Brit/pol/ #1989: Hedgehog Edition

Durham university is forced to apologise after members of its rugby team planned 'Thatcher vs miners' fancy dress party

Senior Tories back pro-Brexit campaign group's plans to end low-skilled migration

'Brexit is a DISASTER' Tory MP Soubry claims 'history will condemn' UK's divorce from EU

Britain Granted Almost 900,000 Residence Permits to Non-EU Migrants in 2016

Moped suspects threaten police officer with knife, slash tyres and escape after being caught in London

Two Afghan gangs open fire on each other and a car full of UK bound migrants ram a police roadblock sparking a shoot out

Baggage handlers ‘helped smuggled cocaine through Heathrow’

England and Wales have the highest number of violent sex crimes including rapes in Europe

Campaigners raise alarm over 'appallingly disproportionate' number of black and minority ethnic children being arrested

Pre-op transgender woman, 30, who shoved an off-duty police officer onto the railway tracks after he asked her to 'calm down' for berating commuters could avoid jail

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good lad


Good lad

smh I thought you meant 737 billion was being spent in Africa per year.

$54 billion per year going to Africa directly from Governments Africa - Development Aid at a Glance 2016.pdf

This is not specifically Africa but for all Charities worldwide: $410.71 Billion

5th for goyimwell

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The cheeky bugger.

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Do you believe in the final victory of the Anglo?

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wtf i love the jews now

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They're a fucking laughing stock. They cannot accept that more people=fewer hedgehogs. I fucking hate the left. Anyone who is so blinkered by their love of subhumans and stroking their own dopamine boners that they actively encourage the death of things they love need to be lined up, gunned down and flung into a ditch with the other dumb cunts who call themselves 'environmentalists'.

Why are they so cunting thick, lads?

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Good edition.



What's the difference between a hedgehog and a BMW?

A hedgehog has its pricks on the outsideé_Danann

not looking good is it

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At last, I am finally attuned. I miss the greens mentalism tbh

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The modern word "British" didn't exist in whatever year the Torah was written.

This is a slogan i can get behind

I hope he survives the cold winter, lads

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So muslims aren't allowed to use their own site?

What a top set of environmentalist policies, what right-thinking environmentalist wouldn't vote for this?


And every penny of it is a complete waste, or actually in fact a detriment to them since they can't manage shit except digging themselves into bigger holes and being corrupt.

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im gonna stab it when ur asleep

hur hur we should just cull the humans hur hur
oh no, not brown people in Africa though, i'd rather see gorillas go extinct than offend Mr. Obumbawumba and his 63 children

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o am i kekking mate

You go anywhere near Gilbert m8 and i'll peel the skin off your face and use it to make a drum, lad.

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Even if every penny of it went to feeding, clothing and immunising needy wogs it would be a waste: because those people who would have died because of lack will pop out eight children a piece and now there stand eight needy mouths to feed where there once was one. Let them fucking die.

hur hur hur I agree, let's cull the humans. Starting with every Green party voter, they care about the environment the most!

will die of being pozzed

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I know we've talked about it plenty before here but we really need to wrestle environmental issues from the grasp of these mentallists.

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Dr Who was always shite

Ah the truth! How it hurts!

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who's that on the left?


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Why is Tom Baker so brown?

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Ackshually I donate £5 a month to the rspb and buy fairtrade coffee and sponsor a mahogany tree in Belize, what do YOU do??

Probably got laid more times than you, lad. He's covered in sharp spines and he's still less of a prick than you.

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I'm glad that sour faced Dyke has gone.

I miss laughing at them on social media when they thought that they'd actually have a chance.

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Can someone make a Zig Forums approved picture of this slogan? I'm going to bed

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He's not brown, he's pink. It's just the filter they used

Shoot every wog I see. I am solving the world's """"Human"""" problem one cause at a time.

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Smh it made him look like Dr Pooinloo

In their minds anyone making negative points about immigration is a nasty person, their own ego won't allow them to think of themselves as a nasty person, their ego protects itself by performing mental gymnastics and blocking inconvenient truths out. Imo

you stole his joke lad

I don't think it's really him tbh.

My crest when I'm made a lord by the nationalist government for being a Zig Forums veteran tbh.

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A hedgehog would unironically look good on a flag

Those are some D E V I L I S H hedgehogs tbh lad

smh what a bigoted crest.

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For him

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This, literally unironically, would be for their own benefit.

Good times, good times.

Voting green lads, I'm going to demand a hundred acres of woodland in order to live my traditional lifestyle that capitalist oppressors have denied me. All issues need to be retaken from the grasp of leftists tbh.

Please tell me that who motto is a joke.

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W-who is it then?

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(Anti hedgehog is anti-white)

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Some brown man they had stand in for him? idk tbh

We need a BIG fucking war

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There's an Islamic prophecy that England will either convert to Islam or the island will sink beneath the sea.

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Hope it's ok

luckily we are predisposed to being successful sailors then

ive already drowned

At least we have the Corbynistas, although they're not as pitiful.

I'm flattered tbh

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Non of that will happen.

Pocahontas lead the way!

Going directly into dictators pockets and backhanders to Government fixers

>"if I am not the prophet, I will die from poison"
How can mozzies actually follow their fanfiction book

I want to like the music of Morrisey but I can't get over the fact that he's a masive puff. And likes the IRA. Still the tunes are nice tho aint they….

That just raises even more questions tbh kek

Let the fate of Atlantis be ours tbh.

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We need prisons like this

I prefer this prophecy.

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i gathered that. Is it a quote from the koran?

fornicators will suffer God's judgement


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The Britons already had that tbh

Exactly as the other user said. Fornicators and race-mixers will receive justice for their crimes in this world and the next

Is that the prison located in Siberia? I heard that if anyone escapes they would die outside from the cold before reaching anywhere safe.
Literally impossible.

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How does she know his story if he died in the gas chamber? How does she know he "locked eyes with children"

Really makes me hmmmm

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fugg wrong pic

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Because that's what happened in her mind.


dop gek

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The Master Brew video on that was pretty good.

I don't know this country anymore

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It's like how the bloody Black Death has mutated in Madagascar from wogs being wogs.
I do love how all of our problems are doing their utmost to kill themselves.

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The problems grow faster than nature's remedy can kill them off tbh, nature needs a helping hand.

the Durham Miners' Association made a big deal out of it, mostly because almost none of the students are from of the county

"for the wages of sin are death"

The kvetching is real

oh the weather outside is frightful~

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