Brit/pol/ #1972: Based Countryside Edition

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Jail is for the poor or poorly connected.

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At least this current climate and culture will collapse under it's own weight I suppose.

Why does the Teuton worship the state?

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He is in jail

Killed a swan once when I was fishing. Evil beasts.

I guess he was one of the two then.

Her majesties death squads have been deployed.

Reporting you to the Queen mate.

He's in prison, he got a sentence of 29 years.

who /tribalwars2/ here

Warhammer atm tbh.

Tbh lads birds are very intelligent and can recognise individuals. Maybe swans are based. Dogs can definitely recognise race

She keep her swans under control if she doesn't want them kicked to death

Trucking tbh

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Actually she keeps you under control if she doesn't want the swans kicked to death alot like our government and wogs.

after probably being targeted by ethnic minorities

God we had great times messing around with Eurotruck at school

neva dey gud boiis.

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How does that work lad?

Why subject yourself to a virtual gridlock?

It's rather cathartic tbh

Why are you running down migrants on a Calais run?
I despise all established parties but more than others, everything labour touches turns to shit tbh

'WHY SHOULD I TELL THEM?' One of UK’s youngest transgender women doesn’t tell men she sleeps with about her past

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Lads, is Islam the most autistic religion?

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At least we know what he looks like now.

He's not the brightest bulb.

The whole religion is just justification for them to be dirty fuckers.


It must be all the estrogen going to his head.

There's a good mod that has a lot of players, most people are concentrated into one main area around that road though because people want to play where other people are so it kind of piles on top of itself

It gets pretty fun when traffic is moving and everyone is trying not to crash into each other

Yea that's the downside

Model ‘sells virginity for £2m to businessman who outbid Hollywood star’
>Giselle, 19, put her virginity for sale on the notorious Cinderella Escorts website to pay her tuition fees and go travelling
>The winning bidder is said to be a millionaire businessman from Abu Dhabi.

Kipper has a great taste in music tbh.

Only an arab

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Dude traveling lmao

*10 years later*

It's going to be some disgusting, smelly arab, who she is going to find incredibly revolting, and the experience will be stuck with her for the rest of her life.
I hope she suffers.

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I'm still disgusted

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Lads she's doing it so she can go to uni and get fucked by 20 random guys a month, I doubt she will regret it, I don't think women regret things like that until later life

Is that you SA?

Two people just die oh well not suspicious



wew lad

What are you implying

We are going to have to deal with "Human guilt" in the future and the robots will use this video as evidence against us.

And when she's in her late thirties and everyone her around her is getting married and she's still single and alone, she can write a column in the guardian or buzzfeed.

I miss him, lads

Most girls at uni are basically incels lad. All they do is whine about how long it's been since they last had sex and blame the men when actually it's 9/10 their fault for getting too drunk/high and throwing up.

He posts that specific gif very frequently lad

what happened?

I've only ever seen him post it once.

If SA was in the thread he'd have posted 3 sharpe pictures, 4 anime girls, 9 links to Westmonster and a scarcely credible greentext story about him heroically BTFO'ing lefties and pakis

Staffordshire schools told to offer virtual tours of mosques after parents ban children from visits


And what do they plan on doing when the parents don't want to allow that either?


Most of the uni girls I know are well into the double digits, granted they are from big cities.

The diverse team of minorities and women that pretended to be him have been laid off due to budget cuts.


How are they going to afford all this diversity once we leave?

j e j sounds like he'll use her as a human toilet

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Fucking hell.

you need to destroy them before they outbreed you

What did schlomo mean by this?

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Disney must be pissed, I've heard rumors that they were unhappy with the first nu-Battlefront due to it's poor sales and quality, this one is a mess publicity wise with the lootbox garbage.

I fucking hope EA loses in license.

Gaymers are the worst consumer pressure group in the fucking world though. They'll downvote a reddit comment and pat themselves on the back for smashing the corporate machine before giving EA their money.

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smh, they deserve aids tbh


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I'm in Manchester/Oldham this weekend, anything worth seeing around there?

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I would batter a teacher and the local authority bod who authorised the propaganda video with the equipment used to show it and then grind it down and make them eat it before sealing their anuses with expanding foam
smh….I think the government is radicalising me and half the country. They need arresting

You're not wrong there. Lots of kids who will buy the game (or have it bought for them) regardless

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It looks like a fucking troll

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BUDGET 2017: Hammond plans to RAISE income tax for 30 million households'

By allah if this is journalism…

its probably caused by the BoE raising interest rates

How LOCAL are you, lads?

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I buy everything from Amazon thus supporting LOCAL couriers.

Petit Bourgeois scum like that will be the first to hang.


As local as I can be tbh, buy meat from the butcher, bread from the baker, go to local pubs and drink local ales, not much I know but I try


Does the local coop count as local

We Big Bruvva now

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Is that Sammy in the background? Such a great video.



No fucking way.

Either way that is really fucking creepy