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Durham university is forced to apologise after members of its rugby team planned 'Thatcher vs miners' fancy dress party

Senior Tories back pro-Brexit campaign group's plans to end low-skilled migration

'Brexit is a DISASTER' Tory MP Soubry claims 'history will condemn' UK's divorce from EU

Britain Granted Almost 900,000 Residence Permits to Non-EU Migrants in 2016

Moped suspects threaten police officer with knife, slash tyres and escape after being caught in London

Two Afghan gangs open fire on each other and a car full of UK bound migrants ram a police roadblock sparking a shoot out

Baggage handlers ‘helped smuggled cocaine through Heathrow’

England and Wales have the highest number of violent sex crimes including rapes in Europe

Campaigners raise alarm over 'appallingly disproportionate' number of black and minority ethnic children being arrested

Pre-op transgender woman, 30, who shoved an off-duty police officer onto the railway tracks after he asked her to 'calm down' for berating commuters could avoid jail

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Harry and Meghan: Interracial couples react to the royal engagement

Meghan Markle will breathe fresh air into the British royal family when she marries Queen Elizabeth II's grandson

Prince Harry has become one of the British royal family's greatest assets

Is Meghan Markle Going To Be Prince Harry’s Jewish Princess?

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Good lad

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me on the right

aaahhh yess goyimwell.. ive been expecting you

fuck the monarchy, tbh

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but harry isnt going to be a monarch tbh


the line will likely be polluted and the media and the royals will make a point of celebrating the wogspawns

I still have faith in based charles III

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Its a getting paid less than you thought you would episode.

Electric Wizard and overcast weather. I think ill crack a bottle.

Harry isnt even a royal anyways he's undoubtedly a bastard of Dianna and that ginger bloke.




This memi template always makes me snort with laughter

Electric Wizard is class.

shameless repost
she converted to judaism when she married the jew

Conversion isn't the same as having kike blood tbf

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if anyone here is considering an-heroing, at least make it worth something tbh

swapping your religion when it suits you sounds pretty kikeish to me

He was always the Chad lad. Don't you remember his hearth throb phase? Harry was a weirdo until the army changed opinion.

Imagine CHOSING to reject christ and follow the synagogue of satan rather than being born into Christ-Hatred: the Religion

she's worse than a kike by blood

Alt-right Trump supporters and left-wing Bernie Sanders fans should join together to defeat capitalism- Slavoj Zizek

This marriage will really last, divorcee, wants a 'career', Harry is retarded or gay.

can someone report The Guardian for publishing extremist material please?

except thats the Independant

idc report them both

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It's still bad, but most kikery seems to be passed by blood.

as loyal subjects lads we should help stop harry from making this mistake :^)

We just need to lobby for a paternity test. Harry is a bastard and Charles is a cuck.

Fuck off you fucking papist, go back to your blighted island.

Kate Middleton's Mother's maiden name was Goldsmith

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and what denomination do you LARP as?

hes a syriac orthodox mormon tbh

Fuck off back to druid/pol/

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didnt answer my question though did you

ahhhh yes very based

A militant Buddist-Presbyterian, just like Jesus, our lord and saviour was.

a hindu-rabbinical tengri kabbalist jihadi high priest

of scientology

They are going all-out.

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and Markle's maternal grandmother appears to be unknown

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Haven't spoken to one normie who opposes this so far, the world is fucked

the entire world of ripe fertile poontang and harry wanted to marry THAT

we deserve it tbh

It's unlikely she is a kike.

The above comes from a jewish source and they'd love to claim a member of the royal family as one of their own.

tbh ginger is an anagram of nigger anyway

BREAKING: There are "no plans for a bank holiday" on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding day, says Number 10.

It gets worse.

cryptos are everywhere though lad

oi I'm ginger

tfw ginger facial hair

good the less people who feel happy on that occasion the better

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as if they aren't already..

ginger pubes tbh

Lads it basically confirms that Harry isn't of royal blood.

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I like Wews but I kek'd

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I have been openly saying all day to the normos I want a change of dynasty, preferably to Godwinson's heir. They just don't get it, ever since I understood the norman conquest anything that reminds me of it makes me feel like I've been punched in the gut. It will be symbolically overturned and then the re-germanification of english and eventual return to runes is next

What's he saying lads?

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GREAT post

Good lad

He resembles Charles more than Hewitt tbh

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Anglo-Saxon society was literally a utopia, when you ignore all the viking and norman invasions


If I were a better writer I would write my thesis that the stereotypically pessimistic tone of our culture, humour, etc comes from the merrie englande trope from the years after 1066 and that become part of the collective consciousness.

What if Charles got Hewitt pregnant though

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I would concur although I think a lot of the tone of our humour comes from the pessimism of the world wars

The phrase "Norman yoke" and its meaning I think fits in nicely with your thesis


Ah the wars, particularly the first, would be my other examples of things becoming part of the collective consciousness. So many little things in our mindset come from the first world war tbh

Harsh tbh with these video games fags in their 30's, that's wews least shit feature.

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The failure of the BEF in the first days of the war as well as the surrender of Singapore didnt help either

why wouldnt he?

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ahhh the state of the armed forces

until someone cries racism

you'll all have to hide from the gay death squads

Norman saw on English oak.
On English neck a Norman yoke;
Norman spoon to English dish,
And England ruled as Normans wish;
Blithe world in England never will be more,
Till England's rid of all the four

how many of these are frontline?

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Sounds a good idea tbh, encouraging gay relationships in their forces so they all start performing utterly shit

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Based tbh


less the 5%


sacre bleu

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pretty sure most of our commanders that cared about this country were given early retirement for pointing out the nations basically defenceless in response to mass civil uprising at this point

I do not think that the marriage will last but if it does and there are offspring produced they must be "dealt with".


t. unironic goyimwell supporter

The case for a return to Saxon law, Heptarchy and the merit based crowning of warrior King/s grows ever more compelling tbh, lads.

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It always was compelling unless you're a norman or a goyimwellite

The Police are more well armed than our Armed forces at this point.

The police have the latest and expensive HK416/417s, G36s, and Accuracy International rifles, while armed forces are stuck with small arms going back to the 80s.

Black queen takes white knight. Check mate racialists.