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can love bloom on the battlefield, Zig Forums?

I've probably asked this before, but what do you recommend in terms of martial arts disciplines, and how do I discern a legit combat sport school from a McDojo? Relatedly, what physical training do you suggest to increase striking strength?

Are the Isreali 308 Kar98s any good? What's a good price and place to find one.

Still looking for a reproduction of the m1918 trench knife that's functional and faithful to the original design. I'm perfectly willing to save up and pay through the nose if that's what it takes.

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ok i tried asking in the other thread before it died but whatever whats a good ar-15 for around 1 grand maybe a bit lower then that.

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making one wouldn't be that hard. As far as I know the cheapos are dimensionally correct, so were I you I'd buy one of those, make a lost foam casting of the brass part, and grind the blade out of a file or whatever then heat treat it. All it would take is a bucket of sand, a little torch, and a bench grinder.

I'll look into that. If I do go with that I'll be sure to post pics for you guys.

Colt, FN, and Armalite all make offerings you can find online around that price range.

Or just buy the OCK machete and cut down the blade. The D ring is actually pretty tough, I wouldn't want to be punched by it.


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Whats the best bang for my buck 5.56 bolt action that inst total fudd tier aesthetics?

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Mossberg MVP. ~$700, different stock and barrel length options, and takes AR15 mags.

There's a fucking mouse in my room.
Reccommend me an easy trap to make, or a way to feed it something that will kill it.

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feed it your benis

How will that kill it?

it'll starve

I'm considering getting a metric pattern FAL. Can someone brief me on firing .308 in a 7.62x51 gun? I've heard shit about headspace/pressure issues doing that, but I'm not entirely sure on that.

They aren't bad. Finding one is the hard part, and since it's an original "gnatzi wearmakt" Mauser that's been converted it's usually cheaper than a 8mm K98k.

TL;DR: To each their own, don't do it if you're that worried.

The debate on 7.62 NATO vs. .308 WIN has been going on for decades, but there are a few things to keep in mind;
PSI cannot be directly compared to CUP nor is there any sort of conversion process to even begin to compare the pressures of the two rounds, Match-grade 7.62 NATO was recorded to be the same pressure as commercial .308 through SAAMI, and recorded kabooms are due to faulty reloads, bad headspace, or bad 7.62 NATO surplus erroneously labeled as .308 WIN.
7.62 NATO cases are thicker due to the military wanting everything to be retard-proof, so the thinner .308 WIN will safely fireform to the slightly larger chamber. If your headspace is out of spec, you may experience a case head failure in a best-case scenario, which is still bad.

Further reading - docdroid.net/shd8/the-truth-about-308-win-and-762-nato.pdf.html

Just buy a mouse trap and lay chockolate as a bait

Does anyone make SKS/AK style rear iron sight for picatiny?

I don't think so bro.

Will Latvia ever be able to weaponize it's potato?

What gun is this?

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My best guess would be a Kar98, the front sight looks right, and it was the only other bolt the Germans used at the time. (You can tell he is German because of his Flawless Aryan features thunderbolts lining the lapel of his coat.

Has anyone used the layaway option that Atlantic firearms offers? the terms are harsh, but is it alright?

Looking to get a shotgun for home defending muh home and muh family etc.

Any recommendations?

Looking for something nice and reliable, nothing too fancy required

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Not a Kakr98k, the Kar98k has a bent bolt handle. This has a straight bolt handle. It looks to my eye to be a Czech Vz-24. The Germans actually used this rifle in large numbers during the war. After Czechoslovakia joined the Third Reich, large amounts of Czech equipment was integrated into the armed forces of Germany. There is documented cases of entire German units being issued VZ-24s instead of Kar98k, which isn't as odd as you might think. They fired the same ammo and shared many interchangable parts, including the bolt. Some say that the VZ-24 is actually a superior rifle. If you are interested in this type of weapon, Vz-24s are still pretty darn cheap in the market, generally around 300, while a Kar costs 3 times that if you're lucky.

Maverick 88, Strelok.

Parts made in Tacoland, assembled in Burgerland. Reliable as it gets for a shotgun by all accounts.

Actually disregard that, I suck cocks. I didn't zoom into the picture, the bolt isn't even in the rifle, its a trick of the light. Definitely a Kar98k then, and not a Vz-24. I don't know what I was thinking. Bad strelok, bad! I'm gonna go whip myself

I second that, Maverick 88 is cheap as shit brand new or used and its a reliable action made by a reputable shot gun company (Mossberg). My brother just bought his first gun yesterday, and I was going to suggest a Maverick but he is an uppity little bitch who likes to spend extra money for brand names.

Thanks fellas

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~90% part interchangeability on the rifle and its got a heavier barrel. The one in the photo is just a K98k without the bolt in it.

Downside is the sight is measured 300-2000m and they don't take a Mauser style sling, most come with a surplus sling anyway.

I don't know jack dick about scopes. How do I mount a scope on a Mauser? I need ring mounts and a base right? How do I know my ring mounts will fit my scope/base? Will any rings fit on any base or does it have to be rings specific to a weaver base or whatever? Will any scope fit any rings? Why don't they just sell the rings/scope/base together? Shit's confusing and I don't want to waste time and money.

Most scopes are 1" or 30mm in diameter. Rings correspond to said scope size. Rings also have a varied height in which they sit You're gonna have to figure out what height of ring you need for your scope.

When it comes to mounts, you've got weaver rails and picatinny rails. Weaver tends to generally be for scopes only while the latter gets all the fun stuff. Some scope rings work for both some do not.

On how to mount the base, you're going to have to drill and tap said receiver and depending on where that receiver was made you might need to do some work to get the rail to fit right and yes there is a jig out there for Mauser receivers so you don't have fucktarded holes.

How do night sights with orange or yellow rear sights and green front sights compare to night sights that are all green? How do the orange and yellow compare to each other?

Will we see rangefinders go down in size in the near-future? I've seen some of the models that can be mounted on guns, and they look awfully big and heavy.

That's because people are retarded and use laser rangefinders for MOAR ACCURACY!

Laser rangefinders (rugged/reliable):
1. Cost about $100 commercial.
2. Require large power cells.
3. Require large bulbs, very heavy.
4. Multiple lenses to focus the light precisely, shield from interference, special coatings to prevent enemy from seeing flashes off the lens.
5. And are very sensitive to the projector and collector being jiggled even a few micrometers.
6. Accurate to few millimeters.

Meanwhile a robust sonic rangefinder is:
1. About $20.
2. Need a tiny power supply.
3. A few grams in size.
4. Require less power than lasers.
5. Fairly insensitive to combat conditions.
6. Less accurate, to ~1m at 100m.
Fucking AND
7. A sonic rangefinder can be used to give every fireteam the ability to detect where sonic booms came from, such as from enemy snipers. Imagine being able to know the exact direction of incoming fire immediately!

Granted the price difference is going to close once military grade ultrasonics are built by Woody fucking Norris.

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Nofuns here considering on what my first set of guns I'll get when I get the chance, I wanted to have a cheap rifle in 7.62x39 because cheap n powerful. I naturally looked at AK's, and concluded I can get a decent one for around 600-650$. However, while researching, for less than 500$, I can make an SKS take 20-30 rd mags interchangeably with a one hand mag release (SKS SRR modification). From what I understand, It's essentially a semi-auto AK for much less. Am I wrong? Cosmoline removal if needed is not of concern either.

(Also i plan to CC a Makarov and if money comes in I'm probably get a CZ 455 for plinking)

And I guess you could either mount one on the side a salt rifle, or wear it in your neck like a spyglass. Damn, one more item has to be added to the list of things I'm autistic about.

The changeable SKS mags are unreliable. You will be better off with the AK.

The SKS SRR replaces the mag release on the gun itself not the mag, allowing use of things like the normal TAPCO mags that have good reviews. See installation video and skip to the end to see how it works.

You're an idiot. That's exactly what I was talking about. Those are not reliable.

Nyet comrade.
A 600 dollar AK is going to be some century arms wasr piece of shit. The day of cheap AK's has come and gone, you're looking at a 1000 bux or more for a good AK these days. SKS rifles are great in their original configuration but it wasn't designed for 30 round detachable magazines so modified ones often have feeding issues. Not to mention the fact that it's tacky as fuck and SKS rifles are steadily going up in price. A modified one is much less sought after and much less valuable.

Makarov is a good cc gun though. The magazine capacity leaves something to be desired but they're very reliable and cheeki breeki.

Pages with 100> reviews seem to have high satisfaction rates to merit some worth. Although everything I say is purely hoping for the best and based of numbers. Such is nofuns. But hopefully not for long.

I sorta realized this about AK's. Being my first rifle, i'd look for utilitarian function at a low cost. So as long as it function with reasonable accuracy I'd be satisfied. (hopefully)

I can't deny the polymer mags do look bad, even if in black. Wood is good.

Seems to be. In most self defense situations 9x18 does the job and I'd hope I wouldn't need to use more than 8 rounds. And yes history and cheeki is good bonus.

All good, comrade. I'm actually looking into obtaining a cheap, vintage ? bolt-action-style rifle for a plinker. I was thinking a Mosin, but I have a certain fetish interest for WWII Czech Weaponry, vehicles, etc. So I appriciate you bringing this to my attention. because I sure as hellw ouldn't have searched it up on my own

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can somebody explain why stopping power is a dumb term. I know why its dumb but lack the rhetoric to explain it clearly.

How easy would it be to overthrow Mugabe and start a new government, I heard the Zimbabwean army got shot to shit.

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Kill yourself
I'm just kidding, no h8 m8

All in favor, say I.

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Stopping power is very much a real thing. It gets made fun of around here because of how overused it is and some feel that it's importance is slightly overstated but it IS important. Old fudds will say shit like "I won't use nuffin smaller than a ferty-five" which is somewhat silly since a 9mm with decent defense ammo will still kill a motherfucker dead. Shot placement is more important than stopping power when it comes to neutralizing a threat. A .380 may not have the same stopping power as a .45acp but it will still get the job done and it's better than noguns.

Basically it's a real issue but it's talked about so much that it has become a parody of itself.


Any nation with even a modest military could overrun them in a matter of days. The ONLY reason the RSF got overrun in the first place was because of Soviet/Chinese backing.

We could literally find enough trainable, honest niggers on the streets of Detroit to do it.

Wouldn't need more than a few hundred people operating as a team, knowing their limits and planning strategy accordingly.

You can say that again.

And that was my wild ride with AKs.

Nowadays most SD ammunition performs the same across the platform. Really its just preference now.

Depends on the caliber. .380 and .38spl have extremely limited options that meet FBI specs.

That's all.

I was under the impression that 380 had issues with penetration.

To what extent is a helmet a worthy investment for any potential domestic scenario? I have a SSh-40; would anything else be overkill?

I own a Serbian steel pot helmet from the Yugoslav wars and a modern PASGT Kevlar helmet.

Personally, I would trust my noggin more with it inside the Kevlar helmet, just because it has an actual armor rating up to .44 mag.

The Serbian one, much like your Russian helmet, is sufficient head protection but is nothing compared to what the Kevlar can do. Steel pot WILL stop .22lr, 9mm at a distance and possibly .45 acp. I have seen steel pots deflect and stop 9mm, so if you can't get your hands on a PASGT helmet then get a steel pot.

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Steel helmets are also good if you think you're going to be within close range risking melee attacks. If you're expecting long range with higher caliber engagements with, say, .308's then you might as well leave the helmet for some extra perception/situational awareness.

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Are the Russian models like the 6B series, Sfera, and Kolpak any good? They seem like an intermediate between steel and high end kevlar, but I can find almost no English info on them.

also the kevlar ones are usually much more comfy with vanilla headstraps i dont know what the fuck you call them in english and lighter so they dont make your neck muscles hurt that much after a few hours

do you mean the headstraps they came with? those would be stock headstraps.

yeah that's what i meant
in case im messing things up pic related (highlighed yellow) is what i mean

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Suspension or liner is what the term usually is.

You can swap those out for pads for better impact protection and a more comfortable fit.

I'm abut to turn 21 and I live in North Carolina. I heard that starting next year to get a CCW lisnce you need a mental health check to get one.


So I was reading online and it seemed that quite a decent amount of people get a nonresident concealed carry licence instead and North Carolina accepts them but you need like a 60$ online gun class and 100$ to send to Virginia. But what makes me worried is that they need your a photo ID and a fingerprint. I don't like the fact they need a copy of your face and fingerprints. Am I just paranoid? What's the best way to get a CCW in NC?

Does anyone have any recommendations for some nice gloves?

I'm looking to pick up some operator gloves soon and I dunno if I should shell out for Oakleys or if something simpler would do the job/secret deals abound.

The only downside is that a laser is accurate to like 1km, whereas the best ultrasonics are accurate to only a few hundred meters.

I think I give you 90% of the things you're autistic about… sorry? :^)

Video removed. Got a mirror or something?

What's a good place to get OKAY SureFeed

Are D&H mags any good?

You mean I could win a free chance to shoot a pit full of rabid Hillary supporters legally?

Hollow point .380s do, but lehigh XPs are fucking fantastic. Vid related.

It's the only .380 load I trust. I use them with my p238.

Yes. Getting fingerprinted is standard procedure. That's what we have to do in FL. It's no big deal.

*OKAY SureFeed magazines. I've seen them recomended, but my normal sites don't carry them.

Hey Zig Forums,

My buddy has a Sig P220 in fawdy five and he tells me about this feeding problem he has with it. Whenever he tries shooting it, the first round will fire and eject, but the following round will fail to feed and get caught on the ejector. It seems from what he tells me that it is a frequent problem he has.

Has anyone else had this issue before?

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Has he tried different mags? Is he limp wristing it? Does it have a worn out RSA?

I'd advise you to double check that tactic works. Many states specifically exclude nonresident permits from other states that are issued to residents of the state, specifically for this reason. So, while a nonresident permit issued to a nonresident will be recognized, the same permit would be invalid for a resident of that state to use.

Maybe NC doesn't have that law; but it's worth confirming that right after you write the "y u no pass constitutional carry" letter to your legislators.

Alright which one of you faggots was involved in this Kansas Plot bullshit?

Perhaps you should have asked that *before* the arrests were made.

I'm sorry I'm unfamiliar with RSA?

It could be the mags, his dad passed it down to him and he's had it since 94

Recoil Spring Assembly.

If it's that old, he should definitely replace the recoil spring. If that doesn't fix it, replacing the springs in his mags probably will.


Thank you Strelok, hopefully I can help him fix it so we can go shooting soon.

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Is the Steyr Scout/Elite worth $1400.

So I can spend up to $300 for a nugget (including an M38 at the highest end of said price range), or I can spend $600 for a Russian SKS.

Honestly, I want the SKS, even at that price. Is it a reasonable price, given that it's Russian and in nice shape? Or should I go the economic route with the nugget?

Mind you, I'm familiar with nuggets, having owned a Finnish M39 (have since sold it), but have never had a semi auto in my life. How easy should the SKS be able to grasp for a part-time autist like me?

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Also no.

There are new bolt action rifles and battle rifles in those price ranges that will have cheaper ammo.

I thought nugget food was already cheap.

If I'm hesitant to spend $600, why would I spend even more than that for something that probably isn't nearly as durable?

Well the SKS is the only semi auto that I really have interest in/know about, and when it comes to bolt actions, I like old milsurp the most. You thinking something along the lines of a mauser variant or something? Because the ammo would cost around the same in most cases.

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uh-huh…. Yea that's not true.
A DPMS AR-15 is $550 on Bud's right now, and a S&W M&P Sport is $650.

As far as the bolt guns personally I'd get something like a Savage Axis in .308 or .223 in that price range but I get the appeal of the milsurp bolts.

I'd rather have something new with new parts available than having to worry about existing wear on a surplus model. Plus those two guns were less than $200 and $400 not even two or three years ago, I'm thinking you can get more gun for the price.

In addition, the Axis is going to be quite a bit more accurate than the nugget.

Wow prices are ridiculously high in America. Nuggets are still $150-199 here.

Blame obama.

Mind you, that's the high-end for an M38.

Buy once, cry once.

Scrape a few more pennies together and get something you really want, since chances are you'll have this gun your entire life.

That costs ludicrous amounts money in R&D. Then you'd have to put several directional mics together and have them feed into a computer so it can evaluate each channel and determine where the sonic boom is originating throughout time.

Acoustic shot detectors, even if they don't gouge you for R&D fees, will cost more than a laser rangefinder.

Of course I'd somehow find the old thread and not notice this one. My question: How much and what type of tranquilizer would I have to put on a thumbtack-tipped nerf dart for it to be able to knock someone out

That's just an additional possible function the laser rangefinder is utterly incapable of.