I walked out on my job today

I walked out on my job today.

Is there anything more liberating?
More feeling of burdens being lifted?
The feeling of adulation;

Yeah but you can't read the screen that will yet….you…you need to learn how to do that

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Yes it does, user.
Yes it does.


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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I didn't clock out either.

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ITT: JustLabourAristocratThings

ITT: Anti-Materialism.

Should engels have kept his mouth shut because he was getting money from his bourgeois parents?

Criticizing communists for not being the right kind of proletariat is counterrevolutionary.

I make under 10,000 a year.

I live in squaller, i've been homeless, ate out of bins; for years. I finally got some kind of work.

Mfw, this was my second job and still says it's not good enough.

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even in your highest moment you still hold back
this makes me very sad and angry

How is gloating about personal power in any way comparable to providing a structural critique of a system?

How is criticizing a fun thread where we share stories of having the opportunity to fuck over porky (even if its small) productive in any way?

I also have in the back of my head how this will effect my future work places and shit.

I also try and work harder than other people I guess; Simply for the fact I agree with the part of the soviet union consitution where it says that members of the communist party should be expemlary in their work ethic to set a good example for other working people, as in, showing them that communists are not lazy and slobish as sterotypes would have people believe.

You're right though.

I should have called my manager a fucking pig cause he's an ex cop.

To late now.

Based. Anarkiddies are all desperate wagecucks who would never do such a thing.

where do you think you are?

feels damn good man

Same, tbh. I bust my ass at work because I don't want myself or socialism to be associated with slackers and hippie types. When people see communists working hard and acting exemplary, others might ditch their often very superficial scepticism towards communism.
Eternal reminder to commie NEETs, hipsters and slackers that they are not exactly helping us in the public relations department.



I make under 10.000. But here it's a comfy living with this money. Health insurance, normal food, a car, rent and leftovers for fucking around.

Sorry americans, but you really do live in the worst nightmare

Also, here you do have options, you don't have to strictly work for porky. EU gives out a lot of money to NGOS and if you get a project you can live good for up to 5 years if it's a giant project, but usually at least half a year or a year.

back to work bourgeois

Yeah, walking into a job that's been liberated by the proletarian revolution.



get over yourself nerd

sounds like you're just retarded


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Yes we know. Communists are LOSERS. Period. Live in squalor, learn to love it.
t. Capitalist, retired @55