Brit/pol/ #1980: Budget Edition

Duty on booze frozen
Duty on fuel frozen
Minimum & living wage going up

Argentinian politicians brand the Royal Navy PIRATES for trying to help find missing submarine


Britain will be stronger without the EU after Brexit


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Mate this is nothing, they want 6 MILLION African ((((economic migrants))))

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first for destruction of the Metropolis menace, tbh

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Will shallots make my dick bigger?

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Makes ya think

Only if you shove them up your arse


Chop your knackers off to save the environment lads

Is this how we save western civilisation?

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Lad are you making us watch a whole vlog of some bint, what part is the relevant part, are they his kids or not, and he is swarthy as all hell, I can't watch shit without knowing the state of play.

Anti-onion is just a codeword for anti-white tbh

lad . . .


Good lad

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that was me, lad

Is there some kind of powder you can take as a supplement? Seems to be a sensible way of doing it

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That's the successor movement of the BUF

Ground up rhino horn is the best

No lad the Jews steal the onion essence before selling the worthless remnnats to the goyim. You should really be eating the onion skin and stem as well.

Mashed up tiger bollocks in olive oil are the best solution for building testosterone

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Shiggy diggy laddos

Fuck off Chang


The diet that saved Europe

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t. low-test white boi

There's a reason there are over a billion chinese, lad. It's high test tiger bollocks.


Holy shit lad you're right, brb going to shoot some tigers

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Based (((Democracy)))
Liberte Egalite Fraternite

I'm going to reveal my power level, I just know it..

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Only if you're French
Shallots are ethno nationalists

At least you have a job lad smh

Call them pakis and shit on the desk

How long until (((((they))))) start a coordinated propaganda campaign against onions like they did with gamergate?

ggers are gay tbh but that day when dozens of major media outlets came out against it was spoopy tbh

Truly a meal fit for a king


They've got my vote tbh only joking mummy May I vote Greens h-haha

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Liz Truss getting gangbanged by 4 journalists on DP

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Are the BBC implying that it's a choice? How awfully transphobic

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Don't you want to be grossly underweight like him?

Reminder that rats and humans have very similar endocrine systems and often react the same to nutrition and drugs. This is why rats are used for so many studies in the first place.

I just inject soymilk into my cheeks for that malnourished twink look

*punches you*

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Reminder that it's only indicative and most things that we can do in rodents can't be replicated in humans.

fun fact: he went to the same sixth form as me

the most effeminate faggot you could imagine. You could hear him a mile off down the corridors screeching and laughing. He always dressed as a gay when ever I saw him.

I hope he got mercilessly bullied tbh

How long ago were you in school lad?

I finished sixth form five years ago.

I was upper, and I think he was lower – so he'll be about 22 now.

There was one tranny at my school and even his parents got bullied for it tbh

Did you lads bully anyone in school?

They are the ones to blame

Get comfy girls.

Yeah, I bullied other lads and I was bullied myself

There was a guy in my year who went bald at 14. He was also the son of the Maths department head. Got fucking bullycided every day. Think he an heroed after leaving school

Bullying is pretty much mandatory in certain schools tbf

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Lads. Not only are onions good for "us" but other things that are essential like celery for example.

Its proven that celery improves pheromone production in males.

that's probably the best thing to do.

Aye, bullied some wog lad and when I was in primary school i bullied loads of kids

By their stench ye shall know them.

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8 a day lads

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Based Shrek

No wonder he was so high test



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is that lad who callled his "9/10 qt" coworker fat itt?

Zig Forums swamp when?


Aaaah you lads are dickheads tbh

middle of the food chain is a weird place

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did anyone else find that if you were really weird so long as you were quiet you wouldn't get bullied? it was only ever the attention seeking faggot weirdos that got bullied. Also that weak skinned faggots would assume light banter was full on bullying.

Did you taste the chocolate, gay boi?

No he was my rival. We fought a lot.

i was mean to a lad i played football with
we were palls then
but he was the year younger then me at secondary school so we never spoke much
i was mean to him once or twice and it upset him , i didn't realize.

he jumped me with 2 of his friends (they didnt interfere) after school and we had a little scuffle

really proud of him tbh

This story perfectly encapsulates how bullying made this country great

Warms my heart tbh

Anti-bullying is a code word for anti-white

This is a quintessentially huwhite way of solving disputes. I've never seen a fight video involving a nog with other chimps present who didn't end up interfering.

Because you had a high attraction to him, I see . . .

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It really depends on the lad in question tbh, some react like but others will withdraw and become shut-ins

This tbh, empire was just a thing we made up so we could bully the rest of the world

I was bullied in year 7 until I fought back. Then when I was in sixth form we bullied a few people who deserved it tbh for being freaks

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well he jumped me from behind and poked me in the eye so he was a bit of a nigger

Exactly lad, separate the strong from the weak

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smaller lads are allowed to fight dirty tbh

Tbh my mummy died and someone made fun of it, I bet the shit out of them. didn't get any punishment because he provoked me

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Based jezza
Based acceleration

Fair point, but you should at least teach lads that fighting back is the best way to deal with it. These days their taught to do anything but, with the expected results

both small lads tbh lad

One of my fondest memories tbh

What are you saying lad?

That we can just inflate the debt away, like magic?


Some friends and I got accused of bullying girls in the lower year. The teachers didn't even listen to what we were saying, and called our parents.
Turns out the girls had falsely accused us, and the teachers blindly believed them. Babies first redpill tbh.

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Good, it's a shit band.

los pepes

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