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The designated political discussion thread. Christians from all parts of the political spectrum are encouraged to discuss relevant political topics and ideas, as well as ask questions and hopefully recieve answers from all points of view. Anything related to politics that doesn't actively involve the Catholic/Orthodox/Protestant churches should go here, so if a politics thread is deleted, this thread is the reason why.

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My uncle was hospitalized after fainting twice today, (or last night, rather) and my aunt lost her dog the same evening. I'm not particularly religious myself, but they are, and I'd appreciate if if you guys kept them in mind.

Seems about right

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This isn't the prayer thread

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I don't know if this question should be in this thread but as it touches with the theme of Judaism i will post it here to be on the safe side.
Why Christians and Jews are separate religions?

maybe >>555090 and >>586733 will answer your question. Part of the reason is they worship different gods and they didn't accept their messiah.

Get on my Level
t. economics student
Though I feel like this test puts a lot of emphasis on homosexuality/gender and socialism.

Hey there. Zig Forums changes a lot huh? I'm sure Zig Forums has too. It's sad to see so many Christians reject ethnic nationalism, and vice versa as well. It's sad to see so many ethnic nationalists reject Christianity. I admire and respect ENs love for their people, a love which our Lord Jesus Christ tried to instill upon us. I truly believe that it is the only real way to safeguard a people's interests over the long term. I will probably not return here, since Zig Forums seems much more inhospitable now than it used to be in the past, now there's even a containment thread for this? I will pray for us to find common ground, and come together as clerical fascists or other such unions.

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Real Christians are disappearing. The Satanic multi cult is taking over.

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We europeans have got a tradition of being awful. We've been screwed up for so long that if we've survived 1700 or so years of it we can survive more. We've been totally depraved since longer than you have even existed.

i want to get my sister baptised. if the priest is unknowingly a terrible person does that still count?

In what sense terrible?
I guess most would agree that as long as it's done correctly there is nothing wrong with it. Every priest is a human and has his faults.

like an actual garbage human being.

My country has (like the USA) a two-party system when it comes to electing the government. My question is, which would be the better (read:most 'Christian') party to prefer:

Big business neocons. Have the Jew-iest economic policies one could imagine. They don't really have any social policies, they just go with whatever keeps the peace.

Socialists. Their economic policies are… okay. Their social policies would make a German blush.

So basically, which party would be the better to support?

I must add: Voting is compulsory and fines apply if a vote is not cast.

it's gone too far

So, what you're saying is that either way, we're basically screwed?

yep. the rapture is near.

Oh, well there's something to look forward to, I guess. I guess I'll have to deliberately spoil my vote or something.

Joined the local Monarchists group. Now I hang with all the cool kids who have "von" in their surname.


; ;

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Just because you have to vote doesn't mean that you have to vote for anyone. Just drop the ballot paper in without filing it out, assuming that there is absolutely no good third parties.

tbh your only real choice is revolution


Good, Habsburg rule was the best time german lands ever experienced

There are third party options, but they rarely get voted in. The way the ballot system works here is pretty complicated, basically you have preferences, and if your #1 preference doesn't get enough votes, your vote goes to your #2 preference, and so on. So even if you vote third party, your vote will ultimately end up (most likely) with one of the two majors parties anyway. The only option of defiance is to spoil the ballot, but that's not really the best way out IMO.


According to pastors Genesis 10 makes it so Europeans, Asians, and Native Americans are White cause all sons of Japheth.

Reminds me of how the Nazis thought Germans, Japs, and Native American (yes, they considered them Aryans) were similar.

Any thoughts?

Well, yes, a lot of thoughts actually.

First of all, the majority of the names in the table of nations are only vaguely associated with geographic areas. Some however are well-placed, like each of the descendants of Ham placed in various places throughout Canaan, Arabia and northern Africa. When it comes to Japheth especially, you have to rely a more on external sources, rather than the rest of the Bible to attempt to place them, with one exception being Javan who is identified with the Greeks in Daniel 8.

So the fact a pastor might identify asiatic peoples necessarily as descended from Japheth might not contradict the Bible, but it doesn't necessarily follow either. I lean towards think that they lived outside the range of Noah's flood of Genesis 7-8 and weren't really from the same race as Noah at all nor descended from him. But that's just one possibility, one I find more plausible.

God bless America

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Do it Q!

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I'm no ethno-nationalist, but I believe that your status shouldn't hinge on whether you like Jews or not. It's the United States of America, not the Dictatorship of Israel. It's disgusting how vindictive they are. No one should ever be forced to worship man, only Christ.

Do you guys have any information that clears up the tug-of-war between the people who say "No, it's the jesuits" vs "the no, it's the jews" camp?

They're both left-leaning groups who undermine Christian doctrine through political power.

America needs an Iron Guard.
Maybe without the violent anti-semitism and borderline nation-worship, but we still need a REAL nationalist movement.

Compromise: Jewsuits

Is there any record of Protestant agreement or interaction with *Rerum Novarum*? I generally agree with what Leo VIII says, and I feel like it is very compatible with the Right-wing socialism/economic corporatism that I've found myself espousing.

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Can someone be a Zig Forumslack and be non-white?

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Why was this deleted? (Screenshotted)

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Good question, user. Depends on who you ask! Most of the mulettos-LARPing-as-Aryans on >>>Zig Forums will tell you no. Biblically, I believe that God has placed each of us in our race and nation for a reason, and that to try to reject that it so go against how He biologically created us.

Ultimately, Zig Forums is a recognition of the JQ, and a recognition of the Jooze as one of the tools of Satan to sabotage the coming Kingdom of Heaven, and destory the Bride and all that's good and holy in our world. Zig Forums seeks to provide a political answer to it. We know as Christians that Christ will return victorious to put His eneimes under His feet, and that until then, the gates of Hell shall not prevail against His Church.

I believe that the real answer is the Gospel, as it always has been, and always will be - Christ can change even the most wicked of hearts, and reform even the most debauched of societies. We, as Christians, can and should do everything we can to secure a future for our children in a nation ruled by God's law. It may not be possible in our current time, but we can dream, and we can try to apply it as much as we can.

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2 and 3 are huge bombs on the JQ with some religious significance.

1,4,5,6,8 are utter political drama/intrigue. not religious.
7,9,10 are good for improving awareness of the cultural war going on.

There's a rather notable work missing from that list, although that's probably because some people are reluctant to admit that the National Socialists conducted a campaign of suppression against Christian churches led by the author.

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Do people still take The Protocols seriously? I thought they'd been totally dismissed?

Why do you think they hate it so much?

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Sorry but that pic is incredibly stupid. If National Socialist Germany had won WW2, that they also would have prevented anyone from questioning their narrative, and would have also presented their enemies as pure evil. This image seems to suggest that good guys always value free speech, and don’t believe in pure evil. I don’t subscribe to those beliefs, and I don’t think the Germans did either. And of course the image also foolishly assumes that this was indeed a battle of good vs evil, when in reality it was closer to mostly well-intentioned people fighting, being led by evil people on both sides.

Has anyone given any thought to Distributism?

This is why I hate jews.

There are right wing Jesuits. They’re just not as outspoken. Jews are always performing mental gymnastics to convince themselves Jesus isn’t the savior and their elites are Satanic globalists.

What does Zig Forums think of a restored Kingdom of Judah? There's a claim to it and there's an organization that wants it to happen in Israel.

Christcom reading list?

Also, here are my results for that political test: politiscales.la-commune.net/en_US/results/?m1=5&m0=62&t1=14&t0=29&j0=45&j1=10&e0=60&e1=5&c0=14&c1=40&p0=79&b0=19&b1=24&s0=14&s1=29&femi=19&comp=67&reli=67&prag=67&vega=67

We're sharing political test results?

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Used to be addicted to that shitty game.
Hopefully can quit it now, since (((Blizzard))) and (((Morheim))) are overdoing their jewish agenda.
Also the Blizzard fanbase is 90% manchilds

I'm just posting here so this board gets more IPs and can overtake Zig Forums :DDDDD

You shouldn't stick up for them nor sacrifice your beliefs to gain respect. They won't appreciate you and convert because you're no different from the others who appeal to them. Once you're gone, they won't miss you because they have another person who kisses their hind better. You will get respect by confidently sticking with your beliefs, you'll realize this if they sacrifice their beliefs and if they stick up for you.

I'm not saying that you should immediately call them slurs or degenerates, just that you should follow Christian ideals by not vocally supporting behavior that you believe to be harmful. Lead by example and show that you're living right, so that they may look up to you as well.

This world belongs to the devil, user.

ok gnostic

That's actually biblical

Although Gnostics have been using biblical quotes out of context to shill their beliefs like "The Kingdom Of God Is Within You" youtube.com/watch?v=N9FoEXbqHOk

and "you are Gods" youtube.com/watch?v=sUH_E3KD52A

Yeah right we must find the true God right





that's what I believe

tldr; you can simply keep everyone in their own nation

I hate to be that guy and plug a board, theres a new christian friendly board that deals with random topics, entertainment and right of center political topics. Dedicated to the 14 words and shining light on Khazar lies. I've found it rather comfy and safe for when I'm in the mood to wander about Zig Forums. Just thought I'd let everyone know about it. God bless


Rick Wiles: A Challenge to Christian Zionists

Rick Wiles provides a scathing rebuke of Christian Zionism, issuing a challenge to those who prefer the reclaiming of the land of Israel over the Cross of Christ. As churches in Jerusalem are being forced out of places of worship by the Israeli government, where is the outcry of the American church to the persecution of Christians?

How do we turn America into an absolute theocracy?

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You don't, because it's a terrible idea.

It's been dismissed by (((scholars))).

It's highly accurate and it was punishable by death to own a copy in Jew-controlled Bolshevik countries. You figure it out.

Even if it's "fake", it's still true.

That book is one reason why Zig Forums thinks Christians practicing Judaism. Although despite being discredited it speaks of a lot of real world examples.

Please explain why it's a terrible idea.

The two party system has failed us.
No other form of government is acceptable.
Repeal the 11th amendment.
Repeal the 19th amendment.

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Well then you substantially agree with the meme's sentiment, the german's weren't evil incarnate and you can't trust interested (((parties))) to give an impartial take (I will say you're right that it's a flawed meme). I disagree that the leadership was wholly or even substantially evil (in the way that say, a murderer or pedophile is evil) on either side (more like twisted toward evil ends by factions [and not just (((them)))]), but that's a quibble.

This. Even if the historicity of it is fictional it's like a textbook on subversion, you can see it being acted out everyday. If I get a book that accurately describes newtonian physics, I don't care if it's newton's name on the cover or yakub's, so long as it works.

FBINiggers not welcome tbh fam
t.not even a hitler fan

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The 19th amendment repeal is self explanatory (even though I personally don't agree, but that's not my point here), but why the 11th amendment? Maybe I'm just being a brainlet at the moment and failing to understand the implications of the 11th amendment, please elaborate.

The problem isn't that the Church would ruin the state, but rather than the state would bend the church to follow the will of the state rather than the will of God.
You're right that no other form of government is acceptable; looks like we're going to have to go for full on christian anarchy.


I don't think anyone is going to take seriously retards like you

In case anyone of you wants to expand your knowledge around the JQ and get the basic black- as well as breadpill, take a look at this website: jewsforhitler.com/
JewTube recommended me one of his videos and they are a goldmine; thanks to them my conviction and faith strengthened, as well as my rage.

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His etymologies are all but truthful.
Making David (and by proxy Christ) Ephraimite is heretical/
His connection of Spartans (and other Japhethites) to Ten Tribes are farstreched at best (for exemple, Spartans forefather is grandson of Abraham from third marriage).
Equaling doubleportion, brithright, with blessing is also all but stupid.
And of course, nazifaggotry with "Hitler dindu nuffin, he was good christian boi" is just downright wrong. Der Deutsche Gott not God of Abraham.
Other than that (iirc) ok even.


I ask this: Why do so many hate muslims and then avert their attention from the true evil that is militant liberalism?
Muslims may follow a false prophet and there are some of those who are killing innocents, but they are still godly people who worship the same as we do and call out heresy and degeneracy more often than that of Christians. Meanwhile the satanic left shoves its marxist propaganda at us - Gays, transsexuals, atheism, sexual degeneracy, anti-marriage, anti-family, etc.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

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The enemy of my enemy is me.

No. God is the only savior we need. You either stand with God or it doesn't matter.

Psalm 91:7-9
A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.
Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.
Because thou hast made the LORD, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation

Ignore my last line then. You must agree that Islam is at least better than atheist heathens, no?
I dislike Islam, but Christians are rallying against a lesser evil.

I know Maccabees, and I know that sons of Sparta are sons of Abraham via one of sons of Keturah, not via Israel.
Don't get me wrong, i dislike Jews like the other guy but that does not make me buy into crap like "Sons of Adam were White people only" or "Britan is Hebrew name"

Do not forge alliance with the world for world know us not. They are all antichristian, be it pseudopious flavor of Islam or clearly degenerate Marxism. Both leads to Hell and we ought to fight both.

Neither of them believe in God (look up the polytheistic origins of islam) and His Son, it ends there.

Could you please elaborate why? It all would make great sense why white nations were always pioneers in everything that is very relevant to and for us today. Even secular historians found out that Sumer was the first civilization to date, and this is after all the place Cain fled to after he murdered Abel. There is great support for this, but I like to have my views challenged and understand your perspective.

nice try, muhammad.
Both are trash and should be responded that way

Maybe because muslims are devil worshipping heathens who are and always will be our enemy.

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Because I value Truth more than personal comfort. That's why I am Catholic and not some protestant, and that would be easier, being Zig Forumsack included.
That's why I cannot stand blatant lies like making britain a celtic one meaning "land of painted ones" into Hebrew. Because with this level of blatant lies I can prove that Adamite was languge of Slavs.
Whites are great. But they greatness comes not because of race but because of Christianity. Before that there some great White persons but they have their equivalents among sons of Ham and Shem, and Blacks, and Yellows. White race became so great because it became so Christian.
Was Sumer pre flood civilizations? Doubt. It's rather one that built Babel. Was flood anthropologically global? Definitely. Was it geographically too? More than probably.

In a purely Christian theocracy, should sin be criminalized? Why or why not?


It's really good my friend. I thought it was a meme, but I only go to Latin. Ended up going to a regular mass a couple weeks for some reason and it was not enjoyable at all.

You are a liar and a LARPer. Never assume your post history can't be seen. Repent.

Rule of thumb, if the question is "who's been worse for X, *Obvious culprit or conspirator*, or the Jews?", the answer is the Jews. Most Jesuits are liberalist-bordering Arian trash, but Vatican politics (like all politics) are influenced by the money and political clout of the Jews, and just guess who they've put their weight behind.

This is something I see often from conservaDad types, and your heart's in the right place, but it's just a fucking silly argument. I'll grant, maybe the unique philosophical perspective of Christendom gave us an edge in science (this is almost certainly true), but it's stupid to then conclude "Christianity = Wealth and Prosperity". This is clearly not the case since we can see that the mostly pagan or godless ant-people of the far east are comparably technologically advanced and nearly as wealthy as us, whereas parts of darkest africa which were christian before norway are still primitive backwaters. A people's innate intellectual capability is primarily determined by their genetics, Christianity isn't a secret formula for vast material wealth, which makes sense since Christ never said that it was. God's love is great spiritual treasure, which is much more important than material; and attempts to paint it as the source of earthly wealth are just the mental gymnastics of people still suffering from lingering equalitarian and modernist programming. Some peoples are not suited to creating or maintaining advanced technology or social institutions, luckily God so loved the world that he made those things completely unnecessary to be granted eternal life.

I never meant material greatness but spiritual one. Civilisational if you will. For white race was the one in which Latin Civilisation grew, thanks to Church.
There is this little books called "On the Plurality of Civilisations" by Feliks Koneczny, you can google it. It have section on race and religion. Read it and you should understand what is de facto Catholic postion on race.

why did they give me this gay ass flag though

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Is there a Christian political reading chart? I don't mean books exposing da jooz, I'm talking about political theory: i.e. pro-monarchy, pro distributivism, pro theocracy, anti modern, anti liberal, etc

We should make one, if not.

Koneczny will me must on it, he is genius when it comes to civilisational theory (that absolutely destroyed "multiculti" "all cultures are equal" crap)

Alright, here. I have a pretty cool looking flag I think

Who was in the right, Irish Republicans or Ulster Unionists? Or neither?

Friendly reminder all those neopagans Zig Forums loves so much are all men children who worship Youtube e-celebs. youtube.com/channel/UCne-5qibnKXj2puN0mJm4NA

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The last time Brits were right was when the Catholic King expelled Jews.

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