watch will be something like “ 8 brutal and stinky blacks have raped a 12 year old” and then it comes the part of “and SJW™ say this is FINE”. By doing this video, what this guy has done, (and I will refer to him as a propagandist now, as this is what he is) is deshumanizing people, is saying that an entire demographic are rapers, are scum, and are out of their way to hurt people, even the more innocent ones. Meanwhile this, on itself, would be a way to boost feminism, as it indicates that rape to women exist and we must get rid of it, this gets canceled as the second part of the title is present, that feminism supports this as their blacks. SJW™, in their CrAzY way, support the rape of innocent girls (of your nation), because something something patriarchal white privilege. Also, need to add that that cabal of SJW™ are, I mean, IS, some guy on twitter, almost always.

This is getting into cocaine.

Liberating them, by this I mean returning them to the usual flow of thing, turning them into hobby boards, and not political ones, and if politics comes up, turn Zig Forumsyps into laughing stocks.


This will make Paul think that the guy is right about this, (and we’re talking about Paul here, not your personal experience), because he said the “truth” (What he feels). Paul will have blind trust about this guy, as old people will trust CNN, why wouldn’t he?

This is he getting into some shit, like heroine.

Then he could read the description of the video and see the sources, this being some shit news no one has heard about, or something like Breitbart or Stormfront, and thus, he will become even more radicalized than before, not just by reading the actual article, but by reading the comments too, BOTH in the youtube videos. This is because the pool of subscribers of the propagandist channel are both people who came here looking for game news and people who like to stimulate their ego with right-wing extremism, aka nazis. It’s all to common to see people in the comments having a 1488 in their user name, this is a nazi dogwhistle, being 14 the amount of words of their proclaims, ensure a future for white people yare yare yada, and 88 as the eight sound like H, translating into HH, or Heil Hitler.

Also, some of them also lurk (lurk means search) on 4chan. 4Chan isn’t a pool of nazis, it wasn’t made with nazis in mind, in fact, there was a history in 2008, I think, on how channers reunited to troll the fuck out of a nazi right-wing radio host. Thing is, 4Chan was invaded by nazis, who now lurk in the Zig Forums board.


People go to 4chan to encounter like minded people who are into Anime, who are into Videogames, who are into Music, to feel like they pertain in a community. And it feels good being in a Chan, everyone laughs at the same, discussions happen but this are more between friends than anything, it isn’t something serious.

Now, the same happens with the propagandist channel, the population of 4Chan collides between nazis and people just sharing their hobby, and enjoying it. Now, there’s a mix between these people, people who wanted to share their hobby and also are nazis, there are tons of paints of Zig Forumsacks, there’s a lot of music being made by Zig Forumsacks, and this spread to their hobbies, it’s like a virus.

This, also, does happen to non-geeks, it happens to affect to “normies” as well. The propagandist will publish their stuff all over twitter, if you see at, I don’t know, a #HannaMontanaComeback a twit declaring how black people are destroying civilization, that’s one way. But the more relevant is this.

1. Someone makes an article at the shit media, or in Breitbart or StormFront.
1.5. Someone makes a video
2. Someone will spread it, as they don’t know any better (or they do, and spread it cynically)
3. Gets into Whatsapp/Facebook groups.
4. It spreads through.
5. Go back at square one.


People try to blame Trump for this, that he provoked all of this, that his speak has flamed the fires that we see now, but this is a major lie.



Saying that Trump, somehow, provoked this, is in the best case only seeing the trees and not the forest, and in the worst case a cynical case of obfuscation. The alt-right wants YOU to scapegoat Trump.

The real people who provoked this are the shit-eating propagandists, and they have youtube channel, they have a blogpost/wordpress , an address and a name. The guys who provoked this are:

• Lauren Southern.

• Paul Joseph Watson.

• American Renaissance.

• Stefan Molyneux.

• PragerU.

• Mark Collett.

• Black Pigeon Speaks.

• Sargon of Akkad.

• Lauren Martins.

• Black Pilled.

• Red Ice TV.

• Squatting Slav TV.

• Black Pigeon Speaks.

• Thougty 2.

• A lot more channels I don’t know about, but are out there.

Now, let’s get into combating this threat.

First, we can’t use the police, the police is already checking out on Zig Forums, in fact, Zig Forums itself its a honeypot. But let’s see what happened, in the turn of events:

1. Someone makes a manifesto and posts it into 4/Zig Forums (While the police is watching).

2. The police does nothing.

3. Masacre happens.

4. Hence and Repeat.

This has happened first with the christchurch butcher, who killed 50 innocent people, and has happened again with the El Paso killer, who has killed 40. There are more deads in 2019 because of white supremacism than because of Islamic terror attacks in the first world, and this is a fact.

The police isn’t of any help, in fact, they might be liking this, as themselves are right-wing.


This only indicates one thing: WE HAVE NO ONE BUT OURSELVES. And because of this, we need to defend us.

First, we need to cut the cause of the problems, not the one of people being nazis, that will always happen, be it 100 idiots or 20.000 idiots. But the current radicalization to the right that is happening right now, is because of these propagandist.

The better way to fight them, is to cut their entire channels out of not only youtube, but the internet. The web is their breeding ground, one they can’t be on the internet, they can’t indoctrinate.

And some of you will question me on how to do it, and the thing is, actually, quite simple. The banning system on youtube is, to surprise of no one, fucking broken, it doesn’t matter if you’re right (that you are), but on how many reports you send. The right does understand this, and one time they banned Bat’ko, a known youtuber of our board, over shit claims, this led to fury in the community, and we actually banned a shit youtuber named Murdoch Murdoch, who made such animations such as he being a nazi and killing gypsies without breaking a sweat, this, I would call it the first Zig Forums people’s protacted e-war.

Then it may have seen like something innocent, communist fighting against nazis over some stupid channels. But the internet has a real effect in peoples lives, we have seen it right now, 40 people are dead because some normal guy got feed nazi propaganda, and was convinced. Zig Forums hasn’t ruined only the lives of the victim families, they’ve ruined the guys brain, he might of become a doctor, a lawyer, hell, even a firefighter, but he decided to become a terrorist because of Zig Forums, and because of propagandist.

We are talking about peoples lives.

Reminder, this are the people that provoked the killing of 50 innocents in Christchurch and of 40 innocents in El Paso:
• Lauren Southern.
◦ Youtube Channel:
◦ Patreon:
• Paul Joseph Watson.
◦ Youtube Channel:
◦ Patreon:
• American Renaissance.
◦ Youtube Channel:
◦ Patreon:
• Stefan Molyneux.
◦ Youtube Channel:
◦ Patreon:
• PragerU.
◦ Youtube Channel:
◦ Patreon:
• Mark Collett.
◦ Youtube Channel:
◦ Patreon:
• Black Pigeon Speaks.
◦ Youtube Channel:
◦ Patreon:
• Sargon of Akkad.
◦ Youtube Channel:
◦ Patreon:
• Lauren Martins.
◦ Youtube Channel:
◦ Patreon:
• Black Pilled.
◦ Youtube Channel:
◦ Patreon:
• Red Ice TV.
◦ Youtube Channel:
◦ Patreon:
• Squatting Slav TV.
◦ Youtube Channel:
◦ Patreon:
• Thougty 2.
◦ Youtube Channel:
◦ Patreon:
• A lot more channels I don’t know about, but are out there.


With e-news, it’s different, because the platform is theirs, thus, we need to SHIT IT UP to eleven. Install adblock, Ublock, what it’s necessary, and spam incessantly not just at their comments, but at their emails, spam them until the close them, be an incessant annoyance, raid their streams be it twitch or youtube itself, and there’s no actual need to actually debate, you just need to start spamming “1945 BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE” “BOMBER HARRIS DO IT AGAIN” “ARTHUR ‘BANKRUPTING FIRE INSURANCE SINCE 1945’ HARRIS” “GONNA GET YOU DOWN” and more slogans, as they do.

And another thing we must do, not show any weakness, don’t cry about this, this isn’t a sad moment (I mean, it is, 40 people died), but it’s a moment to put us into more.

With Zig Forums and 4chan, there’s no need to ban them, that would be actually harmful, they’re hobby forums that have been occupied by Nazis, this would be the same as saying that we should destroy France because it has nazis. NO, what we need to do is to force ourselves, and get them out of there immediately, in a full out invasion.

Banning 4chan and Zig Forums will, certainly, ruin the lifes of people who only had that place where they could say everything they want about their hobby. By this, the only thing you will make is alienate them to the Alt-Right.



What we must do is offer an alternative, in their place, we must liberate 4chan and Zig Forums, as the allied forces liberated France, Italy, and Eastern Europe, from the nazis.

We also need to win on the propaganda side of things. We must expropiate their memes, we need to make wojak and pepe apolitical, as they were in the beginning, and then, instead of being able to use them as mascots, they will look like LARPing idiots. We need to put up high quality videos, and train ourselves in the art of youtube propaganda, step up our game to the levels of PragerU.

I will be making a FBI server, a Reddit server, and a post on Zig Forums, that you will be able to visit through this link, if you wanna join the struggle.



Zig Forums: 8ch.net/leftypol/res/2959313.html#q2959331

[Signed: Zig Forums Anti-Fascist Block]

I honestly don't even know how. They target communists in general and its hard to even get a foot hold without losing my mind. I don't think this will work considering the initial occupation didn't work.

First we need to get all of the internet at our side (or at least, the leftist/liberal part of it), then we will liberate it.
Then we can talk.

I don't think it'll work. Sorry but I'm out.

nigga at least try.

I'm sorry but I still think this is the wrong approach. If we try to build solidarity on things as superficial as DNA we will end up doing IdPol. Marxist theory teaches us the primary antagonism: class antagonism, not racial or whatever. And it's a social antagonism, not a biological one.

Furthermore, not all of hispanics identify themselves as hispanics. Some of them think of themselves as white. This is specially common in latin america and more in english-speaking sites, because the latin americans who browse them tend to be wealthier and light-skinned. I'm from Argentina, I come from a middle-upper class family and when I was introduced to imageboards I soon deleted all my "argentinian-latin identity" and adopted a way of thinking that's proper of american teenagers.

I just think this identitarian issues are too complex to be solved by saying "it's whites vs hispanics vs blacks…". It's not us versus them. We are together in this.

Yet I appreciate the intention and I think that you have some pretty good and based objectives and ideas for the resto.

is that even feasible? modern chan is full of normalniggers trying to 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸fit in🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 desperately and threads gets derailed all the god damn time. Like, they have literally ==NOTHING== to contribute for technical discussion and inject antisemitism and nazi animu shit to fucking linux kernel dev mailing list drama discussion thread.

As I said, this isn't now, if when were stron enough to do it, when we have most of the internet in our side, we shall invade it, the combination of classical leftists, posmodern leftists, liberals, even centrists opposed to fascism, and we shall stay in it.

aha, a brigadist who believe we all must join to fight fascism. No thanks, go read history and theory, liberals and centrists always contribute one way or another to fascism. The only alternative is marxist. I don't want to have anything to do with reddit-tier leftism complaining about corporations and le orange man

If we make it so everyone gets into 4chan, we will make it more difficult for them to spread fascism.
If we basically delete their breeding ground, there will be no more Zig Forums.
At the same time, it will bring more people into Zig Forums, and we shall teach them on marxism 101, this will make a new breeding ground for ourselves.
By doing this, we shall stop tehir recluiting, and we will make them dry on members.

Ok, so I've made a new d.iscord server, feel free to join.

for fuck's sake, just put d.iscord.gg on fbi.gov.

I've made a pastebin were you can get the text and modify it as you wish.

Gonna go to sleep now.
It's 6 AM in here right now.

Please, develop shit while I'm out, sorry for this spastic posting method, but I'm not at my best right now.

Arab here, I understand the distress, personally did cry once I heard about Christchurch even though I'm generally desensitized to terrorist attacks.

Hope you sleep well, user.

have sex

I personally like the idea, alt-right culture on 4chan really has become a factor that has effect on the real life, those poeple there participating in "nigger hate threads" really exist outside of 4chan but the blatant racism doesn't stop being in their heads when they get off Zig Forums. It is very much real and the cause of this generation of depressed white men, who don't see a meaning in life. This depressing outlook is being projected on the fight against the clown world , on jews, minorities etc, that corrupted the good life they once had (childhood) but the truth is their life was better when in childhood because they didn't have to deal all that much with capitalism, most of them work minimum wage, are alienated from their job, get exploited and need to do it 40 hours a week. This is the reason why they go online and spread rapant racism and we need to fight it

Also don't really know if we need a FBI, can't we manage it in our threads?

well thought out solutions, but have you actually read this "propaganda"? Its not all "SJW's did this…" and actually is rather convincing. There will always be a fringe % that are potential terrorists, while most just see the logic of the rhetoric and statistics, but part of their arguement is that the right wing is censored as is, cencoring further will accelerate this, no? According to /pol, your marxism killed >70mil last century, are you just immune to enemy propaganda? if you had read some fascism, you would quickly agree. Or, perhaps there is vested interest in pushing communist lies? the ttruth always finds a way, these efforts will only bring the truth on faster. why not just enjoy your romantic che guevera fantasy while it lasts? why speed up the inevitible rise of fascism?

but surely by "shitting up their videos" that will increase their attention to the algorithm?

Sorry my dude but the alt-right is an FBI honeypot at least the ones that arent banned already. All the shit they have up on the internet is there because somebody powerful wants it there For example there are purely neo nazi podcasts on YouTube like Peoples Sqaure and now matter how many Antifa reports are submitted it's still there and still openly nazi

I personally became mostly immune to propaganda that anarchists have to ml's and pro-imperialist arguments shrugging it off like a shell hitting the top the turret of a tank.
Same ol' ,same ol'
stop trying to recreate anglo colonies you anarkiddies

nowhere left on earth to colonise. we need to quit trying to silence the other side and listen to each other. righty/pol makes sense: work is good, health is good, low taxes are good.

Hey, everyone, I'm back.

Lmao get a load of this faggot. We all know you're Zig Forums, don't try to fool us if you don't know how to even do it.

Yea, you're right, I've changed it into this:
Now, I’m gonna excuse myself, and explain the reasons by this matters to me so much. First, I’m not really Hispanic per se, but I’m a Spaniard, my country is Spain, our language is the same (being the exception Chile) and I know that Latin-America, at least, shares a lot of my blood, shares a lot of my culture, shares a lot of our customs, and I know that the shit-eating Zig Forumsack that, this day, has attacked an El Paso walmart. This guy considered the Hispanic people as subhumans, as beasts at the command of the eternal scapegoat, DA JOOS. I feel attacked by this, I feel attacked because this horsefucker had the audacity of calling me a subhuman, of calling me scum, just because he feels intimidated of strangers and has eaten like a pig right-wing propaganda. In fact, I remember being at the /int/ board of hispachan and someone made a poll about if they would like to unite all nations under a pan-hispanic country, and the feedback was positive, even making memes about it. And this fucker hates all of us because of DNA bullshit.
What do you think?

Here you have them:
The real people who provoked this are the shit-eating propagandists, and they have youtube channel, they have a blogpost/wordpress, an address and a name. The guys who provoked this are:
• Lauren Southern. imgur.com/a/Fd6pGBp
• Paul Joseph Watson. imgur.com/a/0hN4N5R
• American Renaissance. imgur.com/a/c4QhS8t
• Stefan Molyneux. imgur.com/a/kqMKeHj
• PragerU. imgur.com/a/9x9M3Gp
• Mark Collett. imgur.com/a/zKrpcts
• Black Pigeon Speaks. imgur.com/a/dvU0nik
• Black Pilled. imgur.com/a/T9FtmFz
• The Iconoclast. imgur.com/a/rcmiH8s
• Red Ice TV. imgur.com/a/gm9dApd
• Squatting Slav TV. imgur.com/a/a8PVhbT
• A lot more channels I don’t know about, but are out there.


Here you have them:
The real people who provoked this are the shit-eating propagandists, and they have youtube channel, they have a blogpost/wordpress, an address and a name. The guys who provoked this are:
• Lauren Southern. imgur.com/a/Fd6pGBp
• Paul Joseph Watson. imgur.com/a/0hN4N5R
• American Renaissance. imgur.com/a/c4QhS8t
• Stefan Molyneux. imgur.com/a/kqMKeHj
• PragerU. imgur.com/a/9x9M3Gp
• Mark Collett. imgur.com/a/zKrpcts
• Black Pigeon Speaks. imgur.com/a/dvU0nik
• Black Pilled. imgur.com/a/T9FtmFz
• The Iconoclast. imgur.com/a/rcmiH8s
• Red Ice TV. imgur.com/a/gm9dApd
• Squatting Slav TV. imgur.com/a/a8PVhbT
• A lot more channels I don’t know about, but are out there.

Nice work, comrade

I assumed that people, normies, would feel safer on a FBI, really.

Don't share this, by doing this what you're doing is demonstrating weakness.
The alt-right works like an animal, and if they fear weakness, they will use it to their favour. If doesn't matter if it's stupid, they will use it and people will eat it because the alt-right knows they don't really need to use arguments, just to seem stronger and to look like they have the facts. Once, I was discussing something in reddit about soviet rapes, bringed out Wikipedia and then the conversation was over. No "Wikipedia might be wrong", No "You can't just use Wikipedia, bring actual sources", nothing.
Instead, this act should encourage you, this should give you resolve to follow through, like that one soviet sniper that, once she saw a german kill innocents, killed 300 of them in return.

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should he really be on this list?

I deleted him, with Sargon of Akkad, in the updated version. They didn't need to be there.

You can see the list of people on pastebin:

BTW, I know this will be raided by Zig Forums, but, who is with me?

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Posted it on r/socialism.

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Post this everywhere you can, in all the realms of reddit that you may see fit:

I don't know what I expected, really.

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Antifascist tactics that are proven to work:
Antifascist tactics proposed by some liberal on Zig Forums who is afraid of leaving their mother's basement:

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Lad, even if your heart is in the right place, these right-wingers on these media sites won't be taken down because in reality, they are useful to the capitalist class both in the fact that they generate a lot of revenue as well in that they are excellent in dividing the workers and obfuscating the class issue. And hell, even if they did get taken down from social media, there are a million other opportunists willing to take their place. Instead, focus your energy on what said.

Fucking love this video

Agreed that we need to organise against fascism, but you don't do that by starting at the web with Zig Forums as a base. Of course the web is an important tool. But you need to connect to the real life struggle against the far right and to the real socialist movement. If you seriously want to do something of the kind, join a Marxist party or org (if you haven't already) and also help them improve their online/social media presence. Isolated meme wars and attacking 4chan won't help.

??????? What anti fascism has ever been proven to work besides invading the country and destroying their government?

Sorry but you need to go to newfag collage like /b/ to become user.
And since /b/ doesn't exist anymore, everyone will be an eternal newfag.


I'm trying to stop D&C between Nat So c and Communism. OP is neoliberal trying to D&C.

True. See above.

OP is using Maoist imagery to D&C and exploit Communists.

I found you OP

Antifascism isn't parading petit booj brown people, radlib.

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Are you fucking retarded? I already know the answer of course, but do you?

time to go to war with /b2/ heh ?

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Fuck off racist scum

Censorship doesn't work, retard. If it did, then there wouldn't be additional shootings after Tarrant. Have you ever heard of the Streissand effect?

I suggest you go and read a book

We're already doing all of that, what I'm proposing is to cut off concisely and definitely their breeding grounds, and in that way we would debilitate them. We are Zig Forums, most of us are ex-Zig Forumsacks, we now how they work.
I mean, I was more on the line of using to our advantage the broken flaging system that Youtube has to our advantage, we already did that with Murdoch Murdoch when the time came.
The web is just another battleground, one that affects the reality we live in, and modifies it, if it wouldn't have been for the internet, how do you think fascism would be spreading as effectively as it's doing now?
Thing is, they're winning in the battlefield of ideas, and I don't think doing nothing will save us.
We may see at the past and see it as just things that happened, in an order, but that was history, it happened, and it happened slowly, everyone were doing their lives meanwhile battles happened, the second world war endured for 6 entire years, that's a lot of time, and the soviet victory was done thanks to campaigns, campaign that succeded because of battles, battles were skirmishes between maybe 5 people against 5 people fought for a house alone, this for thousands of days.
What I mean by this is that, IMO, there's this hurry to see inmediate results, like history is like a sudden change, when in actuality history takes years for changes to occur.
Even then, I'm divagating with this.

Actually… I don't think so.
One thing I've noted meanwhile making the draft is that, at least two of those channels, RedIce TV and American Renaissance, both have side channels, RedIce TV is a backup one, and this propagandist spread throught all of the red, to put an example, Black Pigeon Speaks. BPS has:
>A side channel, which has been deleted: youtube.com/channel/UCDJsJYGzWlayJB_nLhdhmXg
It would seem that, on the contrary, alt-right wing channels have a tendency of being deleted, even if their big, if not, I'm pretty sure this behaviour wouldn't exist.
Also, most of them don't have a patreon, only some have, they prefer using other ways of getting money, be it Paypal or by direct donation through Bitcoin.

oh shit
Even then, it was an example on how a Chan can affect the real world

Even if this was not the true motive why them titties were banned, it's obvious that the propagandist didn't denounce it out of his good will.

Know your place.

I mean, if people were to know our reasons behind that censorship campaign, they would get to now us, don't you think? People already know Zig Forums, but not us.
May explain youself? not about the Streissand effect, but about that, are you sure?
Even then, the objective of this is not to stop shootings, is to stop the growth of the far right.

Even then, we do not have the effectives to do such a gigantic campaign, thus we should let it rest, and turn this thread into a cybertactics thread.

This isn't a call to never do this ever, tho. This is a call to reflexionate about our actions, and how we can spread further into the internet to then enact this campaign and expell the forces of fascism from the internet.

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Being this delusional, fuck off

That gives me an idea. What if every day we put up a hitlist of sorts on more obscure, but far more 4/8/pol/ adjacent youtubers? I can only imagine they have some favorites that are not too big and could be easily dissected for legit bannable offenses.
And in a similar way we could put up daily hit lists on specific videos of any of their content creators, be they big or small, with predefined timestamps of what to report.
Main advantage of this would be that it would be less reliant on a few dedicated flagers, as all of this would be easy to do for any user scrolling past the thread, as all the links and instructions would be provided.

Yeah, we could do that, but we could fall into the streissand effect.
In fact, this would be beneficial.
The guy who posted this doesn't know on how, thanks to our massive flags, we were even more known than before.
What will happen is not that PragerU will be known by more people, but more people will know of Zig Forums, and that is what matters.
Who do you think got more attention, Murdoch Murdoch or Zig Forums. We were publicized thanks to a channel denouncing ours, BPS, a channel with hundreds of thousands of views, against the, I don't know, 100 people who came to know about BPS thanks to us?

We should try to attack the big fish, as they will publicized us and making a drama about us, Zig Forums, a board that no one knows that it exists. But even then, it would be a great idea to attack Zig Forums youtuber.
We ban some Zig Forumsyoutuber for something > Zig Forums spergs out > As the idiots they are, they will attack 8ch.pl (I heard that it stopped existing, please I don't want this to be true) > Zig Forums unknowingly, has made us more popular.
Yea, looks like a good way to attack, this is what we were doing meanwhile the 1rst Zig Forumss protacted peoples war, and it worked, we got our revenge at the end.

I have another idea, on a tactic that could fuck them badly.
First, we start to watch daily what's going on in Channel A, when they post something, we download it, make fake accounts like, I don't know, 5 or 6 of them, called something like, "Fan of Channel A", or "Epic front",shit like that. Then, we start putting the same video again in all of those accounts.
When people try to find this videos, they will find the Channel A one first, but they might click in ours instead, thus making them have less views, and that leads to worse income, as not that many people are watching your videos, as the pool has been separated.


Nah, the OP is right. you faggots have been spreading misinformation for years and frying incels' brains

How, any attempt of forcibly depolitizing any board at this point will be by nature, a political one. If we attempt this, my fellow marxists, then the ire of the board proletariat will turn towards us and against our righteous cause instead of the Zig Forumsacks one.

aren't we trying to rid 4chan of the racist hegemony and turn it into a neutral space for politics? I suppose most people who frequent 4chan despise dis.cord and wouldn't want to use one

Help me find some Zig Forums youtube channels
I could do what I said in right now, lets get some fucker banned today

i love you ebola chan

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epic false flag

What about Black Pigeon speaks, we targeted him before, didn't we, seems pretty Zig Forums aligned and Zig Forumsyps frequent him, pic related are some I found just now browsing his channel

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just a reminder, you are very lucky if you can read this.

Attached: ezra pounds - jews and democracy.jpg (512x401 67.55 KB, 73.33K)

I am more asking for some small channels that are way less overt about their racism and fascism that we could easily smother in their cribs

I think you missed the point.
My initial theory was that there's kinda of an imbalance in chans, were almost everyone there is either apolitical and burned out by Zig Forums, or a nazi. Because of this, if you were someone who got into the Chans recently, and a political thread came up, the only thing that you would see would be an echochamber of "da joos did this", every time, and one time you could say "nah that's stupid" but then, the more time you are in that Chan, because you like the atmosphere there, of people bashing their heads against eachother but because it's the internet everything is dandy, your brain will start to rot, and you will adapt the ideas of those nazis. Firstly it will be ironic, saying something like "If anime is gay is because of da joooooos", but then, more and more, you will be like those nazis. Fascism is like a virus.
By putting more people in it, which debirately has leftist and or, at least, socdem ideals, the "da joos" argument will be attacked. Right now, 4chan and Zig Forums are platforms of recluitment for the alt-right, because there's no actual presence of the left in there.
If we do this correctly, and balance the ideologies, what we will see is:

By this, what we can get is.
But the best result would, undoubtedly, be.
This, in itself, would negate, entirely, the most prolific breeding ground of fascist, 4chan.

Even then, I poorly word it, so yea, sorry.

We're talking about redditors and maybe even left twitter, not 4channers, of course they would be scared of chans, they've been taught that chan=Deep web Adolf Hitler, that's why I putted the "Don't care about 'problematic' language" but we need to teach them to not fear them, but to adapt to them.

Actually, right now is not the moment to act, right now is the moment to planify our strategy, to develop tactics and to develop theory on cyberwarfare.
No need to act right now, we need to act when we have momentum.

Try as you may.
We own the Alt-Right as we coined it; why don’t y’all just join our Alt-Left?
Its obvious you could benefit from followers’ donations and support, especially now.

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Oh I thought we wanted to liberate 4chan? isn'T that what you said, I would be interested in that because 4chan is an infested cesspool of racism and chauvinism that annoys me, why care about reddit and twitter, people have their echo chambers there so who cares if racists have their bubbles, it isn't really that much impactful

Fundamentally white nationalists want a nation dedicated to their race. Everyone else can do as they please in their own nations. They don't want mixing, they don't want forced integration with foreigners, good people or not. This cannot be stopped, because this FUNDAMENTAL ideological anchor will continue to fester in the coming years. When whites become 50% of the population in America and Europe, 40%, 30% … what… do you think is going to happen? It's going to end in bloodshed of course.

If white advocates win, they will have to undo years of everything leftists and nwo types have done to them. The longer this takes to happen, the harder it will be to do will low fatalities. They're ideology is one that has time on their side and against them at the same time, it's very interesting. Now, if you guys win, then… what? You're going to silence white advocates, attack them, arrest them, execute them? As of now we're in a stalemate demographically, but if you guys gain more power and Republicans can't get elected anymore, do you think the masses will support your message, your tactics? And if you succeed then history will prove them right. They claimed the zionists and lefties in the end just wanted to get rid of whites, to genocide them. 100 years from now when immigration is still ongoing and whites are less than 30% of the population in "their" nations, a hated, target minority due to propaganda, then it will be apparent they were right.
I'm a fence sitter, but to me you guys seem to be fighting a losing battle, damned if you lose and if you win, as history will show your true endgame and everything whites said about you will become true.

How many people are right now in Zig Forums and that actually give a shit about this movement.
Pretty much I and like, 6 other people?
My plan was to use the shooting as a casus belli , and then recruit Redditors and leftist twitter as soldiers in this fight, firstly against right-wing youtube channels and then against 4chan, occupying it and eliminating the threat as a whole because of what I told in here

If you read what I posted, that copypasta, I paint myself as a liberal, as a socdem, because of this, it wasn't made for Zig Forums, it was made for r/socialism, it was for r/communism, it was for r/chapotraphouse, it was for the hispanic reddits and the Black reddits and such, if that draft was made for Zig Forums, I would of been more direct.

Even then, you might say that it's too long for a redditor to read, and you're right, we should get that draft and transform it into a video, easy to digest.

well we can recruit people from 4chan and introduce them to leftism right? Like many normies are hostile torwards chans and vise versa, wouldn't it made more logic recruiting Channers first?

Oh the irony. Reminder this is the future you chose

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True but how do we prevent that from happening my comrade, should we not infiltrate these boards and every time these dastardly nazis open their mouths, should we not be there to counter their speech with our own flawless logic and reason, why has this not been tried before, surely it is not because it cannot be done? Any bad idea should fall by itself, because of course it would be foolish to believe bad ideas, for they are damaging to their holder one way or another. It should be trivially easy for megaminds such as ourselves to navigate over any false argument they might throw at any hapless bystander and to show to all the world just how right we are. Even this campaign and the methodology of our righteous action, is it not flawed to keep our heads down, should we not operate openly and show the world the horror of these nazi scum everywhere?

this is so fucking autistic, OP. how is their comments gonna do anything?

I know Vaush has a lot shit takes when it comes to intersectionalism and ML's, but I remember very well that in one of his streams he actively agitated his viewership to do go on flagging campaigns and shit. Any possibility that he could somehow be brought in to all of this?

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spamming their comments**

Imagine actually being "le epib haxor" in current year

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It will increase the hits they get by youtube algorithms, perhaps OP is covertly on their side. Surely the most cunning thing to do would then be to not participate in any discussion on any platform, doing so would simply promote their channels and discourse.
Damn you're right, we're fucked both ways. If we just mass flag everything hard enough to deplatform them totally, truly only then we can win. So how will it be my fellow revolutionaries?

Well, you can try, but you will be accused as a retard. The fascist will group onto you, and group mentality will make the average channer go with the fascist, as they're more numerous in that ocasion.
Even then, we could try, at the same time that we can convince the "special" left into getting into Chans and getting into classical marxism. We can do both, but I think that getting them recluits from the more normie side of the internet would be easier, both because they would be closer to the left and they would be outraged because of the shootings.

Thing is, that people read the comments of youtube videos, and in those youtube videos of propagandists, it's all too common to see "Kamarade Hans 1488" saying "Well you see, somehow, the fault of Sony censoring titties is because of za joos". A lot of people see the comments, and they will be convinced of the explanation of Kamarade Hans 1488 is correct, maybe not all of them, maybe only 10 people out of 10.000, but the best number for people converted into fascism will always be =

Yeah! Let's turn America into Britain!

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Actually no, I word it badly, what I want is to balance the chan, pretty much defeating the culture that has been imposed by years of nazi indoctrination and evolving from that.

Like ye old times.

lol, you retards STILL don't see why these tactics don't work. post as much bullshit as you want on alt-lite youtube channels. post as many niggerdick threads on Zig Forums as you want. it's not going to actually stop the spread of right-wing beliefs online.

Go back to >>>Zig Forums

If you don't think these tactics are going to work, then contribute with tactics that you believe are useful.

If you aren't willing to do that, you're prolly just a Zig Forumsack trying to spam the thread.

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nice marx stoshi


Hello, Zig Forums

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read lenin

Crass is shit.

Lmfao, yeah as if I am going to fall for pols false flags. GG Polacks.

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Don't care about America btw, just stay away from our ethnic home with your deeply triggering and problematic propaganda.

Reminder that pol is freaking out over this, lol.

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They are not kidding comrades, those people really want to kill antifascists and communists, when fascism arises communists are the firsts to go, prepare yourselves

And when communism rises, righties are the first ones to go, what's your point exactly? Eye for an eye.

There's no discussion with these people.
There is only one option when diplomacy is no longer on the table.

He mumbles as he thinks once again about shooting up his local church