Brit/pol/ #1993: Formating is hard edition

Downing Street says Donald Trump was 'wrong' to re-tweet anti-Muslim videos from British far-Right group

Diane Abbott tells constituents she would push for second referendum on Brexit deal

Did Britain vote Brexit just to avoid war with ISIS? EU negotiator Barnier seems to think so

Islamic State fighters could slip back into Europe after waging war in the Middle East, Theresa May warns as she addresses British troops on a surprise visit to Iraq

Bosnian war chief DIES after drinking bottle of POISON in the dock and yelling 'I'm not a war criminal' after his 20-year prison sentence for campaign against Muslims is upheld at The Hague

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First for the North

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The comments show that the UK has a long way to go. One cannot be 'guilty' of driving invaders from the land.


should i open a cafe/pub thingy?

If only Serbs and Croats united against kebab 20 years ago.

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Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl.

What is this site and how do I find 'Christian' thots on it?


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A Northern Irishman who claims to have been on the fringes of the UVF has set up his own paramilitary gang 10,000 miles away in Australia.

Says he is willing to kneecap housebreakers, drug dealers and rapists

Teresa may is a silly bint tbh, typical woman just joining in a gang-up on someone rather than actually picking her fights correctly.

based hyperborea tbh

What's that about exactly, anyway? Only heard the blowback.

sometimes i feel like an external power is purposefully fucking with my life to piss me off, like its tampering with news and information and replacing it with things that goes against my worldview

That's because you are a mentaller lad.

I know I'm mental but I believe there is no such thing as coincidences, and that our thoughts and subconscious, as well as spirits, can shape reality

Mene magic is real lad, our thoughts shape the world around us

Anything in the videos non-factual? As if I need to ask.

Take more agency in your life tbh lad

it means nothing is real tbh

depends on your definition of real

memi magic works the same as Tarot cards and Mediums.

One of them is a ((( Dutch National ))) meaning "muzzie born in the Netherlands so checkmate racists".

The video of the arab attacking a white boy on crutches was fake because the arab was a Dutch national and there was no reason to think he was muslim (according to the police). Checkmate racists!

how do we define what doesnt exist?

it was real in my mind

tbh, sometimes I feel like I'm in that episode of Red Dwarf where Rimmer's own subconscious manufactures a nightmare world for him to live in, because he can't allow himself to be happy.

Still can't believe Santa killed himself tbh.

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How much sleep do you get each night, lads?

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15 hours.

8-12 hours


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any longer and I might get sleep paralysis
tbh if you have high T and a high sexual energy you wont need to sleep more than 3-4 hours

He keeps digging himself deeper.

lmao you liw t virgins.

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0, I am the eternal lidless eye watching you all.

But if you stay in the middle of the road then both sides of traffic will hit you

Net migration falls after Brexit vote
New migration figures lads

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Still not good enough tbh

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Based Peter

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beat you to it :^)

It's a start at least.

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You just posted a pleb article, I posted the patrician source

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It's net migration, just means all the poles left after the Brexit vote.

It'll be back to normal in a year or so.

lel she took the daftypill

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More room for based Sikhs, high IQ chinks and hard-working Ghanaians, just like Autistic Dan promised

Why would you stand in the middle of the road? Even your sayings are suicidal, Sweden.

Is Peter an abbo?

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Paki needs to fuck off tbh

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I do love how their complaints are only spreading the videos more, it's the Streisand Effect in full swing.
Also the videos and captions aren't manipulated in any way, they are just videos showing mozzies being mozzies, and they're screeching islamophobia, which means that anyone seeing the video will connect their shutdown word to it and realise that the word is bollocks.
They are so bad at damage control that it's laughable.

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Almost like there's a conflict of interests here. Like he's defending someone.

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I'm glad I saved this picture of a cat, it sums up by feelings every time I see this shit

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i am developing a new social theory thingy

tier 1 - creators - explorers, pioneers, adventurers, conquerors, inventors

tier 2 - maintainers

tier 3 - consumers

it also goes with my "effort to reward" theory of technology

The BBC actually put out a pro-gun, pro-hunting article (because MUH INDEPENDENT WOMEN).

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I dont get it

lad have you ever thought about getting a twitter, this isn't your blog.


Anyone else just sort of fed up and fancy storming government and media buildings with a shotgun? Asking for a friend.

I hate twitter

yes (replying on behalf of a friend

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Going from 1 search to 2000 odd is pretty impressive tbh

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Haven't got a shotgun, but I'll take a shot with my bike wheel.

Already seen her tits tbh.

Sure lad (replying for a friend)

Not seen her monkey breasts tbh

She's nothing special.

wow lads wow how can we ever recover from being eternally btfo like this I guess we should all stop being racist now since we've been absolutely destroyed

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always up for it tbh

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This plonker got owned by Anne Coulter this morning on 'Today' on radio 4. My links never work tbh

Do you even READ books for children?

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What if the road is a one way street tho' but?

Is Nick /ourdaftlad/ at the BBC?

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feat. donkey-fucking

might have been posted earlier tbh but it's hilarious

Calling us "Brits' is a bit racist tbh. If I reduce Pakistani to Paki, i'd be nicked.!

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House of commons faggots talking about Trump now

I once blew a paki's mind by telling her her country's name was an acronym

Ah fuck I just realised we will have to put up with the shit in our history forever


Amber BLACKED Rudd needs to fuck off tbh

I thought our values were Doctor Who and fish and chips.

dont forget brighton beach

Some fat faggot MP wants Britain First to be in the same category as NA

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Got an interview to be a salesman lads

That's a nice gimp suit lad! Where can I get one?

*sells you things after building a bantership*

they'd do it too
both are groups of people who have literally done nothing wrong except speak their minds in public

based totalitarian jew state

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what are you selling? yourself? HAHA

I remember miscegenation man saying recently that what would be considered pornography in the 60s appears in film and tv all the time today, and the pornos of today would've been exclusively consumed by creepy men in sex shop basements. Makes me wonder if we'll get to the point where hardcore gay interracial fisting orgies are on cbeebies kids shows and bigots who're against it will be laughed at by mainstream society.

Based endless progress.

Death of a Salesman tbh

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No idea tbh lad, just random stuff smh

*drives of cliff*

Probably won't get it because there are twenty candidates and I have no charisma smh

That's not real is it?

it is

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the sheer amount of sex on tv is shocking tbh

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Holy fuck.

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NA got nicked because their role as spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) was over, plus it was only like 200 lads.

BF has 1,758,350 followers on facebook, it's a bit of a bigger kettle.


What's on your current reading list, lads?

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I assume there's a basic wage, but if it's commission only, everyone will get it. It costs the company very little to have salespeople schlepping around or cold calling from home. There's something rather depressing about these call centres tbh. Ordinary working class people have to sell their souls, to be able to rip off people who the sellers know can ill afford it.


top kek

NA was also the test run for ramping up thoughtcrime convictions

they're not even far right though are they? just more EDL style mongs afaik

Culture of Critique
Bell Curve
Cornwell's Grail books
Olaf Stapledon's Last and First Men
bunch of PDFs eg Joe's spy memoirs, SIEGE etc

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