Brit/pol/ #1971: SA is Missing Emergency Edition

Horn-honking driver announces baby arrival

Guildford Four: Lord Imbert death 'loss of core witness'

Heads complain of having to ask parents for school funds

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nigella tbh

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I already have this, didn't think it was that bad tbqh. Old one is better obv.

tbh lads

Rushed making this and misspelt Brit. Off to have myself hung, drawn and quartered tbh

I got C3 on release and immediately refunded it after starting an MP game and finding out that you could just copy paste units like it was the map editor

SA is also a taig papist faggot smh

*sentences you to death*


Yeah it was pretty fucked on release, seems ok now
t. someone who only plays SP tbh

Probably enslaved by a paki sex gang tbh

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this one is a bit shit according to most
but all I remember is ordering musketeers to kneel fire like it was rourke's drift

might pick it up if they ever discount the whole lot tbh, I like the general idea behind cossacks even if they didn't do anything with it.
Perfection would be a marriage of cossacks 1 and 2 with some extra supply line stuff thrown in tbh

got called blasphemous in greggs lads

In tears from that mp4 lad

Don't even remember if it was a good game from a technical viewpoint but I'll always have fond memories playing it as a little boy with Sharpe on the telly. The Napoleonic Wars will always be the most aesthetic period of history.

was a bit too late for civ 3 but vid related had a great soundtrack, classic folk tunes

Agincourt Carol, Blow Ye Winds Blow, Over the Hills and Far Away, Girl I Left Behind Me etc

What happened lad?


I still boot up occasionally to play Battle for Europe tbh


>nearly got kicked out of the Queens Student Union bar during the norn iron match on thursday for singing 50p flute

Kek what RTS is that from

I was put off by the idea of it tbh, torrented it more recently and found it wanting .

it was my first one tbh… or maybe it was 2, not sure now. I still have the manual for 3 on my bookshelf kek

My slant eyed brother from another mother.

Tbh where does time go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

tbqh I'm a bit of a chinkaboo
but only when it comes to the history

tbh tbh tbh


So long as CA don't lock factions behind paywalls, the new Britannia campaign might have to be a purchase considering it is set in 878 AD.

good luck with that tbh

did you piss off any taigs?

tbh tfw I can never get it to work on modern systems anymore and EA will never update it

nothing wrong with liking pre-communist chinese history/culture tbf I would say pre-Manchu dynasty tbh


always pirate CA games
they're far too Jewish to do otherwise

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I don't think so, taigs are too busy supporting the irish republic to watch NI play

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Ever seen any Run Run Shaw films?
Endless parade of manchus being dropkicked, top stuff

there's always one taig getting drunk at the pub
like SA he is always getting pissed

I haven't. I will try to rectify that now. God I hate Manchus tbh

Are you sure thats not actually SA?

they're hilariously over the top oriental opera style, with comedy thrown in too. Start with the 36th Chamber of Shaolin films tbh



Good lad

One look at his face makes me want to buy Bethesda Softworks©'s Fallout™ 4 tbh

>Tfw remembering playing lotr rotk on ps2 and getting stuck on this level and wanting to kill myself

you can tell if it's SA, he will go to te toilet after being handed a fiver

Proper want to be a Household Cavalry Officer, lads.

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Sign up lad, and fight the EU army

I will, lad. Can't wait tbh. I really hope I don't get exempted for medical reasons.

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tfw my friend and I always co oped on rotk, myself as Gimili son of Gloin and he as Legolas and we'd try to be in character the whole way through.

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I'm going to join the RN when I'm done with uni

Good lad, it would probably be best if you made sure to buy the Pip Bwoi collectors edition though, don't want to make toddy angery

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Is that a photo of child Kaiser Wilhelm? No wonder he was fucked up.

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That lad said the RN is shit compared to the merchant marine or whatever. Is that part of the RN though?

*shoots her and annexes germany into the greater brittanic empire*


Tory Remainers branded 'collaborators' as they threatened to frustrate Brexit

Fury as Tajani demands Britain stumps up £53 BILLION for Brexit divorce bill

David Davis told Brussels will not accept deportation of EU immigrants

EU nationals still allowed to bring foreign partners to UK despite Government ruling, European court rules

>Tfw co-oped a lot of it with my Dad, don't think we beat it thought SMFH
Good times

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No completely different institutions.

Other than them both using boats.

Cheers lad.

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I just want to join the forces tbh, the merchant navy is more if you want to have a career in seafaring.

I'm waiting for an updated Generals with nothing but nasheeds for the rag head campaign.

smh lad.

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You can become a mechanic apparently that offers better option for world on land later on in related fields.

Nah I thought it might be his daughter or something but apparently it was common for children to dress up in uniform during the imperial era. Seems like an expensive costume though so probably somebody important tbh.

Smh, lass. They're are kin

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I'm looking to be a writer on a submarine, theres a shortage of them at the moment

Personally I just want to be a soldier tbh lad. I don't care a damn about the money or the skills. I'm sure some of you know the urge.

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Writing what exactly? The MoD might get a bit iffy depending.

Np ladd

I know lad smh

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A writer deals with the salaries and legal matters for the rest of the crew. I'm doing a law degree at the moment.

don't leave us again, lad. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Yeah and for royalty too. I miss those days tbh, but it would be called indoctrinating the children into militarism or something today smh

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Ray Mear's ancestor?

Don't worry lad I'll be as unpozzed as possible


Best track in 64 tbh good lad

I'll be sure to buy Skyrim VR twice too tbh tbf

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I just stayed up when I got back from work as I had to do something and went to bed around 1 p.m. smh somebody has to pay the taxes smh

Don't want to injure myself tbh, I'm new to it all.

How many of us here can meet this requirement?


I can, lad.
someone cure diabetes so I can join the navy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

Dunno, it's
but can't find more information smh

go full keto diet lad

if he's type 1, that would fuck him up

This is the future you chose

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She puts on a lot of foundation or some shit which makes her face look like it's fucking peeling when you see it up close tbh

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I am, kek. But says it's fine tbh

I can meet height requirement but I'm slightly underweight so I've been force feeding myself, I'll be fit for service by the end of my degree no problem.

care to explain?

Unless you're 22st or anorexic you would be fine

ketoacidosis, lad

It's a fucking joke.

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Is this in Africa?

Looks good but do you even get to fire a weapon doing that? I'd rather do this:

I think we can all agree that the MoD should be renamed the War Office tbh


Kowloon City in HK?

Someone's got to do the paperwork. I shoot a lot of guns in my free time anyways.