Brit/pol/ #1978: Technocide Edition

Brexit: Broad agreement to pay more as UK leaves, the BBC understands

Barnier challenges UK on post-Brexit border proposals

Why has a Cold War-era Soviet submarine surfaced in England’s River Medway?

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thanks lamb

Good lad

lad maith

uncle ted do it again

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Gad lood

fuck this gay shit

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Zig Forumspol survivalist hermit compound when? We'll all have our own straw huts.

tbh tbf

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Careful with those (you)s lad, don't want you to overdose.


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Where have all our great statesmen gone? It's like they all evaporated one day.

that's what you get

They give me strength tbh


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Druid/pol/ beat you to it lad

We need a based centrist in charge tbh

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they did tbh
coulda bought some prime farmland in Anglesey if they'd wanted to

implying prime-mummy May was elected

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I think he was talking about this one tbh lad

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Single-handedly loses the conservatives a majority because no one fucking trusts her they just happen to trust Labour less.

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Only 35 days left lads

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Haven't even started buying presents yet tbh

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you caught him lad

mods, expel this spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)!

I was about to ask what happened but
answers it pretty well kek

I took it of a thread in /pol yonks ago tbh

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Keek, fair point lad

sounds GAY af tbqhwy

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What do you think the giant stone dildo is for?

If only they didn't love trannies…

for her

whe will save us all

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we don't
neo a shit

I bet you think sleeping in the same bed as a bloke is gay.

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wasted quads tbh


it's the druid's power
muh portentious numerals

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can we make Jewerium and Imperium posting bannable in light of what happened to guitarlad?


and by a "druid" too


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About as gay as wanting to crew a ship tbh

tbh, i quite like the look of that orange thot on the left, ngl

STOP being pagans

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Who's modding Zig Forums?


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Daddy Helmer

A diverse group of spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine).

Bible is full of juicy digits lad

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that thigh to knee ratio tbh

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my favourite is Romans 1:11
the spiritual gift is druidism

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Based Bible

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Jesus was quite obviouly a druid, look at these robes, and that hair and beard

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Romans you say?

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For you autists

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Lads it's okay that I work in an office surrounded by soyboys and sterile nu-cucks all day so long as I'm working towards having enough shekels to get a comfy quaint cottage in the countryside where I can brew my ale and tend to my crops, yes?

Works everytime

can that guy that always tinder-posts send this to one of his matches?

night lads, accept angry nativism into your hearts tbh

a jewid maybe tbh

flawless logic tbh

tbh lad
that's what I'm going to have to do next year smh

what actually is a good opening line
-t. hyper sperg


Perfectly legit lad
You can help me tbh

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I'm that gorilla dick nigga, I make dyke pussy wet.

hey baby wanna see my magic staff?

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Anybody who takes shit like the Bible code seriously is a mong, as is anybody who is a literalist. Especially if they're literal about a translation.

*converts to druidism*

The prophecy has been fulfilled

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Good luck with that.

Land is expensive to buy and most is AONB land or (((National Trust))) property.

Also a cottage. Expect to shell out roughly £700k for a basic hermit lifestyle like that.

Only the South East tbh lad.

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SA is going to be so mad when he comes back smh

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Every time smh

He's never coming back

I'd love to see his face kek

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Why do they do this?

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Douglas pls go

billions have suffered and died for their dream
of monotonous centrist status quo

hell yes

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he could paint himself grey and start collecting slugs

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Google will ‘de-rank’ RT articles to make them harder to find – Eric Schmidt

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>(((Eric Schmidt)))
have the memmies gone too far again?

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based internet monopoly company


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smh tbh

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Fucking hell.

They're obsessed with le evil bad guy Russia.

it happens lad
you're beyond saving tbh.

Hope somebody gets this memi tbh

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