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Post your based Christian music

And none of that stupid medieval chants

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because of the based Kierkegaard quotes.

Reminds me of Hotline Miami

that is a good medieval chant, not one of the stupid ones. give it a better listen.

edgy band but they ended up making a decent song with intense imagery.


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Favorite song by them, most of their songs have lots of theology

Hip hop leads to degeneracy and sin.

i don't like hip-hop either, the song i posted is just adorable
i don't think any style of music in themselves leads you to degeneracy or sin though.
depends on the actual lyrical content

medieval music is best music.

Been looking for soulful gospel music. Hard to find really profound stuff that sounds good tho

Personally I'm a big fan of Tennesee Ernie Ford, but I'm not sure whether he meets your requirements or not.



Zig Forums, I am disappoint.

That's pretty good, I was thinking black gospel, but I like folk music too. I always prefer female singers though, personally.

I know it's >christian rock, but this really is a good album

Hi r9k, fancy seeing you here

This is what peak protestant performance looks like.

YOU are stupid.

This is the only spaghetti western film with a religious soundtrack that I know of. It's sung in Italian, the lyrics are beautiful. There's someone who already translated it into english in the comment section.

that was absolutely superb


How do you do, fellow negroes?

The soundtrack from Il Vangelo Secondo Mattei. Never thought I'd hear an American music being played in an old Italian movie.


My absolute favorite

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Like MOSES, only keepin it real

Church of God on yt is my favourite, the lead sounds black to me but idk if I'm mistaken and I think the congregation is mixed might actually be majority white, whatever the case they sing with such gusto and sound so joyful and soulful and edifying, just the way worship music should be

You can buy their music on bc and one of their albums is free:

I am disappointed.

Demon Hunter, Disciple, DC Talk, Project 86, RED, The Showdown, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Manafest are my main go-to bands.

I also like some As I Lay Dying from time to time but it's unclear if that counts

Sorry, forgot to embed.

Awesome, thanks, they're really good.

so comfy

great film too


You double philistine. Chant is supposed to be as close as we can get to how the angels in heaven worship. I'll have you and 99 other's foreskins for that! ;^)

On thread topic of "Modern" Christian music though, I can never not recommend Thrice or Dustin Kensroe's solo stuff enough. It's bretty good.

A song for every missionary


A brazilian song.

you're most welcome pal


The Psalms Project has some pretty good compositions

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GREAT conservative and traditional hip hop music. primarily Catholic but does not bash Protestants. includes some non-Catholic stuff too but most of it is just about Christianity in general.
absolutely love them. glory be to God!


Not bad. Here's another one for the hip-hop geeks

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i almost cried , and i don't even know why.

Not just one of my favourite Christian songs, but one of my favourite songs of all time

name a better composer than john tavener
protip: you might be able to, but he's still pretty good tbh


I just discovered this band, it's good for those who likes progressive rock Crusades theme song
(the film is cool if you watch the directors cut version)


Finally someone who understands.


literally megadeth


Posting obligatory Dave Bixby

Haha sounds like something unintentionally funny was posted.

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The best song.

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Based Hank. His version of "I Dreamed That The Great Judgement Morning" is probably my favorite of his


Jesus, help me find my proper place
Jesus, help me find my proper place
Help me in my weakness
Cause I'm falling out of grace

pls post more arabic christian music like this


This lady is good :D

This always gets me pumped




Enjoying this, breh.



Looking for A+ gospel records again. Any recs?

What do the lyrics say? Is it actually Zig Forums or is it Satanic?

Do you mean like black congragation big band gospel or southern country/bluegrass gospel?

Very nice user

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One day a man was here He had the most beautiful look that ever existed He had to sing a prayer. And not to mention the most beautiful song ever heard. His voice spoke only of love Every gesture of his was of love And peace, He carried in the heart. He walked through the fields He went up the mountains and spoke of the greater love. Made the light shine in the darkness The sun rises in every heart that understood That beyond the life that is There is another life beyond and so … The rebirth, dying is not the end. Everything that He left He did not pass and there will always be Flowers in the places that he stepped on And the right way to go I know He will one day come back And in the same fields look for what he has planted. And reap what was born good Cry for the seed that died without blooming. But there is still time to plant Do within yourself the flower of good grow To deliver Him When He arrives here Everything that He left He did not pass and will always exist Flowers in the places that He stepped on And the right path to follow Everything here He left No passed and there will always be Flowers in the places you stepped on And the right way to go

If it's not plainchant, it's objectively shit.

Link some good recordings then user.

yea, yea I know it's a recording from a game with muh multiverse theory. Shame it got rewritten so many times.

doesn't mean I can't love the hymn and singing

This combines three things I love

There's a song on here that my brother loves to death as well. Don't know what it was but I never got into it cause the game gave me a headache on the level of nonsense it spewed.

It's lousy attempt at originality by lazily flipping many concepts in Bioshock 1 lead to shoe-horning religious zealotry by baptism as the major split in dimensions, despite characters involved were from dimensions that diverged as far back as Lutece's conception as they were born as a different sex in each one. Then they killed Booker to erase the root of these timelines despite Booker already experienced the events. Even if they did, what the fuck happened with Grandfather paradox.

I couldn't help but laugh at how pathetically they try to recon Elizabeth into the Rapture game. Who was even asking the mystery behind the Big Daddy's imprint? No one would've even been able to have guess it was this character who never existed then and only put in the plot to give her any relevance in the franchise.

The first game was about a atomospherically eerie dystopia and a pseudo philosophical look at the "No Gods, No Kings, bible banned as Contraband" Bad guy behind it. Infinite could have been just as neat but fucked it up.

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Yea the re-writing really killed the story. If you go look at some of the development preview stuff you can see it really fell apart somewhere along the line.

They even tried to change the story with the DLC. Originally the plot was that evil exists on both sides in the main game, but BAS changed it so the leader of the Vox did evil cause she was pressured to by the Lutece twins instead of being the bloodthirsty commie she was. Horseshit. The studio fell apart after the second DLC was published.

Tbh, I bought into the hype and got it at launch. The aesthetics and music were great at least. I do recommend the soundtrack for the covers. That hymn is one of my favorites and the recording they used is quite good.