Brit/pol/ #1987: Just Make My Thread Up Edition

Brexit: Irish border won't be resolved until EU-UK trade deal struck - Fox

UK drone users to sit safety tests under new law

Arctic cold snap that brought sub-zero temperatures across UK to last two weeks

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First for bins

first for yanks clan larping

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Here's a great late 80s remix.


I'll delete my thread again

good lad

Great lad

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depends who certifies it tbh

It's been 5 years.

did this this morning

Thanks lad forgot how funny that pic was tbh, especially the bollock busting contraption bit

Cheers lad

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Dear God.

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It's frightening how fast time flies on chans

Probably my favourite cap ever tbh, never fails to make me fucking crack up

Just found out this survey is being hosted by Hope Not Hate, who are getting government money to do it.

Check the "About" page

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spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)




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The moment football hooligans attack procession of Pakistanis celebrating the birthday of prophet Muhammad, in central Athens

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why doesn't he just get to the point

I posted it through tor and a burner email address, so no problem there.

pretty blatant behind the "government report"-type language

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IP harvesting

I used a VPN and an email address I hardly use anymore.

But the more troubling thing is why the fuck are the Government using a massively biased organisation to do data gathering for them?

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"why is our traitorous Government being traitors?"

lad apart from me I don't know any other slavs on here.

Gordos sister all day long tbh


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yeah she has master race facial structure genetics tbh

what if your progeny inherit AGJ conditions

Doesn't matter and probably a low chance of it being obvious at birth.
Rather take a punt on mixing genes with gordos sister than going full civic with a flipnigger like guitarlad has.


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There was clashes in Leafland earlier

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lad, don't. It's cringey as fuck. It's just one step above "I'm Irish, do you know my grandmother" type shit.



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tbh isn't Siege just another "My political doctrine is waiting for better things" book, like Ride The Tiger?
At least the interview is hilarious

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*does it*

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At the party I spent most of the night talking to this girl
again. Still don't know what to think tbh.


I don't even care tbh, my sex drive is nonexistent at the moment and the only attractive thing about her is that she's young and female.

If she hasn't contacted you by now hinting at a relationship then look elsewhere, or you will be her moon and not her star.

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'My father was a paedophile. He thought innocence was an aphrodisiac': Joan Collins and Anthony Newley's son claim his parents’ marriage was ripped apart by his father's obsession with sex

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Classic stuff

Chaos in Calais: Two Afghan gangs open fire on each other and a car full of UK bound migrants ram a police roadblock sparking a shoot out

lad this is a celibate board

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They're getting more desperate each day.


Racial Troubles In Notting Hill (1959)

he gayposts so often now theres no real point to capping him anymore

Why use a Scot to voice a yank and a one like that at that?

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I'll trump your vid with my local politics lad

Nogs are worse than H-bombs tbh

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They all have to go

This is how you make traitors of a country.

Simply smother them with expensive gifts to coerce the retards into doing what the saudis want, which is never in the interests UK.

*interests of the UK

It's on newbrit

Dear oh dear

So much gayism on that board smh

I thought I’d put in a protest vote’: the people who regret voting leave
that's right, us backwards uninformed bigots regret voting for Brexit!
Id ask if they could possibly sink any lower but it's the grauniad, of course they can.

It's okay when Saudi Arabia influences our country though.

why do you do this to yourself?

is gore allowed on this board?

As long as as they make sure my pension will be there in 30 years I couldn't care less tbh.

the irony of doing that at the arsenal ground, when the arsenal sign is one of the most famous examples of defensive architecture in the country to stop trucks of peace

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The attempts to convince us that everyone's changing their mind has been on the increase recently

Must be far enough from the vote that they are starting to believe it was all a bad dream/think they can get away with it

good lad, daily reminder that george washington was a queer latinx who married a POC

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It's fun to see what whacky nonsense they come up with.

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How does this have anything to do with the Saudis owning properties or politicians? I genuinely don't care if history is rewritten as long as I'm left alone to do as I please. I'll teach my lads the truth if I need to but I'm not really worried. Everyone here is way too paranoid about a foreign takeover. China has done it with the USA and Canada and it seems alright to me.

wtf i am now a #civicmissile

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does /arelad/ owen still work for them? don't really keep up with his shenanigans

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Of course he does, no-one else is retarded enough to host him.

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Based boomers

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…I used my real email
at least it was a gmail one that will probably be shoahed soon anyway
it's not like I lost anything right, I already appeared on camera on their site for a few seconds once before at a dafty demo

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he's undercover for us. weakening them from the inside. shutting down their immune system and making them more susceptible to other nationalist attacks

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Are they the fags Jontron used to do shit with?

yeah that sounds based tbh, imagine having to go to masjid and then going out for coffee with mohammed in the old retrofitted St. Paul's (now a museum of islamic conquest). good thing dhimmi are not allowed to own land or firearms tbh, its just like today. you might even get to visit your daughter in one of the local satraps harems if you are lucky!


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spoiler that shit

No u Joe

t. lives 30 miles from Detroit

lad they always converted churches into mosques during the crusades

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Is he /arelad/

Have'nt seen him on qt for a while.

#9 - The Normans and The Anarchy

Found the issue, lad.

Well if she met a bloke that way and he's moral and has a good fortune to his name I wouldn't have a problem with it. I'd prefer an Islamist to these pussies that call themselves men nowadays anyway. And no I'm not religious but I am a moral lad that's known some good Muslims in my life.

is this the faggot or is that another guy?

Not watching that anything involving normans hurts me lad