Brit/pol/ #1985: High Quality Posting Edition

UK warns East Europe against ‘hostile Russia,’ plans to spend £100mn to tackle ‘disinformation’

Brexit: Both sides need to 'step forward' says May

UK consumer confidence hits lowest level since Brexit vote, but German business confidence soars - business live

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Good lad

Good lad. Good edition. No bullshit meta-drama crap allowed ITT tbh.

Do any of you lads unironically attend a (((modern))) CoE?

I would sooner become a mussie tbh, at least I would maintain my integrity.

Good lad

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Only Doctor Who posting will save us now

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Three jobs applied for. Charity job tomorrow night amongst the thots. We're gonna make it tbh.

The eternal thot got to the doctor lad.

Good Lad

this lad gets it

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let's bash some ye mate? i'll bring the bricks you bring the..nostalgia

show me ya moves!

so much this

good lad

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or maybe it was only the scarf and jellybean nonce

OG doctor best doctor

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Mate it's been shite since the turn of the century,

just finished watching Mishima a Life in Four Chapters

y e s

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Almost posted my new bread as well and I saw this smh

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It doesn't really matter tbh don't get politics involved in everything
Hartnell was a massive racist though tbh

Partly memiing although there's been some decent stuff in Series 1 and 2

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That looks like the med doing it's job.

yeah that's why he's the best
also because the first series of anything is always the best because it's had the least time for the BBC to rot it

I did like some of leather jacket man's episodes tbh

Thank (You)s

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Christopher Eccleston is really good tbh.

i watched dr who until i was 16 but there's no use pretending its anything but pozzed. Since its founding the idea has been he's a cuck who hates war and violence but is still possessed by a pigheaded surety in his own sense of 'doing le right thing'.

Good shit tbh.

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Thread theme

You seem to make most of the freshes lately. I want to just let you know that I, for one, appreciate your great work. good lad

lel, he is the quintessential nu-male

Good thread laddo. Might as well post my links if that's alright?


Cheers lads
Yeah lad go ahead

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EU Army: ‘Continental’ Defence Force Progressing at ‘Full Speed’

EU on the Brink: ‘No Deal’ Brexit Leaves Brussels With No Money for France, Germany

Road congestion worsens, fuelled by mass migration population surge

Anger over PM's 'failure' to commit to Manchester Arena attack costs

I'm pretty sure he left because he wouldn't go along with the poz tbh

I love him lads

Originally it wasn't that at all but it's been warped smh. Still decent in the later years when you got a good story though.

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may as well not bothered tbh lad.

forgot smh

good lad

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I was in a hurry tbh

Yeah he was a good Dr tbh, shame he didn't last longer


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wew lad wouldn't be surprised if that were the case
based BBC tbh

tenant and ecclestone were both alpha white men who cucked a submissive black guy tbh its implicitly based

FRESH LOCAL spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

Did he ever mention the real reason why he left?

secretly a daftie im telling you

Can't handle all these (You)s smh, thanks lad

Same tbh

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Chris Evans is a nigger?

He hasn't been in anything shit, all solid proformances imo.

wouldn't know if he did tbh, never paid much attention to TV even before taking the BBCpill

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This tbh
Doctor Who is based and redpilled

No one with that accent can be pozzed tbh

Gingers are honorary wogs

this guy

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Can't argue with this post tbh

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Never knew billie piper was a mudshark.
Then again, if she want's to stay employed by the beeb then I guess she would have to take the pill.

if we all became muslims and made the queen our caliph would we get away with deporting the brown ones back

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She only went out with him in the show.

thrilling times tbh, even if those were more degenerate days.

He didn't get on with that Welsh faggot.

He hints at it a lot in interviews. As far as I could tell it was something about the production team abusing the lower level employees on set. He hated working with them.

wew lad
She is a qt tbh, God knows what she saw in that ginger faggot


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roll the ___

The biggest troll towards the shitskins the universe has ever seen.


The beeb has a long history of abuse tbh. very much like Hollywierd

Inclined to agree tbh, would recommend watching Shallow Grave if you haven't already seen it


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His vids are well comfy. I'd say they could do with narration and more info but then they wouldn't be what they are I guess.

The Sunnis would be on us as an apostle sect in an instant lad.

I was there that day and it was the anti-fascists who were picking up cobbles and throwing them as well as parts of the monument (e.g. metal spikes), food and horse shit (yes, they picked up horse shit with their own bare hands to throw at nationalists).

Fucking joke. I bet that none of those anti-fascists were convicted on that day.

thanks lad.

Yeah that wouldn't be his style, and maybe he has an irritating voice.

You can click on captions to see a narrative lad, I only recently found this out smh


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Oh shit that Cassowary at the end

I should add that they do acknowledge this was a riot. Quite amusing that an antiques fair was going on inside Saint George's Hall itself kek

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They already murder Shiites in our streets

Fucking Mughal rape babies smh

They can all leave tbh.

ITT: Moments in history that really make your blood boil.

Picture heavily related

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Yeah he should've been killed earlier.

Was the Human Genome project defunded?

nah after seeing nogs rape, murder and torture white men, women, girls and babies without impunity under the 'tolerant' judicial regime I've come to suspect every single racist southern jury were bang on tbh

Almost like everyone at that summit was full of shit

Based tbh

That's hilarious lad Shiites . . . Mughals of India

w0t a legend

I'm off to unfuck my sleeping pattern lads. A demain x

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Stop it lads ahhhhhhh

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Also, based guitar lad releases a new hit

I fucking hate computers, tbh

The reporting/narrative-setting hasn't changed since Cable street then I see (not comparing the likes of you dafties to the BUF btw).

Indeed lad.

I knew thatbut then I forgot


Even if they weren't it doesn't matter. Fuck letting them enjoy our justice system.

every single demonstration where antifags are present must be filmed by at least eight people

Would you lads have ended up here if not for Zig Forums? We like to bash it but I'm grateful that it exists tbh.

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I like to subscribe to the alternative timeline where we're all women and regularly post brit/mum/ threads on Bumsnet.

best gril coming through

i wouldn't have ended up here if it wasn't for moot turning into an sjw and hiring mods that allowed people to spam cuck porn all over Zig Forums for days on end


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Non of them are born innocent.

They were put on Earth to test our faith tbh.

it's only good if you realise it's a stepping stone and based huwhite global-nationism is a memi.

As Americanisation sets in though, that's harder and harder to counteract.

this can be said for all the stages of the pipeline to trve enlightenment

I can believe this tbh, wogs can't think more than 5 minutes into the future

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