Brit/pol/ #1981- NWOBHM edition

How hard is it to make a bloody thread tbh lads

Argentinian politicians brand the Royal Navy PIRATES for trying to help find missing submarine
Britain will be stronger without the EU after Brexit

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For 22st

Yeah i'm aware the links are shit but you lads should've pulled yer fingers out and made a proper thread so i didnt have to copypasta tbh

The formatting is also bad btw

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celts out

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What does Zig Forums think about net neutrality?

Pike hours

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Tbf maybe if everyone wasn't sucking 22st's dick for not being a drain on his mummy and the State for the first time in his life it would've been better

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Awww the poor NEET is jealous that we don't give her attention!

We don't really have scary wildlife compared to other places

Why is that I wonder?

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Based ray tbh

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lel jelly

some portentious trips on the way…

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Because we're not niggers and managed to kill all the lions, bears and wolves about 10,000 years ago

pike are bullies not scary fish


Have you eaten your onions today lads?

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Yeah, that's what I think too. there used to be scary shit on this blessed isle, but are based ancestors killed them all off, making it a nice comfy place for us

trips confirm tbh

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The Northern Pike is arguably Britain's apex predator. If a badger fell in the water I have no doubt that a pike would opportunistically prey on it.

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Lost interest in women tbh lads, sex drive is gone. Can't get excited for them at the moment.

Kek He riled up the tax slaves and wage cucks for years with his 6am shitposts . Pissed me right off one morning when I was dragging myself out of bed.

D-do they ever attack hoomans?

PIDF detected

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iktf, I also want to feel more than just lust for them but they are masters at making everything into base fornication


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I fucking wish that was me tbh, trying celibacy because I hate them and then you see and smell a qt and get rapey smh

Liz Truss is quite easy on the eyes tbh.

Still haven't discovered what my passion is and how I can turn it into a business.

Sorry, lad. Now I know your pain. A-at least we're being paid, r-right? ahhh

ahhh wonder how many are still stuck thinking that

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burnt coal


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She got Lammied and is a known whore. Disgusting

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When are you going to stop embarrassing the whole of Zig Forums you autistic gimp

Where is QT?

where is he?

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it's Wednesday…


I thought I was making you proud now smh

Slag tbh. Suddenly put off by her now.

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Definitely important but wondering how long it will last. To the average normalfag the internet is just social media, google etc. Doesn't bode well when the biggest crusaders for net neutrality are Reddit that blocks subreddits it doesn't like even though they are perfectly legal

Onion juice is pretty good for libido apparently

You have to make them fall in love, luckily modern men have set their expectations at rock bottom so just being confident and masculine but not a wigger will get them all gooey. Doesn't work for introverted women who are usually boring and tumblr anyway

What are you talking about?

22st is a LOCAL hero

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You still relish in being a neet and a sperg though, you know I give you credit where it's due but ffs lad get off the Internet once in a while

She's a whore that cheated on her husband and kids with a nigger

You are the embarrassment you gimp suit wearing metal fag


also makes your cum taste like onions according to an article I read because no gf to tell me how it tastes

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I'm not trying to increase my libido tbh, it's quite liberating. But it does also make life seem a bit pointless.

He was doxed and eternally BTFO which isn't in itself a problem, but his tendency to engage in pointless, obnoxious, and inevitably-escalating argument every time he was baited made his presence on the board as a tripfag untenable.

There's a special place in hell for cheating mudshark mothers.

That also happens if you eat pineapple.

M-muh Christianity


That Tory insider document revealed it. He's also fucking Amber Rudd.

kek lad, get some 22stwave from that gold

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When was he doxed?

wish I could kill my libido while keeping my balls intact tbh

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weve all known his name for ages, have had his facebook and linkedn profiles for like a year
just because he is a papist and a paddy?

apparently that makes it taste nicer, no?

what document is this? do not read the news

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Thought that was just a memi, missed that.

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This is brilliant

Wait is SA Oirish?

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Years ago my Mrs (now ex) showed me an article in a magazine. I tried it out for several days by eating a tin once a day and met her one the weekend to confirm it.
She said it's legit tbh.

11:30 and time for bed where I shall rest my sleepy head.

Stop bullying SA. He shall soon return.

Brilliant lad

his dad is a paddy catholic republican haha

jesus h christ the absolute state of politics - they all need to hang

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Worthy tradeoff, gonna try it out soon with some other test boosting foods see what happens

Casual sex is not a good goal tbh, it's an alright way to pass the time but so are videogames, both are unproductive and transistory

She looks like a taig tbh

i-i havent seen that pic in a long time… WHO ARE YOU?!?

it's the time of year. Your drive will come back in spring tbh


Comfy tbh.

wew lad

nobody is sucking my long thick wang so fuck it, you are right
worth a try eh?

a lurker, a watcher from the shadows - a dark shitposter

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Casual sex wouldn't be the goal, it would be finding a girlfriend. But I'm not interested in that at the moment. I don't think I'm attractive enough right now.

That's thinking like a woman tbh

Fixing this country one mind at a time


It would be more hassle because I'd be battling against my unattractiveness. So I have to make myself more attractive.

Not beady enough.

What did you tell him lad?

You haven't met your literal other half yet tbh lad. Not many even do, then they are doomed to repeat the cycle.

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btw that SA dox isn't real, people used the memi picture from ages ago to work it out, but that image isn't him.

hahaha lol based Britannia, rule the waves xD

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hullo SA

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except platonism and not some faggy street shitter crap

Just be yourself!

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sounds like a difficult choice lad,

what are you talking about?


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kek lad beat me to it

The closest think I can think of as a divine test of the soul over material lad.