Brit/pol/ #1991: Thread Chicken Edition

EU’s NIGHTMARE: Shock report says bloc is facing post-Brexit budget CRISIS


BBC Lauds Police Chief Who Gave Up Job Over Brexit, Wanted to Change Surname to ‘UKRemainEU’

More security on Irish border could mean civil disobedience, Sinn Féin says

Mayor unveils plans for gender neutral public toilets in London

Royal Clarence Hotel rebuild set for green light

Belgian pilot who flew secret missions with the SAS during the Cold War jailed for 14 years for smuggling £2.5m of cocaine into the UK in Faversham

A finance officer appeared in court today accused of stealing more than three quarters of a million pounds from a Notting Hill Carnival charity

Books in Islamic Schools Teach Marital Rape and Domestic Violence

The food is far too Western, complain detained migrants: Caterers at removal centre are told to make meals 'more diverse'

Sharks devour 31 people after two migrant boats capsize in the Mediterranean

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Good lad

Good lad

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I love him lads

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Good lad

Top gent

Everyone in this country uses Banging as derogatory, it's an incredibly popular slur. Not really for music, just whatever
Only person I've known to use Banging positively and get into this argument before was a gay tourist from Ireland, can only take a punt on you lads being in the same boat then, you absolutely banging taigs.

Top lad.

Nice one

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Worst shields tbh

Ah the Royal Wedding disc, the morning shows will be all over this

The chef at my local wetherspoons wears the same trousers.

Cheers lads

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IIRC they intermixed with slaves on a large scale but that might be Spanish propaganda.

I've genuniely never heard anyone say 'banging' in a deroagatory way tbh. Maybe it's a regional thing.
Might also have a dual meaning, like how niggers think 'fuck with' can either mean 'antagonise' or 'associate with'.


My experience is exactly the opposite tbh lad, never ever heard it being used as a derogative did you mean county?.

The revitalisation of the regional tongue shall begin with "banging"

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Banging thread tbh.


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I'm going to stab one of you in the belly

Ooh pick me

It's definitely regional then, which is good iyam. Yeah let's just go with county for the sake of simplicity

I think it might be a southern thing tbh.

Banging lads

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Same with the word "gash". I've heard it used in a positive way is "That mushroom soup is proper gash", and sometimes in a negative way "That mosque is just gash". Could be a regional thing, although what does make me chuckle is that burgers can't ever tell the difference between "that's bollocks" and "that's the dogs bollocks".

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You're wrong and you're a hideously ugly freak

Why not just stick to plain English?

stop LARPing

Obama probably rents his daughters out on a 2 for 1 basis to Podesta and friends tbh

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Never heard "gash" used as a descriptive where I'm from tbh.

There's nothing wrong with regional dialects, lad.

Bit gay that

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yeah gash means fanny over here

Same here tbh.

Mostly used in Scotland but my mate who isn't Scottish started using gash after he got obsessed reading Viz comics.

Well I'm a northern monkey and my usage matches up with the southern fairies itt, must be an IOM thing.

Rude tbh.

Here I only know of "gash" as a funny vulgar term for a vagina tbh.

you're right next to me geeze

"Minge" is the word down here.

There's a
river between us lad.

Guess so, well that's one for the books though intit hey ho

No homos here lad

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and a fat old tumour called London

Atheism is good. Atheism plus science for me to wank over but with no niggers please, waiter.

I've heard both used tbh.

I like to pretend that doesn't exist lad smh

African youths riots and beat up Irish father and his son

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The Anglo-Portuguese Alliance is the oldest standing alliance in the world. Portuguese love the British royals. They are /ourIberians/.

Smh is Herts the only county that still says 'clunge'?


That fell out of fashion down here a long time ago tbh.

Kind of interesting in a way though how it differs regionally tbh, you learn something new and all that.

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*saves your soul*

Fanny tbh

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If someone says "banging" or "gash" one more time…

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I prefer fanny tbh
All other words for it are just vulgar.

Thought the second picture was the Irish man for a second

I love your mums fanny

Ha ha, I need to touch some vagina


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'Axe wound' is the best term, they really don't like that one.

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We just call it a vagina.

bit weird mate


Don't be vulgar lad

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Love that one tbh

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this tbh

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This is some pretty autistic banter tbh

Shut up you heretic. They're all hwhite

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I just call it cunt tbh


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thureos is best celtic shield girl tbh, the greeks fell in love with them

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That's what I call (You) tbh

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i fucking hate niggers lol

I just call it Kent tbh.

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I can't disagree.


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are all the niggers chimping out on twitter and fb because nigger markle wont be a princess?

does anybody here computers? what's the best OS to put on an old emachines pc single core desktop? its currently running xp but it feels like its completely poz up with malware.

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The Socrates of our age.

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windows 95

Burgers call arses fannys.
Always baffled me and made me laugh at the same time.

I don't think the Kangz n Qwueens would be angry over that. Other matters, however.

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Socrates was the ultimate centrist tbh

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How is she so perfect?

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Temple OS


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I'll bet a pound to a penny she has been fingered by a fat Jew movie mogul.

She looks like the Catwoman from Sunny.

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I remember watching wrestling once and Vince and Stephanie were having an argument and he told her "Girl if you don't show me some respect I'll bend you over and smack that fanny"

Thought it was a bit much tbh

Same odds as anyone who works in the film industry tbh

Thanks. Can you save my country too?


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I wouldn't be surprised if the Jews didn't finger the men and children too.