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The old ones have problems due to the great crash. And since my computer got fucked and had to be factory reset I'm asking for everyone to dump their full collection here so we can have a source of webms to last the ages here I have little to start with though.

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hoping this works

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Is chemistry related to explosions Zig Forums related?

Any good mercenary webms?

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Please enjoy.

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now that's low flying

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oops the webm was already uploaded in >>492140

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Well suppose could repost my webm collection. Standby.

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Suppose I'll add some vidya and anime into the mix as well.

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Fuck off

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Add some Wargame and Battletech.

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Some of this probably belongs in the vidya thread but fuck it, dumping.

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Some more, nearly done. Just got some /m/ related ones to dump but fuck /m/

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and that's me spent, need to convert more vids to webms later

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They aren't mercenaries. Those are SA cops.

Americans spend billions in stealth.
French just fly low.
For a long time the army considered the helicopters to be just some modern version of WWII desert raid vehicles, an up armed jeep that magically bypassed terrain to do lighting strike. As a result helicopter crews were sergeants and adjutants, they still worked for a living.

That's Patlabor right? Which movie?

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Brits also do it, to the point they fly so low they crash into lampposts.

What's going on in that second video? what is the cylinder, and what is that a pile of?

Song name.

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It does, thanks a lot Zig Forumsomrade

The Handsome Family - Far From Any Road

I'm making lot of assumptions here, but I suspect that this was some event where family of the conscripts come to visit their sons in the barracks area, so they put up a bit of a show to make it bit more worthwhile for the visiting families. I suspect that the BTR driver was worried that he might accidentally drive over the civilians so he turned too early. Maybe the driver had driven closer to the curb of the parade field in the exercises, but this time the curb was not visible due to civilians being partially on the parade field, thus blocking the view of the curb he might have been relying on in order to maintain proper distance, and thus avoid driving over the conscripts when turning.

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What anime is the occupation video from?

Patlabor 2

He lived actually.

iirc they're destroying ammo
Don't know about the pile

This made me laugh so hard. Sauce?

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No matter how many times I see the second webm, I'll never truly understand the niggary on display.

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What's the audio source on this one?

This video?

not op but i love you.


ask yourself how they got all the weapons in the first place

fucking where? east st louis?

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This one's a bit smaller, so there is some other stuff.

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glad to see theres some other people doing this

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what the fuck is this from

Hard to be a God

again what was the name of this movie

Buffalo soldiers if I recall.

That's a big mortar

1st Webm, Source on the Music?

Is that a fucking APCBC missile!?… How the hell did they get it going fast enough to penetrate tank armor?… I know that the Japs did a similar thing with the JYU-MAT ATGM launcher but that was just a specific missile made for sinking lightly armored landing barges and amphibious APCs. Not full blown tanks from the front.

Silver For Monsters - The Witcher 3 soundtrack.

The Delfonics - Ready Or Not Here I Come

God damn I would've shit my pants if I was that guy

Thanks user

Solid fuel rocket, if I recall the update to the LOSAT went Mach 6+

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Great vid , name of the song ?


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That's a drinking song.

Fucking delinquents.

Anyone got that 'survival man' song? I think it's from the Cataclysm show thing.

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converted the whole segment

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It's a damn shame but not surprising that the only good thing other than Rush to come out of Canada was axed.

Think the title of this says is it all.

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Like you can talk dad

I'm to this day convinced that the first Mad Max started out as a documentary or a reality show.

It's easier for them to get guns than you.

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And for my next triggering:

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But they're right

Who needs guns when you have a Tank? :^)

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…But Aussie gun laws are unironically stricter than our own. I mean, airsoft guns, rape whistles (Yes, they're considered to be too loud and risk damaging the rapist's ears) and body armour are illegal in Australia

Nice WEBM, moar GuP pls

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Got a ton of .gifs but not going to post them on a webm thread and posting them in a tank thread would make them even more autistic than usual.

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endless boolets

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yes but we just need to pay for club membership to get a gun license, which covers both shotguns and rifles, whereas in the UK you usually have to be in a club for 6 months before they'll even consider you for a license

I've lived in both, Australia is much more relaxed.

That's from the last Pinoy Habbening, isn't?

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Have you encountered motivationally retarded people Zig Forums?

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I know that the only reason he can take part in the "fighting" is because they just take potshots from streetcorners, and the enemy is too far away to even properly see them with naked eyes, but this is still quite motivational.

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Captured sniper rifles in Syria

Lets see how this turned out?

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Why did you think they cut-off his leg? Slimes are spiteful envious critters.

I don't get how they reacted so calmly to that, I'm not an angry man but I'd kill someone if they did that to me.