What is your ethical system and where does it come from?

How would you define Marxist ethics?
What do you think of Chomsky and biological virtue?
Kant vs. Hume?

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don't hurt people unless absolutely necessary, create general well being for people
that's it
everything else (democracy, authoritarianism, dictatorship, socialism, capitalism, everything) is just a means to an end

I believe the opposite of Zig Forums because Hitler was controlled by cartoon pigs and markets.

My only |"ethics" are whatever help the proletariat and achieve revolution, like Lenin said.


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Anything that helps further the goal of liberation of the proletariat is good ethics.

Communism no matter the cost.

I subscribe to a combination of Nietzsche + Mill. I determine my own values and those values are freedom, which is to be achieved via utilitarianism.

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Negative Utilitarianism - lessen pain rather than maximise pleasure.

What's your response to this:

I haven't read much ethics, but considering my upbringing, probs Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine, and other christian ethic philosophers.

"""Ethics""" is bourgeois idealism. Just look at your shitty chart. The categories are totally arbitrary and unscientific. Even the distinction between "ethics" and "morals" is unscientific.

t. Social Democrat


How is this an argument against it?

Do not compromise with regard to your desire. Insist in suffering beyond life and death.

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lol retard, "unless absolutely necesary" can give you a good amount of leeway depending on how you interpret it, even including an armed revolution

Pretty much any of those responses offered in the article are good imo.

i sincerely hope you watch an introduction to ethics class and proceed to delete the OP image from your hard drive and then apologize to me personally in this thread

fuck ethics

Politics implies ethics. Just dismissing it as “bourgeois idealism” is just refusing to wreckon with a problem that exists regardless of your dismissal of it. It’s also ahistorical as fuck considering that systems of ethics are hardly unique to bourgeois society, so I fail to see how it’s bourgeois idealism. In fact ethics are part of the superstructure, so it goes without saying that a socialist mode of production would necessarily be supported by a system of socialist ethics.