Brit/pol/ #1979: The old Monkey finally loses his grip Edition

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe resigns, ending 37-year rule

Outsourcing the problem: UK to pay France millions to block new wave of Calais migrants

CCTV captures moment nightclubber is shot in chest from just feet away

10,000 forensic tests 'may have been manipulated

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for her

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for her

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Wew I remember rumours about Manchester forensics workers being as corrupt and incompetent as the police after the national body on forensic science in the UK was scrapped and even before that.

*checks your tickets* Enjoy!

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whoever thought of that one is trying to kill multiple birds with one stone
Giving our enemies money, ensuring terrorists can still enter and having a """defence""" against anyone who speaks out

Wew once more at my ignorance the national body was revived after being scrapped (or planned to be scrapped) about 2011 iirc.

Good lad.

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Just use chrome lad they already know you're a wrongun

Menu->History->Restore Previous Session



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SHe makes me so hard I could drill for fucking gold at the core of the earth.

do they get something for turning them in, like in America? I heard about Revolutionary War muskets being given in over there.

dunno tbh, maybe some Bongo Bongo Land drama, or maybe took Guitar "don't panic she's only Hispanic" lads post to heart, which would be silly, or just having a wee break tbh

Me too lad, it's another 'they're trying to fuck us over' episode.


Give me some credit lad. That option's always blanked out after a crash, for me anyway.

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It's just the gun in the picture isn't a firearm and of the 143 "Firearms", 48 aren't even firearms by…


The police are misleading the public and their rights.

*goes on a rampage with my G10*
You'll never take me alive coppers!


I hate our police so much

I remember me and some mates one summer stole loads of cheap bb guns one after another because they broke so quick. It was from a paki shop so I feel no guilt for the many thefts. It was so much fun shooting at each other even though they were shit toys. Kek. Then one day I got a proper 150 quid air rifle from my step dad and shot one mate in the leg up close and it went into his flesh, resulting in his mummy calling the police and getting it confiscated from me. Smdh thinking back it's like a Zig Forums parody. They should have let my step dad keep or return it and just warn him not to give it to stupid kid me again.


you might have to try a new profile. When I went from FF to PM, one of the addons didn't work under PM and on Windows would go into an infinite loop and a memory leak, until the browser crashed. It might also just be Flash.

He was a south african former soldier and already had adult kids of his own so it wasn't like he was a typical soyboy step daddy tbh.

not the point, lad. Your real dad is the soyboy for not bitchslapping your mum before the divorce


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lad why is PaleMoon better than Waterfox?

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My real dad never married mummy and I've never met him tbh. And no I'm not a nigger. Pls this is a no bully zone.

Mine shacked up with a young Italian man called Pedro once but broke up quickly. I have not met father.

When I was a kid me and my brother both had airsofts, think his was an MP5K and I had a Colt 911, both fairly realistic looking, and we used to run about the streets shooting each other and "open carrying" them with friends and generally being mischievous. Probably get shot by armed police if we did that today. Naturally did the same thing with shooting each other at close distance with the metal coated BB's as a test of 'hardness', used to be more sensible with my G10 and my friends GAT. Good times also used to shoot street lights out with them because they'd flare bright green sometimes
kek, you bloody daftie.

Cheers for the advice lad. Come to think of it this is the first time it's crashed on my new system and I just installed Flash a few days ago, possible culprit.

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I don't know, maybe it isn't, I've not actually tried Waterfox somehow. You recommend?

more of muh addons work in WF

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My mate had a Webley Tempest 177. He ran out of metal pellets and used loaded some hamster food instead.
The cunt shot me in the thigh with it when I was round his house playing on his snes.
Could've killed him for that. Really sharp too!

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Glad they got that gun off the streets, somebody could have got a bruise.

it's no surprise tbh

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Imagine my shock

I feel so much safer knowing that these toys will be destroyed and never able to terrorise the streets again.

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May give it a try. How is it with memory though?

Very nice, a lot more high powered than the g10 I imagine, though being able to quick load nearly 20 metal bb's made up for it in fun.
lol, yeah, as soon as you run out of pellets it's instinct to start looking for the nearest thing that'll fit down the barrel.

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Never understood this disccord memi or the site in general. could someone explain to me why people use it and why they treat it like an image board but where everyone is a trip.

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the people who use Bongo Bongo Land are tripfags anyway
and also gayists, hence the coup in progress

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It's skype 2.0

haven't noticed any leaks and it uses 2GB with many tabs open

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I really don't get the appeal tbh, especially since it harvests and stores everything you do on there.

It should say "Restore tabs" when you reopen it tbh, unless it's properly crash crashed. I've just switched to Opera, leaving Pale Moon as a secondary media player on the other screen and so far it's doing pretty well.

Did you ever get this problem with Pale Moon where opening a thread here would cause the browser to freeze for ages while everything on the thread loaded?

Attention whores attention-whoring lad

>GCHQ know I'm actually a thicc latina

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Now I'm imagining somebody using a WW2-era machine gun "on the streets of London"

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I don't know why anyone who values their privacy and also talks about wrong thinks stuff like we do would ever consider using it, or skype for that matter.

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one day, lad..

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Envision my surprise

those are fun tbh
they have .22 caliber ones that can kill



its only a small improvement, tbh

I'm not going to masturbate to Holly Willoughby

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she is a good woman lad don't fap, admire her aesthetics as a thot-turned-mummy who is raising aryan saxon children to outbreed the beady

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It just means the retards will be cast to the side in the event of a revolution.

We'll remake it into a new Bren, lad, when we get the metal.


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We still have the schematics, we can rebuild them.

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She is a fitty ain't she?

.303 is very expensive here otherwise I would have bought a enfield jungle carbine on the chug reservation. I just couldn't afford to feed her

so 3 weapons and two props?
fucking retards.

She stirs my loins tbh

I broke my permanofap a few weeks backs and nearly came a hole in the bog roll smh

Need to go and do some exercising to keep my hands busy. I'd fucking respect her

don't they just need new internals? or did they pour molten metal down the barrels?

there is an M60 tank in my town on a plinth that is "deactivated" its at the veterans hall

yeah I just got done lifting tbh, it makes it worse but losing that vitality from a fap is not a good feeling

I have D'cord installed and have an account just never got round to using it.

There's a fair bit to it. New spec means guns rendered completely inoperable, old spec allowed racking the slide but you'd need to fabricate new internals or even a receiver as certain parts are shaved in half, welded in place or otherwise demilled. Barrels are welded shut for the most part or obstructed somehow.

You should've bought it and used it like you would a fine brandy, on occasion as a special treat. It'd make using it much more special.

I got it for Zig Forums mount and blade games. Sadly they don't happen anymore.

permanofap is a memi tbh. perfect system is nofap month. just lift more and sleep better if you're T conscious. if your morals conscious i don't know. maybe try death bed conversion or asking for forgiveness.

How will yanks ever recover.

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That's not exactly great lad. It takes a fairly long time for PM to run up to a 1GB here, at which point I usually restart the browser to clear it anyway. Maybe if I had more than 8gig in my system it'd be less of an issue.

Yeah proper crash/freeze where you can't do fuck all but end the process.
Oh God yes, used to get (NOT RESPONDING) for about half a minute, but it also did that with FF if I remember right. Doesn't help my internet is shoddy as.

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went to the gym earlier, lads

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just gas them all
The dialogue p much confirms that these ""people"" have some sort of degenerative mental disesase.
But even if you couldn't read, they're avatars and posted images are all you need to see

Nae lad, 'tis only for reproduction m'lad. The only solution is marriage smh

isn't a sossie roll £1 or something now
might qualify

Still a Zig Forums channel knocking about?

**ps. I used the wrong form of their just to piss people off.
Please don't tell the police I am being rude on the internet**

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But you also got banned?

Don't lad…

Bongo Bongo Land is ALWAYS the faggiest place on earth…

Who cares

this is comedy gold

Really though I generally think it's just people who can't stand the idea of being 'left out' and like the idea of being part of an 'in-crowd'


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would it still be immoral if you saved your seed in cryogenic vials and then later when you married, used those to inseminate her? it wouldn't technically be masturbation then, it would just be sort of deferred sex.

Nice idea lad, I'll get meself some tupper ware tomorrow tbh

It's quite dead since we stopped playing games except for 22st and moonman occasionally spamming it to hell

Are you a kike lawyer lad?

The jews have brought me so low, lads.

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ahh right.

Just tried to join Zig Forums but it won't let me join any way.

That Yank host has the mannerisms of a nervous prey-animal. That combined with his make-up and botox etc.. disturbs me tbh.

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I don't know how I keep asking but nobody taught me.

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Sounds like she got mexispic'd

yeah he is some weird faggy wop, and he has the typical face of a liberal talking to a dumb nigger

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I go to church and the gym now lads. And I have a job (at least for now). If I can do it, so can you.

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