Battlefield 1 bastardized The Great War more than the BBC

How the fuck is that possible? And why do people think dubstep belongs in WW1?

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nobody cares, you fags shit up /v/ enough with garbage threads circlejerking over how bad the game is.

Are you implying circlejerking over bad games is anything new on /v/ my good sire? That's the most /v/ thing ever.

It is, only redditfags trying way too hard to fit in have ever done it.

I feel bad for vets that live to see dubstep added to their wars to be my trendy.

You realy think there are any WW1 vets still alive? Niga they must be at least 116 years old for youngest. I don't think there are more than 2 alive in the world. And those who are are too old to care about that anyway.

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You poor, poor child

Im sure all 2 of the ones still alive that still have enough of mental faculties to get angry are furious

The last America civil war vet died in 1958.( He luckily got to die before he witness the Hippie movement happen) I wouldn't be surprise if there still a few WW1 vets still alive.


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touché mein fruend

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I do.

Battlefield 1 isn't supposed to be even a semi-accurate WW1 simulator. It's a fucking Battlefield game with WW1 as the theme. And there's nothing wrong with this. If you think otherwise you are a no-fun faggot.

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Also: Only poorfags will hate me for pre-ordering the ultimate edition of Battlefield 1, :DDDDDDD

Remember when I said only redditfags circlejerk over video games they dislike day after day? Yeah, same thing applies to these fucks who act contrarian to other peoples' opinions for the sake of being contrarian, see

also that screenshot probably isn't even yours, britcuck

You've never been to /v/ then.

Fuck off, I know you're only here to slide the Wikileaks posts. The queen must pay well.

You say that, but actually, that video has a lot of info in it. You just don't like the presentation.




Allow me to explain

Actually, it sounds like he has: circlejerking over how shit a game is was never the most /v/ thing ever, but redditors doing it to fit in with the parent chan's culture was the most /v/ thing ever.

I'm not defending that part of it. I'm saying it has information either way. Shit's for fucking kids, not adults. I don't know why this triggers you so much.

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You think this was a kids special? This was a adult educational documentary with dubstep music and Hip hoop. They later talk about getting STDs from fucking french whores. And officers showing off their boners to each other's.


Pic related is basically what dice did to WW1 anyway and that's really disrespecting the setting the game is using.

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last few vets died in the90's-2000's and at least one burger made it to 2011.

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Last one died in 2012.

I didn't mean young children, m8. If you're an adult, you don't get your history from television.

we really need Zig Forums server

The dubstep generation has killed gaming and the American video game industry.

I hope these dumb kids enjoy their 300 sequals to Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Battlefield and Call of Duty, because that's all they deserve

as a teacher I have two points - one is fuck Bf1 for making delusions that I have to unfuck and second point is, you have no idea how hard is is to make students care and learn about the first world war.

Dude it's a fucking videogame

Not a documentary

Then why fucking bother making it WWI? Why go through all the effort of making a WWI game and hyping it up due to the WWI setting to then later just go 'lol, it's not really WWI'?

If the main focus of both the game and the advertisement campaign is 'xDDD, WWI an' shieeet', then I at least expect it to be remotely similar to WWI.

Why whine about it?

Is this a serious question or a banter.

Fucking kill yourselves you dirty cuckolds, EA shat all over the glory of the Great War with their fucking nigger dubstep communist assbanging DUB DUB WOOP WOOP semiauto rifle nigger bullshit, why not just make the trenches in space and have spaceniggers in goodwill space suits with semi auto mosin nagants shoot up space liquor stores. I hope a german in full WW1 soldier gear raids your home and drags you outside on the wet grass and rapes you with the handle of his shovel, since you deserve rape for being such a disrespectful piece of shit to history and dead men

this is my favorite

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Does anyone else get really sad when they hear this? I'm not normally an emotional person but it just feels like we're losing an invaluable part of history that we will never get back. I remember watching WW1 documentaries that were new when I was younger that had interviews with veterans.
It's a tragedy to me that there are so few WW2 veterans left.

It's frustrating that they have extremely uncommon guns and inaccurate racial makeup of the troops. people are going to think this shit actually happened that way.
That aside, verdun and Red orchestra show that class based combat a la battlefield can be done in a faintly realistic fashion with bolt action rifles and not every scrub getting an mp40.


Filthy normies.

RO2/RS was just too grindy my nigger, if you wanted not to be a footpad you had to grind and grind and grind… or get preorder bonuses. Dunno about Verdun, only seen some gameplays with commentary, seemed decent.

Fucking love that game, wasted so much time on it

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what the fuck is up with modern movie film crews having ADHD so they can't stop fiddling with the camera every damn second

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My roommate is playing it now. It looks pretty fun and Id love to play a World War One game. My main gripe is the whole WE WUZ KANGZ aspect. You got Black Germans and British running around behind healed by Indian medics, and it's just like "What the fuck?"

All BF1 needs to be tolerable is SPIDER TANKS and that goofy ass Chinese mechanical man with a rotary gun for a robo-cock.

If you know what I'm talking about, then I salute you, sir, and

Because it it a legitimate issue with the game and people are attempting to play it off as nothing.

Someone called for a German?

user, please :^)

This post gave me cancer.



because there are no good WW1 games and it sucks


What is the game Verdun you stupid nigger

Git gud

Thats a pretty good story

Was TL a couple of times, had over 100 kills each game, no deaths. The classes are grindy, to get AVT-40 or Mk-42b you had to kill a fuck load of people with semiauto raifus beforehand, just to get enough kills for the class to unlock it.
Most honolabre victoly of arr victolies.
>will still get RS2 when it comes out to play as gookcong and shit


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Now that i checked tales from the crypt wiki page it says
And it aired on polish tv channel for kids at 22 pm
No wonder it spooked me out as a kid

What tomfoolery is this?

Me because I am not some spas autist that needs constant keys jiggled at my face in order to enjoy life?

Things need to slow down, the more we cater to the sugar frenzy mental bags of this gen the more dumbed down we all get when it comes to media and story telling.

do you seriously not get the joke?

nvm i get what youre saying now. the best part is that you found the term clips acceptable, newguns.

Oh I get it, I was just trying to be funny. Sorry I ruined the joke, user. Nice pic.