How much armor protection is the MBT-70 estimated to have? I'm having trouble finding anything on this.

Is it similar to the original M1 or no?

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Oh, and the Super M60 too please. Or any of the post-A3 variants.

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Better than the M60 but less than the Leopard 2. Probably on par with a Chieftain with the Stillbrew kit or a T-64. Also which version? The US or German one?

Either? I guess German.

What about the Super M48?

I'm going to run a fallout game in the future and I'm thinking about tank developmental history.Originally I was thinking they had the M60 Patton series and then had the MBT-70 before going for a retro-scifi hovertank in the 2060s. Now I'm thinking of it going Super Sherman/Upgunned Sherman > M48 Patton > M48A3 > M48A5 > Super M48 > Scifi Tank.

1. Fallout does a shitty job of sticking to the 50s when it comes to military equipment. Many weapons from Fallout come from the 80s-90s or are even tacticool. This gives me a bit of leeway even if I want to avoid it.
2. There is virtually no such thing as 1950s retro-scifi/raygun gothic/atompunk military scifi art. I've tried to look for it. Dieselpunk, which is 1920s-1940s besides? It's not much better on that front.

I don't want things to move too far away from the 1950s, but I don't want them just using the exact same equipment for the past 100 years until they developed things like lasers, AI, etc. Most of the "superscience" aspects like robo-brains and energy weapons came about in the mid or late 21st century.

Pic related. Super M48 and what I have in mind for the final tank used by the US military.

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No. The pic on the right would be the scifi tank.

Otherwise post-WW2 tank development would go: Super Sherman/Upgunned Sherman > M48 Patton > M48A3 > M48A5 > Super M48

And then that grav/hover tank in my pic.

Are you skipping the M26, M46, and M47 for a reason? No M103?

Hardly, most of what the weapons are based on are systems developed prior to the 1960's.

There is, you just have to know where to look.

I think you need to dig deeper, the idea of brain-centric robotics and energy weapons goes much further back than the 21st century. Look into soem DoD, CIA, and other projects.

Also, there are static tanks in Fallout 4.

The U.S. MBT-70 had Shillelagh ATGMs, an M73 machine gun, and the 155mm main gun. The German one an MG3 machine gun and 120mm main gun. Both had the 20mm Rh 202 autocannon.

From wikipedia
M1 Abrams: "350 mm vs APFSDS, 700 mm vs HEAT"
MBT-70: "105 mm APDS at a range of 800 metres"

That said, I'm also not really finding good armor specifics for the MBT-70, but I'd assume that it's less armored than the Abrams, which was somewhat of a derivative design.

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Type of armor does matter. Is mbt70 composite?

Not skipping so much as those would be the "main battle tanks".

The M46 and M47 would've still been used, developed and used a few years after their real life introduction. Alternatively, maybe the M46 wasn't used in favor of upgrading the Shermans and then the M47/M48 came along. I probably won't stat out every tank anyway, at least not at the start.

Heavy Tanks I haven't really thought about, but the M26 would've existed since it's a WW2 tank. So would have the M103 for being 1950s era. I don't know what could continue the line of heavy tanks. I kinda want something like a mini-BOLO though or maybe a mech. It's not like Fallout is hard scifi. Maybe the tank from Resistance? Pic related. Or, just the canon Fallout 4 tank even if I don't really like how it looks.

Light Tanks I'm thinking of allowing the Sheridan and then maybe having it replaced with this.

Yeah, but they appear in the 21st century according to the timeline. Mr Handy's are a thing as early as 2037, power armor appears in the 2050s or 2060s, at least laser small arms in the 2050s, etc.

They're fugly and there isn't a pre-war pic of them anyway.

Maybe I"ll add the M60 Patton then, with the M48 mostly seizing production but still being upgraded up until the 21st century.

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You sound like a faggot to be honest.

Nope. Only the Kpz 70 had the 20mm and the US had a 152mm gun not 155mm. Either way that 152 was a piece of shit

That would probably put it somewhere in the realms of 300-500mm of RHA protection for kinetic penetration. Probably better than the Abrams actually but I don't think it would have been as good versus HEAT. See
Define composite? I think it did have essentially spaced armor with two different types of steel that aided against shaped charges i.e. HEAT rounds. However that is nowhere near as effective as composite armor. There was composite armor around that time, hell even the M60 was meant to originally get it however the composite armor available was I think a silica glass type think that while it improved protection significantly against shaped charges think 3 or 4 times more effective than steel it actually had reduced effectiveness against APDS.

The M47, nevermind the M48 is still in service and consistently upgraded. Even in real life you probably won't see the end of the M48 till about 2030's and M60's much later.

based nuke tank

The Cold War gave us so much awesome shit. Hell if I gather enough pics I may make a thread later so I can dump some of the crazier Cold War projects.
Some of these vehicles saw active service by the way

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I've seen it for the M60 in which case they look more like modern MBTs, but the M48 seems dead in development.

Don't forger to dig up pics and info on aircraft powered by nuclear reactors.

Nuclear power is only good for something you can't afford to lose, or something that is going to sink in the ocean once you lose it.

The cold war was the biggest conflict ever fought on earth. What the fuck did you expect?
For fucks sake, the star-wars project alone would be worth it's own thread, and we don't even know half of the cool classified Russian shit. It's likely that a lot of their projects we got actual prototypes for had competing designs, and we won't ever see those.

Worst case scenario is that the bombed out radioactive wastelands they were meant to fight on become a bit more irradiated.
It looks like nothing compared to Orion. But then space combat is something we could discuss for no end.

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>germans in charge of understanding nuclear power
Enjoy your coal powered plants that produce more radiation than our nuclear ones, and your solar panels that produce more pollution than even your coal powered plants, you stupid fucking hippie morons.
Oh and 38% of your renewables, classed as "other" or "biomass", are actually WOOD..

Fucking primitives.

These dumbasses shut down all of their nuclear power plants and replaced them with coal power because Greenpeace told them nuclear power is evil.

I don't even know what the idiot is doing here.

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Nice numbers. Germany will be a third world country in a few decades with all those shitskins and woodstoves.
Could you elaborate on that? All I know that they are made from metallic stuff and the process takes a lot of energy.

This should be entertaining.

You waaay behind the curve here. First we had SpergKraut, and many people theorized that he is a burger with a VPN. Then he disappeared and we ended up with SpergGook. Many people theorized that he was the same person with a different VPN. Now SpergGook disappeared.

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Fallout has tanks, you know.
A pretty sweet one, if I am honest.

I mean, it doesn't make all that much sense, especially considering the rivets, but hey.

Also like their APC. Even if it is a silly looking thing.

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I would've assumed the second to be taken from a museum, Ukraine style.

The problem with hover tanks and any hover craft is that they require energy to stay up so they're always going to be running down the batteries or burning fuel. There's a reason planes have landing gear and aren't stored by flying a holding pattern around an airfield.

I loved Battlezone too, we need more games like it with a fusion between FPS and RTS but the idea of using tanks of any kind on the planets and moons throughout our star system is silly. There's no cloud cover to hide you from orbiting ships and those ships are needed to get from planet to planet so there's nothing stopping the Liberty or General Chesnekov from bombing an enemy base from orbit and sending down scavengers to gather the debris uncontested.


"Fallout has tanks"

Fair enough.
But, then, Fallout 3 is also a shit Fallout game.

If you're going to claim that Fallout has tanks, you should post images of such things.

Seriously though, why did they waste time adding in rusted-out husks of tanks and not put in SPGs or howitzers that you can disassemble and reassemble in settlements?

I like to try the impossible and make sense of such things, so let's try it. The rivets could be some form of composite armour. Material science in the Fallout universe might not be as good in some areas, and so they might just rivet on an outer steel shell instead of applying ceramic plates.
The two cannons are strange, but if they make sense for an armchair general, then they are plausible. I guess it's nuclear powered, like everything else in that universe, and that's why the strange hull, but I have no idea for it. Lastly, those claws might be supposed to hold a "bulldozer plate" (I'm too lazy to look up the proper name of it, but you get it). Maybe they wanted the tank to use it as extra armour on the front, and so the tank can raise them up. It's missing because it was only issued when they were sent to a front line, or something like that.

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Eh. Sounds sensible to me.
The rivets are the strangest part, all in all. Otherwise, all complaints are the inefficient shape.

Indeed. I imagine they just used it for the same reason every Imperial vehicle in w40k has rivets, because it looks cool. But if we want to explain it away, then I'd say it has a proper cast hull and turret, and also a cast outer shell for both parts. The proper hull has steel rods welded to it, and those rods hold a skeleton, then the outer shell is riveted to that skeleton. It sounds like something they'd do in the 1930s if they wanted a composite armour, but it goes well with the random tech level.

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Nuclear powered flying aircraft carrier.

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fucking Belkans

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The treads don't even align. But maybe I can have it as a heavy tank.

Microfusion technology. Plus, the chicoms had a grav tank.

The M6 Walker is the nuclear tank. The M7 being the battlezone tank, and astropunk tank will be the Bradley light tank. That black and white pic of a tank is going to be the M6 light tank.

I'm thinking the tanks that would be available at the beginning of the game one way or another would be the M5A1 Super Sherman, M48 Super Patton, M60 Super Patton, M6 Ridgway, M7 Bradley, M6 Walker and M7 MacArthur. Anything else would've been from a private collection or museum if they ever show up.

…Maybe I should rename them so I don't have two M6 and two M7 tanks.

-> M48A3 Patton (1963 - 1970s) -> M48A5 Patton (1977 - 1990s) -> M48 Super Patton (1996 - 2030s)

There's 3 separate MBT listings because I CBF to make a graph.

I guess the APC could just be the M113, with an "IFV" variant that has a 76mm cannon or 20mm autocannon. Maybe something like the Egyptian EIFV, or just the south vietnamese M113 with the m8 greyhound turret?

I'm keeping the HMMVW and will maybe have it replaced with the hover jeep.

I guess that gets most vehicles out of the way. The truck would be the one from FO3. Maybe a power armor APC as the one from FO4.

I don't know if I"ll have assaultrons. Maybe as something that can be researched. They just move and look so much more sophisticated compared to the robots of earlier Fallout titles.

Aircraft, maybe just the stuff from here: ronin201.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/&q=fallout
With a modernized F-4 Phantom II, F-5 and maybe a modernized prop-plane like the OV-10 to act as lighter and cheaper CAS, and to police annexed territory.

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Yes, yes it is.
As far as I'm concerned, Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas are the only ones that count. Fallout tactics was a fun game but not really a fallout game.

It's basically electronics, meaning heavy metals, rare earths, sulphuric acids, organics and so on.

And if they break (or even waste while being made) they get thrown in a landfill.

Factories for them need to train their waste disposal people in HAZMAT procedures!