In case of Zig Forums getting baned

Okay guys, because Zig Forums decided to kill a bunch of people, the MSM is talking about banning Zig Forums, while it probably won’t happen, the possibility is still significant enough to warrant this thread. So in the event Zig Forums is banned, where do we go. Is their a bunker?

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Just shut down Zig Forums No need to shut down the whole website

Yes bunkerchan has been the official backup for several years now.


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GO to any board besides Zig Forums and 9/10 chance it’s infested with Zig Forums links to bunkerchan now too. fuck
now space's site is the only backup left and he's a dumb fuck

Just let it die TBH

Yeah, get it banned. It's for the better.

Wasn't there some new site that someone from here made that required registration but was way more secure from Zig Forumsfags and surveillance?

I sincerely hope the chans get shut down. It'd be a net gain for the entire internet. Imagine all the incels and NEETs who'll no longer have a place on the internet. They'd have to go outside or else at least temporarily go on websites that aren't misanthropic. Let it burn.

You clearly haven't been through the process of an imageboard going down. It takes mere hours for a copy to start and for the people to congregate again. Multiple means of communication make it very easy. Zig Forums or 4chan goes down and no one will care, multiple websites will sprout with many more already available to house the refugees.

No I get where you're coming from. I've been browsing the chans for about a decade now, and well remember the rise of alternates like 420, 7, Lain, etc. But in the last couple years 4/8ch have become more centralized than ever. There'd be splinters, but it'd take a good deal of time for and true alternative to prop up. The normie-ization of the chans would at least be seriously curtailed, and that's important as far as radicalization goes. I mean, most other chans have been dead for a couple years now. I think most users would simply give up and move to Twitter and FBI chats.

Dark web

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from hotwheels himself

why can't we just get rid of Zig Forums?

Zig Forums is the most popular board on this site, it probably couldn't be banned without them forming a hundred alt boards or populating other popular boards to an even greater extent than they are now

"In a March interview with The Wall Street Journal, he expressed his regrets over his role in the site’s creation, and warned that the violent culture that had taken root on Zig Forums’s boards could lead to more mass shootings."

if hotwheels doesn't like where fullchan has gone why did he leave it?>>2960212

Actually, there was a forum called Supremerealism or something like that, and it looked cooled.
What do you think about it?

Well, forum, it was more like a Chan, but not quite.


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Then he should shut the fuck up about what fullcahn has become. Shut down Zig Forums let them gb2 stormfront. Or even fuck all political boards, shut them all down.

And yes, I know was a meme

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just let it die

There is no centralization, there are in fact more imageboards than ever, listings point to this as well. The ease of accessibility, rebellious nature and freely available imageboard software makes splintering easy for the overall Anonymous culture like no other. The growth of that culture can be directly linked to the growth of the internet, but it's incorrect to refer to this as centralization because existing imageboard communities aren't absorbed in the process or don't migrate back.
The only real problem existing non mainstream imageboards could face is sudden increase in traffic and spam handling. Most of them don't use any form or captcha and skip on using commercial grade ddos protection.
A more recent imageboard breakup was that of krautchan and in a matter of week there were at least 7 different websites fighting to get everyone back.

Because making a new website is so hard.

No that’s Youtube and Facebook, the site where the Christchurch Mosque shooting was live streamed. When Social Media creates far-right nutjobs no one cares. But when a chan does it, sudenly everyone loses their minds.


just go outside lol

They won't do shit to Zig Forums, it's blatantly constitutionally protected speech. Talk is cheap and the NYT doesn't make the laws.

Anyway, bunkerchan.

You can't make me.

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Fuck off.

His misery has no bounds, honestly.

Remember when the OG BO recommended we migrate to Bunkerchan in the aftermath of the April 1st hack years ago, and half the board sperged out at BO for that suggestion? The animosity from that debate no doubt encouraged inspired many Zig Forums splitters who might not have split otherwise.

This isn't to complain about us not leaving for Bunkerchan back then. We would have been stronger leaving then because Zig Forums was stronger than it is today, but from a strict ISP count we have recovered a lot from a very low point and that shouldn't be taken for granted. If Zig Forums is taken down we won't have a choice other than migration, obviously, but if the discussion of migration starts picking up a lot of traction, I hope that comrades on both sides of the debate keep in mind a sort of democratic centralism that whether we're on 8ch or bunkerchan, we are a stronger political force if we stick together.

The admin of Bunkerchan just said that he was upgrading the site to prepare for an eventual Zig Forums shutdown and subsequent migration.

Can confirm. He also said he'd remove the music from the home page.

post of the year all year every year

Can we have a pastebin for those of us who see the paywall?

Any plans to add a catalog?

Yeah and I also said that one reason was that the site is teeming with Feds. Which 8ch irrefutably is now.

do you even second exodus

Am I seeing right? Did someone actually bann BO 2.0 ? fuck this night going to bed now


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Based hotwheels agreed to help us migrate if Zig Forums shuts down.

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Why bring people outside of Zig Forums there?


With leftypol gone we would have to resort to other mediums to get the word out about bunkerchan

Do you guys think the website will be forced to shut down or will the current owners just say 'look, this thing is creating more bad than good' and shut it down themselves?

I mean, I like Zig Forums's format and a couple of boards are pretty fun, but fucking hell if it's breeding the worst kinds of Zig Forums users who actually go out and kill people maybe it needs to go. Obviously some of Zig Forums will migrate to other places but what's the alternative? Do nothing? And even if they do go to different places they'll leave behind significant chunks of their userbase that would have otherwise bred multiple mass shooters.

I hope they bring this site down. There's no reason to keep it. I will miss /marx/ though.

Hotwheels said pretty much the same thing, said he would have shut Zig Forums down for a month after any of these things happened.

My bet is the feds will shut it down, but who knows, maybe theyll get a conscious.

Former back up d*scord : t4mT2fn

how come Zig Forums commits so many mass shootings?

I'm going in. Await me CIA!

Isn't the admin of bunkerchan friend of weev?


link to bunkerchan, please?

are you saying this place should be shut down?

I'd prefer it if they deleted Zig Forums so we wouldn't have to move

I'm assuming that would include Zig Forums adjacent boards too? Like a blanket ban on neo-nazi shit?

We should migrate before the Alt-right trolls use this as an excuse to shut down the revolution.

What a cuck hotwheels became.

Not necessarily, just those boards that start causing terrorism and that sort of culture

turning on flags, blocking vpns after a tragedy is a better option. with all the larping as opposites going on, it would quiet down considerably…

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KYS tranny jannie

If Zig Forums or even Zig Forums get’s shut down expect a wave of shootings. Many Zig Forumsacks have no communication with people outside of their mom, and /pol. So shutting it down will cause a ,t of rage for them, and as such some of them will go out with a bang. Obviously allowing Zig Forums to continue operating is bad, but you can’t remove it without a wave of more shootings occurring. This is a lose-lose scenario. There are no winners.

I would rather take a couple of quick and barely planned losses over years of well thought out and never ending losses.

If you're really against mass shootings maybe we should deport brown people and close the borders.

This is your brain on Zig Forums

You would have hundreds of attacks in two or three weeks. Due to lack of preparation, a lot of the Zig Forumsacks would go shooting people, but due a truck tactic where them ram trucks at people in open gatherings and parades. Hundreds of people would die very, very quickly. And the Zig Forumsacks who didn’t go out with a bang would form bunkers where other people radicalized and inspired by this wave of attacks congregate and plan out further attacks.



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Cry harder, Zig Forumsniggers. Your time is up

You guys can leave anytime.

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The hero we didn't deserve, but we needed

Nah, social media posts limited to 240 charecters evidence for a shooting kid

You would have maybe 2 at the most. As opposed to the like 6 a year you would get keeping Zig Forums up.

More like

Fucking cope

over 100 actuallt nearly 300, here is Date, Location, Kill count.

8/3/2019 2019 El Paso shooting El Paso, Texas, U.S 20
7/28/2019 Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting Gilroy, California, U.S 4
6/3/2019 German district president found dead with gunshot wound Germany 1
3/15/2019 Christchurch mosque shootings Christchurch, New Zealand 51
4/27/2019 Poway synagogue shooting Poway, California, US 1
10/27/2018 Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 11
10/24/2018 White supremacist kills two black people after failing to enter a black church. Jeffersontown, Kentucky 2
10/2/2018 Tallahassee shooting Tallahassee, Florida, US 3
2/14/2018 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting (Parkland) Parkland, Florida, U.S 17
1/10/2018 Murder of Blaze Bernstein Orange County, California 1
12/24/2017 Virginia teen charged with killing girlfriend's parents Virginia, US 2
12/7/2017 Aztec High School shooting Aztec, New Mexico 3
8/12/2017 Car-ramming attack into counter-protestors at the white nationalist Unite the Right rally Charlottesville, Virginia 1
7/13/2017 University of Maryland stabbing College Park, Maryland 1
5/26/2017 Portland train attack Portland, Oregon 2
3/20/2017 Stabbing of Timothy Caughman New York City 1
2/22/2017 Witnesses said Adam Purinton yelled, "Get out of my country," before fatally shooting Srinivas Kuchibhotla Olathe, Kansas 1
1/29/2017 Quebec City Mosque Shooting Quebec City, Quebec, Canada 6
6/16/2016 Murder of Jo Cox Market Street, Birstall, West Yorkshire, England 1
11/27/2015 Planned Parenthood shooting Colorado Springs, Colorado 3
7/23/2015 Shooting at a showing of the film Trainwreck Lafayette, Louisiana 2
6/17/2015 Shooting attack on worshippers at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Charleston, South Carolina 9
9/12/2014 Attack on Pennsylvania State Police barracks Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania 1
6/8/2014 Ambush attack on Las Vegas police officers Las Vegas, Nevada 3
5/23/2014 2014 Isla Vista killings Isla Vista, California, US 7
4/13/2014 Overland Park Jewish Community Center shooting Overland Park, Kansas 3
11/1/2013 Los Angeles International Airport shooting attack on TSA officer Los Angeles, California 1
7/21/2013 Double murder committed by Jeremy Lee Moody and Christine Moody Jonesville, South Carolina 2
1/29/2013 Anti-government “survivalist” boarded a school bus with a gun and demanded a student be given to him; he then shot and killed the bus driver Midland, Alabama 1
8/16/2012 Ambush attack against St. John the Baptist Parish police St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana 2
8/5/2012 Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting Oak Creek, Wisconsin 6
12/6/2011 FEAR group attacks Georgia 3
7/22/2011 2011 Norway Attacks by Anders Brevik Oslo, Norway 77
10/7/2011 David Pedersen and Holly Grigsby killed a teenager they thought was Jewish Corvalis, Oregon 1
10/4/2011 Two white supremacists, David Pedersen, and Holly Grigsby, murdered a 53-year old African American man Eureka, California 1
6/26/2011 Murder of James Craig Anderson Jackson, Mississippi 1
7/21/2010 Murder of Todd Getgen Carlisle, Pennsylvania 1
5/21/2010 Two Sovereign Citizen members killed two police officers West Memphis, Arkansas 2
4/20/2010 Shooting at bookstore cafe perpetrated by Ross William Muehlberger Wichita Falls, Texas 1
3/29/2010 Neo-Nazi killed an African American man South Huntington, Pennsylvania 1
2/18/2010 Suicide attack by airplane Austin, Texas 1
10/3/2009 Two white supremacist skinheads shoot at an interracial couple and killed female Phoenix, Arizona 1
8/28/2009 Murder of sex offender by white supremacists North Palm Springs, California 1
6/30/2009 Murder committed by Charles Francis Gaskins Carmichael, California 1
6/10/2009 United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting Washington, D.C. 1
5/31/2009 Assassination of George Tiller Wichita, Kansas 1
5/30/2009 White supremacists murdered 2 immigrants in home invasion Arivaca, Arizona 2
5/6/2009 Neo-Nazi murdered Wesleyan University Jewish student Middleton, Connecticut 1
4/4/2009 Shooting of Pittsburgh police officers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 3
1/21/2009 Murders of Raul and Brisenia Flores Arivaca, Arizona 2
12/12/2008 Woodburn bank bombing Woodburn, Oregon 2
11/8/2008 White supremacist teens murdered an Ecuadorian immigrant Patchogue, New York 1
8/1/2008 White man obsessed with Nazism murdered an African American man and a Hispanic man Bristol, Pennsylvania 2
7/27/2008 Knoxville Unitarian Universalist church shooting Knoxville, Tennessee 2
7/12/2008 White supremacist teens beat a Hispanic man to death Shenandoah, Pennsylvania 1
2/12/2008 Middle school skinhead student shot and killed gay peer Oxnard, California 1
9/9/2000 to 4/25/2007 National Soycialist Underground murders Germany 10

He never said he was antifa. Antifa can't shoot.

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Leftists are terrible at killing. Remember that berniebro boomer who shot up a baseball game two years ago?

Didnt say that though, did i. I support ANTIFA, and their violence, more fash should be afraid to congregate. What im saying is social media posts are not evidence for anything other than how good of a poster you are

kek. cope

Nope i dont, hope he got shot.

Antifa can't shoot.

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aren't lolbertarians just anarchists without the rampant homosexuality?

No, it's just corporate homosexuality when ancaps do it.

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They are more geyyy than anarchist. And that is saying something.

name an ideology that isn't for for faggots.

You literally couldn't if you tried. Even fascists are repressed homos. That doesn't mean every extremist is a homo, just that homosexuality is the same regardless of ideology.

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Criminals and pirates.

Albanian cuck channel

come to and chill with the rest of the goons

It's a FALSE FLAG! He wasn't REALLY one of US! We aren't VIOLENT!