Brit/pol/ #1977: Mummy/pol/ Edition

'We will pay' Hammond insists UK will 'honour its debts' to the EU in divorce bill row

Hammond: Driverless cars will be on UK roads by 2021

UK Weather: Snow forecast next week as chances of White Christmas rocket thanks to 'La Nina effect'

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jewess milfs tbh

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For her

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Good lad.




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I haven't touched a vagina for over 24 years.

nth for him

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I will get a gf but not a civic one tbh. Goodnight

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Good lad

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I believe you will too

Night lad

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his taigishness becomes obvious once you add facial hair tbh

tbh tbf

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kinda been put off Meg a bit due to her thot images tbh

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wew she's going to look like shit by 30.

starting to get a bit creepy there lad

Lad, its all creepy.

Remember that time Putin visited us just before the Brexit vote to tell us how to vote….smdh

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not sure if I can trust a woman who looks different in every picture

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Nice, I haven't seen this one.

I was Brexit-posting for free. Weren't we all?

You could have ended that sentence right there tbh

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It's too much lads phwoar

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Those damn slavs again eh ….tsk!

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who is this meg? what did I miss now?

is she from bumsnet?

Why are you even visiting that website?

Jesus Christ

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Good God

It's a based lass from Luton who is eager to secure the existence of white people and a future for white children. Anons met her on Christian dating sites.

Luton is the home of the EDL

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>I am going to buy a large white instrument and stick it up my arse

Fair play tbh.
Is it a New washing Machine?

22 stone?

That doesn't happen until next year lad, you'll just have to be patient until then

At least she's sticking big white things up her bum, not black ones, I guess….

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Today for some reason the fire inside seemed to lighten as if it has lost it's fuel, I'm worried by the time it happens I wont feel the desire to do such stuff


G-good one GCHQ

I'm not sure if it will ever come to that though tbh, but if you're feeling fired up do some pressup, crunches, and shadow boxing for a bi t maybe

Good night lads. Get some sleep to grow your muscles.

Israel to shut migrant centre and deport Africans

I hope it does, I want to lead a pogrom. So you don't want to see urban war in London?

b-based israel amiright?

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The only whites left in London have no will to fight - soyboys, luvvies, dykes and faggots

If there was a street war in London, whites would lose


That's where we fit in, there's more than you think willing to fight lad it's just they need the right trigger.

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Not sure about your theory tbh. Many would die but many would fight.
That's how Jews work. They started WW1 and one of them described the slaughter as the greatest revenge they had ever had against Christians
They always follow this formula. Hijack education, soygoy the men and spoil the womenfolk whilst breeding conditions for war to get a load of us genocided
They've known for a while whites/christians won't genocide each other willingly any more, hence the wogs etc
If the corrupt elites are not removed we are kind of fucked atm

tbh London would probably be left under some sort of government control. Where they'd be managing a colonial occupation authority, keeping order in the financial/government centers with the rest of the city looking more or less like a middle-eastern bazaar town.

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[ Chk'd ]

She's a filthy lezzer
Women have NO place in the church apart from prayer. The Bible was clear on this tbh

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What if "she" isn't as much a woman as you think?

5 of these Anglo-Saxon Fuþorc runes are now considered to be h8 symbols under Twitter's new (((rules)))
NONE of the Hebrew ones are of course

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err, lads…?

is it all just falling apart?

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You faggots need to post links as well
Woes has always been one of the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine), he's gay after all

Implying that anyone at all *isn't* a spy at this point

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Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe vows to stay on despite party pressure

Lad, you better get out of this thread. I know you're one of those spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine), I can smell the haggis on your breath

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forgot the link, reee

Do yank girls actually get wet for British blokes or is that a memi?

I am not the best looking man in the world and women in Maine loved my accent.

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Was Maine nice? It's got the highest percentage British ancestry iirc. Seems like my sort of place - coastal and rural.

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I have family there, It's nice. still America though

Oh my…

ttpw is jealous

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Couple of intredasting.jpg threads

Hold me, m'lads.

I've not got family anywhere exotic apart from Anglesey and Teviotdale smh

Got family fucking all over former colonies tbh.

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why must they fuck their sisters smh

Had a cousin move to Australia for a few months thats it I think. I do technically have relatives who moved to Virginia in the 1700s but they're probably 56% now.

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The family I have in Maine are just part of the family in Canada who moved over the border tbh.

How do you lads overcome procrastination?

With a wank
Only joking, lad
Don't do it

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I actually did have haggis for dinner….

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Ahh but I need to do my work on the internet

wasn't going to but tbh nofap is a bit extreme noporn + a wank every few days/a week is quite enough


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Remember when people shill for Gabai - it translates to גבאי in Hebrew - which means "Collector"
Gabai's CTO, Utsav Sanduja, is a Canadian Indian who is married to an orthodox Jewish woman, Emma Rosenthal, who attends a Washington, DC synagogue which most likely functions as an Israeli intelligence front
Utsav Sanduja also wrote a very pro-Israel essay in 2011
Torba who founded it is an unknown quantity but 56% of Torba's come from Poland, however the name allegedly has Jewish roots

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Terry Tosser


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the future is so bright, its like an atomic blast


damn he is 170 pds? I look stacked next to him and I am only 175

Report: Schools Must Teach Britain Is an ‘Immigration Nation’ to Fight Islamophobia

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Russell Simmons, Brett Ratner Hit with Multiple Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

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