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So we don't have multiple threads made /v/irgins asking what guns to put in their indie game or multiple threads about the HECU Marines from Half-Life let's have a cyclical thread for contained vidya discussion.

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I see you benis

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The problem with PR is that it's a hacked-in mod for a game that wasn't designed for it. As a result 90% of the time it's faggots abusing legacy issues in the engine, 10% of the time it clicks and it's amazing. You have to play at the right time, on the right server and on the right map/gamemode but if you do it's amazing.


honestly was never ewally happy with any game that got too realistic. the misery mod for stalker is about the most experience I cared for when it came to trying realism mods, and I couldn't be bothered to play it too long.

ultimately, games need to provide extra information to make up for deficiencies not provided in the experience of playing a video game to begin with, like sense of touch, or the incorrect time scale where you would normally camp out and stalk prey for hours at a time. throw in jets where there shouldn't be any, and buckets of red jam over the player's eyes when they stub their toe, and it is no longer conducive towards an enjoyable experience.

then again, I also really don't have the patience to wait around for a pack of internet geeks to gather themselves at the appointed date and time so we can play a video game. ymmv.

So Mechwarrior 4 Mercs, would that be Zig Forums related at all considering you can mount the equivalent of 4 GAU-8's on a Battlemech?


God I fucking love this thread
Its vidya, politics and firearms all with decent depth and objective based opinions.
Wish I wasn't a noguns faggot

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My information may well be of use to you

I said come in, don't stand there.

I bought Rising Storm 2. Rocky launch but the dev team is still doing things with it and playerbase is slowly growing. They recently added Australian forces into the game and their L1A1 is pretty fun to use. Their machine gun kinda sucks though, it's like a long mag L1A1 that's full auto and has a bipod, too much recoil and not enough ammo each mag to make it worth while.
Doesn't this one Australian head awfully look like the shitposter meme?

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Because I wanted a new FPS game to play.

Chinks invaded alaska.
There's quite a bit from Alaska to Nevada just to move a few shitty chink-guns
No it wasn't, Nazis were secondary to the fact there's paranormal/superscience threat which will end the stalemate and there was no politics involved. You were an american hero winning against all odds and killing medieval zombies or super-soldier mutants made by guy with a nickname "totenkopf"

Don't buy from Tripwire. They don't deserve any shekels.

That's like saying Mario was always about squashing goombas.

I don't really give a shit if /v/irgins don't like a company because some screencap from a shitposter that didn't know a thing he was talking about told him to. I'll buy whatever I want to buy and I wanted Rising Storm 2, I'm happy with my purchase but if it makes you feel any better I paid 8 euros for it at a CD key reseller site.

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freech isn't even a site anymore.

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the plural of goy is goyim

=B A S E D L E A F=

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You would know.

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Huh, turns out someone else noticed this before me on Leddit.
No, I don't visit Leddit. I just took a look to see what was there because it's on the main menu of the game.

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Well they do have terrible taste in vidya.

Is this bait?

Rare flag.
WebM unrelated, it's a ffmpeg test.

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TWI sold out on everything they used to believe in for more players and money. RO2/RS/RS2 aren't bad games but they're much more towards the arcade end of the scale than RO:OST and RO2 had so many broken promises during development it was silly. As a long-term fan and supporter who even remembers the days when they were just a mod team I got to watch them lie through their teeth to me, sell out on current mod teams and pander to CoD-kiddies. Play their games by all means but buy them from resellers and don't pretend they're real sequels to OST. I agree with fags ITT that Darkest Hour is an overrated mod and Mare Nostrum is better.

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I've played Ostfront and it really isn't anything special, not that much different from the current games in all honesty. RO2 wasn't great but RS and RS2 I think are pretty solid games.
TWI has some real shithouse people in it like the president of the whole thing but Antimatter Games and the team on RS2 are pretty chill from my experience.

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It's much more focussed on bolt-rifles for the average infantryman and teamwork over run and gun. Also no magical zooming in eyes with iron sights, ahistorical/anachronistic weapons added for 'balance', cancerous unlocks or hip-firing MGs. There were a few improvements in 2 though, the main one was having more than one player on a team with smoke grenades and . I have about 200 hours playing Classic a mode that by the way only existed after TWI were bitched at to add it for fucking months after both the beta and release and still had lasting issues but once that died and the only servers left were playing the so-called Realism mode I gave up entirely. IOM would have unfucked classic and given us an almost-proper RO2 but surprise surprise TWI didn't bother supporting it at all rumours I've heard were they intentionally killed it because they thought veterans should just accept the new game and didn't like some of the modders, how true that is I don't know but they did take months and months to respond to anything about it and it died as a result too. It didn't help that all the people I'd been playing with for years had all been driven off by the lies and broken promises: remember that RO2 now is the product of years of them patching in features they first promised on release and then only a month or two after and then it was the veteran players being entitled.
I preferred RS to RO2 because while it was equally dumbed down the Pacific theatre worked better with the arcadey gameplay for some reason. Haven't done RS2 but I do hear they finally got rid of the unlock system (or was it made cosmetic only?) and that's good.

That was removed in RS2. Almost. For some retarded reason if you mount a LMG with a bipod you can zoom in, but no other weapon can do this. I'm really not sure why this is in the game but whatever. I guess it offsets the fact that bipods are pretty fucky in the game in many places. They work fine if just lying down but some non-kosher places are iffy and can block even when it shouldn't.
The game never had a unlock system. You just got cosmetics if you played more and got XP in matches about every 5 levels. Otherwise everything is available to you from the start.

This was what they did in RO2's classic mode too: the idea is to make LMGs more viable as actual support weapons instead of hip-fire machines because the underlying gameplay favours riflemen and smgs too much. It's a poorly thought out artificial feature trying to fill in for flaws in the underlying gameplay.
That's a definite improvement. RO2/RS's system was dumb not only because you unlocked new (and often ahistorical) guns and attachments by the way you couldn't actually disable specific attachments you'd unlocked originally so they were stuck on and fucking really why was the BAYONET a fucking unlock but because the % increases to stats would stack to the point of stupidity (hence the validity of hip-firing MG).
Cosmetic unlocks are still bad though since TWI have to or had to back in RO2/RS and I assume it's the same now manually authenticate modded server sto be ranked and nobody ever plays on unranked servers or even sets the server browser up to show them (it doesn't by default). They can use that to de facto kill a mod even if officially they haven't done anything to it, it was one of the things they did to IOM back in the day (IOM turned off the unlocks but faggots wouldn't play if you couldn't still earn XP and couldn't see the sever without messing with the default settings of the server browser). Actually RO2's system also made it so custom mappers originally couldn't lock off weapons per map to match the year it was set in (i.e. no MG42 before it should be around) or let one faction use enemy weapons (generally used in Berlin maps with the Germans having a random collection of guns but also elsewhere) because the guns were centrally controlled. I think this was dealt with in RS but it was bloody silly.
It sounds like RS2 is an improvement though, I guess the setting also works better with the less realistic/teamwork based approach too. RO2 never got WW2-style combined arms down for example.

Also to clarify magical zooming:
Not only should there not be a second level of super-zoom like your eyes are fucking optics but really you shouldn't get any magnification at all when using iron sights.

Combined arms was never really the thing in that game either though. In RS2 Copter pilots are super important for Southern (capitalist) forces because it's basically the only thing giving them proper mobility on the map, a squad leader is a lot more fragile of a spawn point than a tunnel that takes time to destroy and find.

Well, see, IRL our eyesight isn't limited by 1080p displays and everything doesn't look like 3 pixels tall at 150m ranges. I think up to 1.25x ironsight zoom is acceptable because it compensates for lower resolutions and otherwise above very close ranges pixel hunting and seeing jack shit while zoomed in with your ADS covering half the screen would be really annoying.
Plus you can write off some of it as the character just focusing and putting his eyes closer to the sights.

It was in OST, that's what annoyed me.
Spawning on SLs is a bad feature anyway.
You shouldn't be shooting a rifle at long range anyway really, not in WW2 combat conditions with WW2 quality guns. I agree to a degree it helps with simulating real conditions but in gameplay terms it just results in faggots shooting at unrealistic distances. Also 1200p > 1080p, 16:10 will never die.

It makes squad leaders more important and I think it makes attacks more fun.
But you aren't. 150m is hardly extreme long range. We're not talking 2000 meter (speaking of which, for whatever god damn reason the Mosin in RS2 can sight up to 2000 meters, wew lad.) shots of hope, 100-200m is an average combat distance.
1.25x doesn't change the game too considerably.
I was talking about averages, most have 1080p displays and it's the standard for the next 5 years.

100% realism might sound enticing but in gameplay terms with a FPS game it's just plain awful so I rest my case for why iron sight zoom is basically a requirement. The doublezoom shit is indeed awful though and I wish they would remove it from LMGs.

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It also dumbs the game down a bit and ends up with SLs abusing the mechanic and sitting in silly bits of the map instead of playing. I'll grant it does help with squad cohesion.
With a WW2 rifle in combat that's actually fair bit, half of the maximum (300m) engagement range and 50m over the typical engagement range of an average (i.e. unexceptional) gunfight. Also fags in camouflage being hard to see at distance isn't a bad thing, that's what it's there for. These numbers are most of the reason for intermediate cartridges in the first place.
Optimistic sights were a thing until later than you'd think. Mostly during and after WW2 it was realised how dumb they were.
I mean it's not a huge issue but I'd prefer 1x. Double zoom has to go though.
I was just shitposting user, I've got a 1920x1200 monitor because I refuse to give up on 16:10 the superior aspect ratio.

RO:OST wasn't really 100% realism though, it was just a good balance. I dislike it when faggots can reliably pull of accurate long-range fire with the basic rifleman while running at ninja speed because that leads to a shitty campfest.

I realise now you actually had these numbers already. Sure it's an average combat distance but the sheer number of shots fired per kill in war is staggering. It's into the 10s of thousands at the least.


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I think this rather discounts the number of times you're just firing blindly at what is possibly a group of enemys or an otherwise known enemy position on, say, an opposite hill.
But ultimately, when it comes to aiming, you are right. That's normal range.

Nofuns detected. Have you ever fired a two-handed weapon? Do you really think your eyes aren't closer to the irons and slightly closer to whatever you're shooting at when you shoulder a weapon to use the sights?

No wonder your opinions are shit. You probably think widescreen is vert- and the widescreen movies in the VHS and DVD days were "placing black bars" on the top and bottom of the screen to be annoying.

Squad Version 10 is having public testing today.

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Help pls does anyone wanna oper8 inna PUBG?
I'm so sick of ching chongs fucking with my shit.

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I just noticed something that may explain the machine gun double zoom in RS2, the M60 seems to have a lot less default iron sight zoom than all of the other rifles so that might be a weird balancing thing.

There's nothing like the original, and nobody plays the buggy classic or vintage mods, either.

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TF2 was never good.

Yes, it was. Counter-Strike, on the other hand. That was never good. Not once.

Get fucked. CS has always been good and you probably just were too bad to play.

So, just like real life?

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some flags turn over a new leaf

Team Fallout. I didn't really like Wargame that much

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They should have kept ability-granting that some hat sets had. Removing that killed the game.

If you can't use the main gun to kill RPG teams, then you kind of deserve it. There's no armor in the world that gives complete 100% protection against RPG, even a Chally or Abrams can get BTFO from the sides, rear, top... Your gun is the most important protective measure.

In Vietnam RPG-2 used to be as common as the AK, it could be made in a tunnel, it could be turned into a mine, and it could turn every troop in an M113 into hot steaming meat marmelade that just oozes down the ramp when you open it. There's a reason Vietnam fucking sucked and it wasn't just the weather.

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Americans are shit at CS so I'm not surprised you're complaining. Get good or get out.

No we just don't play terrible games on shitty engines.

/v/ is absolute fucking garbage right now.
Don't think I've ever seen it this bad.
Not even during the summer
Completely irredemeable

Just bought Wargame Red Dragon, how big of an ass pounding am I in for?

Yeah, there sure are alot of Estonian teams in your 20 year old shooter game.

You're in for a surprise in March (^:
there's 3 video games board that are open to claims

Americans love console trash.
GoldSrc is absolutely acceptable, especially during the era.

As long as you learn the basics, you should be okay. The majority of people are pretty trash at the game, I've taken months-long breaks and came back winning. To start I'd recommend trying out a 10v10 server, just because you not really know what's happening won't matter much. Also:

Already heard about that shit, I'm off that shite board forever even though I've been defending it since 2014.
2016 was bad, but now its too far gone, March will deal the killing blow.
They're all dead and shilling it won't make them alive as we've seen before.
/svidya/ is even worse if you're counting that

Was expecting some dedicated autists since the game is pretty old and the community decently sized but not big per say.
Thanks for the advice compadre

What are you people talking about? /v/ has been shit for the last 1 and a half years.

I guess but the last half of 2015 was still half decent and not downright shit.

whats happening in march?

cuckchan disables v1 captcha and forces to use goolag one, maybe google+ connect mandatory

Is the multiplayer in Wargame RD still alive? I liked ALB, but it's MP is dead as fuck, and the AI gets boring very quickly.

Nevermind. It's alive, I checked.
Tactical games are fun.

Some sperg on /v/ made an arma server. Apparently he'll add RHS at some point, but that thread is a clusterfuck.

server info

Now you finally see what that literal kike-run hedonist board is, I've felt it get worse and worse with each Summer and Winter break with the only reason to return is for /radcorp/. /v/ is the Reddit of imageboards and there's nothing that can be done about it because video games are a manchild's hobby.
I've been wanting to get this but I fear it's too late to get into and I'm not good at RTS, are the DLCs worth getting?

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Game's still alive, I wouldn't worry a whole lot if you're not good at RTS's, WG requires a largely different type of skills.

No. The dev even came to /v/ once and said he was glad to see everyone enjoying the trailer.

This won't end well.

I preferred the earlier games for multiplayer to be honest and the single player is fucking terrible.

A handful of times but not as often as I'd like. Thankfully I was rural enough to get a chance.
Mildly closer sure but unless that physically brings the target closer to you there's no reason it should also get bigger.
I use 16:10 because I want to do actual work on my monitor as well as vidya. Also if the average developer nowadays wasn't so incompetent you'd see more of a game for a given width with 16:10., not less. You lose out on vision on the sides only because they generally take the lazy way out.

Naval units were a mistake
Amphibious capabilities were not.

I'd agree with both, I just meant that the gameplay largely revolves around a stale meta of rushing the cheapest infantry that will still do the job in and then dropping your choice or artillery/air support whoever decided to give planes unlimited ammo and repairs while every other unit has a cap on both is a retard on the enemy's equivalent to the point that actually engaging in combat or trying to control parts of the map you didn't get early on is pointless (it just opens you up to more death). The occasional meme-unit from a given faction sometimes mixes it up but really it's just samey non-gameplay.
To be fair that's mostly because the average player is an idiot and only plays the shit-tier Destruction mode instead of the superior Economy mode. Conquest is a bit better but most of the time it's entirely decided by who comes off best in the opening few minutes. It's the same flaw Company of Heroes 1 had where Annihilation was shit-tier but more popular than the actually worth playing Victory Point mode.

The whole resupply thing about planes was supposed to be balanced out by their vulnerability and their price. Even a shit tier AT plane costs more than a good artillery piece, yet it can be shot down by some 10pts Strela infantry if used imprperly, while a very long range artillery piece (90pts) can stay near your FOB and be safe from any attacks as long as you relocate it.
Planes are a glass cannons, but the problem is that they really aren't. 99% it takes more than one hit for a plane to go down, which is retarded. Do you know how thin the outer hull of a plane is? They take 2mm thick Aluminium plates and dump them into acid to thin them even more, down to 1.5 to 1mm. Shit is fucked up. A plane can get utterly reked by just a 9mm round entering a vital component. There is a reason why the Soviets lost so many ARMOURED Mil Mi 24s to fucking MANPADS in Afghanistan.
Recon is also done badly. For some reason a 10 man Spetznaz group can run through the forest at 30km/h (which is basically a full sprint) indefinetly and be more stealthy than a five man team of Mot. Schützen sitting completely still for the past ten minutes in the forest? Have these fags ever been in the military? Any unit can be camouflaged, all it takes is training. Infantry sitting in ditches, craters or foxholes (which can be dug rather swiftly using entrenching tools) is basically invisible at range, unless electronic recon is used, yet a tank with thermal sights has "poor" optics? WHAT?!

R.U.S.E. was a better game.

It didn't

Sounds like somebody could never afford the actual top-of-the-line shooters. I guess they never shipped anything good to you.

So Heliborne is a pretty fun game. The detail put into the helicopter models is pretty autistic (putting the gimballed miniguns on a huey adds the little targeting binoculars to the cockpit, some load outs change the model number of the helicopter, adding countermeasures puts flare launchers and IR dazzlers onto the helicopter's model) but there's still some pretty serious netcoding issues in PVP that need to be worked out. (you can absolutely wail on a helicopter's model, but its actually not where it is on the server, so you are actually dealing no damage and missing completely on the targeted player's screen, ATGM kills are sometimes chalked up as the target player crashing by the server) The PVE is fun. You can fly hinds and hips through Afghanistan and get murdered by 20 CIA niggers with stingers on every hilltop or get killed by a lucky RPG shot while trying to land in a hot LZ in Nam.

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Things like that are what make me think they either haven't playtested their own game or just don't care.

Yes, R.U.S.E. is just about as far as you can go in the Macro > Micro direction without reaching dumb-down levels of shit.

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That's the thing though. Modern day nation vs. nation combat relies just as heavily on strategy as on tactics. To properly simulate one requires the other, or you end up with something like Red Orchestra 2 where everyone high level MG gunner has an MG42, even though those were pretty rare throughout the war, or en HoI4, where you can have an army of hundreds of millions without having to feed them anything but ammo and fuel.
This is why the whole Total War series is so popular. You can manage an entire empire down to the buildings constructed in a city, and manage an army down to the level of individual hero units.
I agree that it's not perfect, and that we will never reach perfection, but there has to be a middle ground.
Never played R.U.S.E. though. Will give it a try. Any suggestion which iteration is best?


Isn't this the time of the year steam has cheap/free shit? Well, I haven't even connected steam in a year or two

Lots of recommendations sounded good but pretty much nothing functions on my old computer. Playing some Europa Universalis 3 for the first time of anything in that genre. Fun, and autistic in that it let's me micromanage way too fucking much.

maybe I should get a new computer sometime

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Sure, though RO:OST did a better job at limiting weapons in both number and to maps set during correct years. Wargame's single-player did try to give you an element of the bigger-picture thinking by having persistent forces but the AI's only tactic is 'be given 150% as many men and attack move the back of your base' so it falls flat.
Well given that it's the most 'streamlined' game in the series that's not a surprise. Give me Darkest Hour or give me death.
Just plain old R.U.S.E., there's only one and I think one DLC that is often turned off because the Japanese faction is just downright broken. I'm not sure it's even for sale any more.

Most good Zig Forums vidya will run on old hardware anyway.

Friendly reminder to log into steam every couple of months, otherwise they may remove your account due to "inactivity". Happened to an wold WoW friend of mine.

Only new (2012-) Zig Forums-tier video games worth getting not already mentioned in this thread is Syrian Warfare, there haven't been many slow-paced/tactical/gun porn/realistic/thinking man military games since the the late 2000s at most. /v/ hosts Red Orchestra and Joint Ops from time to time however.

It's not, Ubisoft pulled it and Scott Pilgrim down in 2015 due to license expirations.

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thanks for the heads up
I've got games I bought 5 years ago probably that I have never even installed because no new pc

>no new pc
I know that feel. Feels bad.

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What license is used in R.U.S.E.? I don't think there's any modern music in it.

Buy more ram :^)