Are all of you guys this deranged?
Please don't tell me all of you guys are as delusional as these freaks.

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yeah erm nah fam get your bougie appeasement ideology out of here

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I feel so bad for American socialists.

We are so fucked if we leave it all to this mob


This is so stupid. So glad i didnt join the dem soc

how dumb do you have to be to not realize that these are obviously trolls
do you people earnestly reply to some retard saying he identifies as an attack helicopter too

Can someone explain point of privilege and the starting out with the he she it?
Ngl it's really annoying.

every. single. time.

But seriously read niggas

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i don't get the anger. isn't socialism supposed to work for literally everyone, and accommodate literally everyone, and not reduce people to how useful they are under a capitalist system?

I'm an actual nazi and it's becoming more and more clear to me almost none of you are actual socialists, you're just clout chasing liberals, the sons and daughters of wealthy white suburbanites, with a coat of red paint


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DSA is basically fucked, but there is unfortunately some truth in the claim that bunches of fringe weirdos are attracted to leftist politics for whatever goddamn reason and treat the whole thing like it's their personal social club. They do need to be shunted off back to the margins or just fucking kicked out, but most of the modern "left" movement is too weak, flabby and liberal to do it.

Also, as said, many of them are likely bad actors concern trolling as hard as they can.

in case you've not noticed we live in a capitalist world.

Fuck is this a psyop to make leftists look like complete cucks? Or is has shlomo really pulled a number on these fags


That certainly was cringe, but I expected something more. It was lame is what i'm saying.

I'm not even full white but I'm definitely fascist. Do you fucking SEE the left. The weakest group of individuals you can imagine. Jesus Christ man wake up and smell the roses. Fascists are coming out of the brush on mass and they KNOW WHAT THEY WANT. Look at this fucking nonsense the left has come to. We have to destroy global capital not re-structure it through "policy change" and whatever else blah blah bullshit yall pull out of your asses. The problem is capital in itself so crying about "free shit" doesn't make a lick of damned sense.

These people want me dead because of my skin color and can still come up with a more valid argument than communists. God DAMN.

It literally doesn't matter if they are trolls. Notice the leaders still kowtow to the rhetoric.

The Left is dead.

It's just controlled opposition at this point to be totally honest.

far from it user

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DSA aren't communists.

I literally hate capitalism as much as the next guy on this post but I'd really like to hear a valid point of view from this side. Aside from the nazis being open about killing me they make really really good points. I just think that communism at the end of the day still means we are all locked into global capital slavery.

You mean this?

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I mean sure, from a citizens perspective it may sound as if communism would break us away from capital slavery. But a majority of communists when they take power just collectivize resources, make a government mandate to sell products cheaper to the government, then the government sells the cheap stolen goods to capitalist societies to bolster the military. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks for the link. I actually have this website saved on my desktop as I am dipping my feet into these ideas. Yeah, it took me a while to understand due to loads of sifting through bullshit that capitalism is the actual worst. I used to cry about "communism killed millions". But capitalism is BASED ON MURDER. You must clear out to expand, destroy the environment etc, until WHAT, until there's nothing left and every area in the world is a giant factory.

The only way to do away with capitalism is to abolish private property and generalized commodity production.

In addition, most communist nations were effectively running war economies due to the unrelenting holy war capitalist powers were waging against them. If you're that worried about "global capital", then you should know that global capital has always regarded communists as their greatest and most existential enemies.

Makes sense man. The only kicker is that money leads to power, and a communist state is not relying on production to produce more capital which would lead to a better military. So I'm thinking the more communist a society gets the weaker it would be and the more prone to foreign invasion. I was fooled by the idea of capitalism for so long so who's not to say I'm wrong about communists as well.

You guys are way more in depth but I'm thinking this, ok. The more rich a person is the more opportunity they have to get rich. This would lead to an exponential growth of there own power and eventually monopolies of industry as I can now see clearly as day. Plus companies like Monsanto and Nestle are unapologetically evil. What is the communist perspective on bankers and banking because I'm starting to believe that to be one of the main factors of evil in this world.

I've read Gulag Archipelago and the history of so many communist regimes and it scares me shitless. But it might be more propaganda because if you own capital I'm certain your damn good at turning public opinion to your own interests.

I just have this sneaking suspicion that Marx was in cahoots with the big banks since the big banks and Marx are both jewish. Seems partly like a plan to destroy Christian nations so zion can take over in the end. But that's when I'm called retarded for bringing up "DA JOOS". But it is what it is.

I don't think you can read Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism and come away thinking that communists like bankers or banking. But there is no particular "evil" part of capitalism, its a whole process of and the financial sector is an intrinsic part of it as a living system. It's dialectics.

Literally made up bullshit. Solzhenitsyn's own ex-wife said that the stories in his book were "camp fire tales" and she had actually helped him write some of them.

If you were familiar with Marx's works at all, you wouldn't come away with the opinion that Marx liked banks. In addition, Marx was ethnically Jewish by birth, but not connected to the Jewish community at all, and was at times fairly critical of the Jews.

I actually have read "The Jewish Question" by Marx. It was just so easy to blame one monolithic group instead of having to enter more rabbit holes of studying. I am starting to see more validity in these opinions. Thanks.

These dudes on the right are literally entering into a phase where going around killing innocent people on mass is the next political goalpost, and I think a lot of people are going to turn away from the cause due to it.

And this is the other thing that bothers me so so so much. It seems like most hardcore communists are in drag or have red mohawks or some bullshit like that just making the movement as a whole seem beyond ridiculous. Like I get it, imperialism = bad. But I'm not trying to team up with dudes who dress like girls and can't lift a weight to save there lives and want to get rid of guns etc.

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Sounds like you’re asking legitimate questions about whether or not socialism can solve the problems that you see under capitalism given its track record in the 20th century. You’re right to point out that they weren’t exactly paragons of freedom and democracy, but as hammer and sickle user said, they were states under siege.
This is an excellent observation and one that’s largely true. Communism values peace, democracy, freedom, etc but these are all things that weaken a state in a life and death struggle with another. It’s why even liberal states turned into dictatorships when faced with similar pressures, like the French First Republic. The central question that occupies future attempts at socialism is how to walk the line between necessary steps for defence and socialist values. Keep in mind that this to a large extent depends on prevailing conditions. For example if conditions in Russia had been different (say Germany’s revolution is successful in 1919) then its likely that 20th century socialism would have evolved completely differently. Imo the key to solving this problem is in ensuring that socialism spreads as widely and as quickly as possible in a revolutionary wave, in order to give the states that emerge as much breathing room as possible.
Ruthless destruction of banking as an institution.
A lot of it is, especially Solzhenitsyn. He’s not taken seriously by contemporary historians of the Soviet Union. While there were many real failures in 20th century socialism, including unjustified mass killings and repression, it still pales in comparison to what porkies have done. Communists at their worst, acting out of desperation, were still nowhere near as destructive as porkies at their “best” acting out of pure greed.

There's plenty of communists who aren't these fringe weirdos and there's plenty of fringe weirdos who are fascists.

Also, almost no communists want to get rid of guns.

Who wants you dead because of your skin color? Did you overdose on pol memes?

That's just CIA controlled opposition. They know that communism is a great danger to their power and they have gone and started to discredit and infiltrate any movements that may have to do with it.
Guns are necessary for the population to engage in armed struggle against the oppressors. Banning them would be counterproductive.

you see I agree with you on this, I fucking hate this 'leftist image', I thought the left was a bunch of fucking queer retards and emasculated men who wanted to make masculine men just like them. But, once you realize that this isn't true and that the communists aren't out to take you masculinity, then everythings alright

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I don't understand how anyone can say this seriously
But, seriously


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