There is a new political party in Britain forming called Vanguard Britannia. Here is their website check it out

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Wow this is so cool check it out Britcuck faggots don't be a bunch of bitches you don't want the Taigs to take your land now do you? Reach down find your balls and join up!

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cmon lads it'll be bantz

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as if there is anyone who posts on /britpol/ that is worth honeypotting

Then why are you honeypotting here?

Lad any manifesto which praises Oswald Mosley as one of the greatest brits of all time in the first sentence will get shot down by spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) and stooges.

Slow march through institutions lads, slow march

because demoralise, defilement operation contracts go on long after a targeted group has been disbanded.

Did u see the Zig Forums operation ? . They continued spamming crap on Zig Forums for months after all anons had left.

And now the shills are on Zig Forums
95% of posts in the main threads are from shitposting shills. They've memid shitposting into being the core behaviour of Zig Forums, to the point when if u complain about the perma shitposting u are attacked not only by the shills but by the remaining user mods.

They'l keep it up for months after everyone has left. There's only a single digit number of anons on Zig Forums now, and most of them are daft goyim, just looking to be led. They are dumb enough play along with the 2 words and one image shitposting behavior pattern.

What's on Zig Forums for the intelligent user who is trying to think independently of the kike media, trying to absorb red-pills, and wanting free speech?

endless shitposting marathons were not the reason why Zig Forums /britpol/ and Zig Forums were created. They a clear cut sign of kike defilement.

kill yourself my fam

Basic manifesto has been finalised and posted.

Anyone got any vids of this latest attack(s) in Europe?


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Can't wait for them to fail.

The religious diversity of Brussels, Belgium is a festering problem which has gotten worse since all of the Mozzies came in. First was between Protestant and Roman-Catholic, now between Mozzie and non-Mozzie. Everyone must smarten up and understand the root of this situation may well have been the acceptance into society of papists (Roman-Catholics).

The way to fix this may be to stop including papists in political and cultural efforts. That's the proper conclusion to the facts I brought up, user.

not apoleita, anal sex, and eco-daftyism

Pic. related.

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I wrote this after checking out:


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Because if you're not white and a British citizen, you're not British. Simple as that. There's nothing wrong with their support, but it is the group's membership requirement that you are a British citizen. You can still support the group if you wish, but you cannot be a member.

Also was it really necessary to put some weeb shit in the review?

Should also add

Because gays were rare and irrelevant in the 30s. Weimar Berlin was the degeneracy capital of the world, so homosexuality was a major issue that had to be addressed by the NSDAP.
This is not a Mosleyist group. It draws inspiration from him, but is not a replica of his movement.

You've completely missed the point of the group, and instead complain because you're some non-Brit weeb poof who is excluded due to your degeneracy.

Just proved my point.


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How exactly can a non white want a British Britain if they are not British?

Any real natsoc movement would be a subversion of an existing political party, infiltrate than re-brand, that's what worked for the NSDAP that's what I think we should do.

To clarify I don't mean "we" as in Zig Forums or brit/pol/ I mean "we" as in people who hold NatSoc or Fascist views.


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beta brits strike again

why are you necrobumping? Why are you posting here?

oh do fuck off you fucking dafties

You're not a nationalist, just an edgy LARPer.

Tbh you're worse than a daftie.