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Sammy Wilson warns Brexit talks may jeopardise DUP-Tory deal

Britain is braced for a cold snap overnight amid snow and sleet

Poppi Worthington inquest: Officer admits not being fully trained

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First for Britain First

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nth for the commonwealth and not the shit goyimwell one

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Jewesses tbh

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Anglican Unscripted #348 - Babbling while Baffled

noice one ulster lad

Was making a new thred as well.

Third time this week i've been cucked tbh

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*ingests lsd*

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Not in the mood for this QT lads

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nvm found it

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How do I find a wife lads? All the lasses at work or on nights out are slags tbh

We really do not deserve dogs, they are too pure for humanity

By not going to the pub.
Other than that I dunno tbh lad, women everywhere are shite

The English deserve dogs, no-one else

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When I was in Greece I used to go to this little Orthodox church on Sundays and observe the service from outside (they have loudspeakers outside so you can hear the priest and the hymns). After it would empty out I'd shuffle in and throw some euros in the donation box and light a candle for people I've lost.

Was pretty fucking idyllic actually. No idea why I'd go, you'd hear them ring the bell before a service and I'd just find myself ambling down with what seemed like the rest of the village. Just felt normal, I guess.

Maybe one day lad.

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Lad even as pure as we are, I doubt we deserve the loyalty of dogs.
It really is incomparable. The love that they show for us is indescribable.

#Pray4Henry lads

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got a link for it?

He'll cuck lad

Thanks lad
I can't keep getting away with it tbh

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Good lad.

I don't want to come across like I'm trying to persuade anyone to take shrooms here, but you just don't know until you've tried them the "spiritual"ness and feeling of connection to and awe of nature if you're the right type of person, and I would not say it's "abuse" at all. At least not when I do it :) anyway that's enough drug talk.

maybe lad, I'm supposed to be sorting a PC for my mate that I forgot about and I want to watch QT too


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Lad do you really think I go to the pub to chase tail?

what's going on there?

Ladies haven't existed for at least 30 years.
All we have now are thots, selfishness and nihilism…..oh and the occasional drunk.

Its an innocence, the one man lost when we gained the will to do evil. A dog does whats in its nature.

We all know why you go to the pub lad.

Implying he isn't a spy

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Greek services are the comfiest. I went to Tinos once and it was pretty memorable.

Orthodoxy really is the real Christianity, shame it's reputation here has been sullied by LARPers tbh

how long til Bins shows up?

i bet her fanny smells of hay, stables and horses

I think you might be right

I'd agree. I became religious after doing shrooms, and then I read the bible and became Christian.

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you're a spy tbh

Better than scampi fries and blue WKD farts

that's hot

Doggo bloody loves the snow though, sends her mental and all hyper which always brings a smile to me.

It's fine lad, we're all behind on something we've been meaning to do.

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But that's my point, where's the need in trying them when you surround yourself in God's green and pleasant land. That whole spiritual stuff as well? Just go to church sober, I honestly cannot exaggeratw the embrace of God, I really hope lads here take the breadpill and find the Truth.
I can understand the desire for substances (I'm in a pub more often than not) but it's more than just the chemical.
stop making shite excuses :^) can play whenever, 'though I'm busy most of next month

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scampi fries are tasty lad


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looks like corbyn doing his thing
hard to tell whether joe will stop him or is protecting him
and that's what's so terrifying about it

Link for whoever wants to subject themselves to QT like me when it comes on

Thank (You)

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Correct and they smell lovely. Not good if you get a whiff after pulling the knickers to one side tbh.

That's a visit to the doctor time.

Tbh that has got to be the worst way I've heard of finding God, but so long as you repented it's decent(ish)

rustic, natural, and wholesome

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why live tbf

Well I havent done it since, if thats what you mean. I repent for all my sins.

Does the Bible say anything about psychadelics

I love women with big hair tbh
In about 25 mins

I seldom miss one but I can’t handle 45 minutes of people calling for all relationships with our most valuable ally to be severed entirely because shared a video of sharia law being implemented. Two bit nobody’s journalists and traitor politicians accusing the President of a country with freedom of speech of committing a hate crime and somehow utilising this as an argument for furthering restrictions on our speech will be next level pain. All the whilst barbarian Saracens get pandered to.


Nah but funnily enough it does condemn drunkards


If you get mad during QT just look at this calming Gilbert

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Yeah I've actually been following it for years then suddenly it seems in vogue. Mount Athos has been on my list for ages, looks amazing.

The story about Hitler leaving Mount Athos alone and ensuring it stayed untouched by war was one of my first redpills I'm sure.

tl;dr your body is a temple + no addictions.

So long as you stick to it lad, don't fall privy to earthly desires.

That's me fucked then

Ordered a keg of Hobgoblin for christmas

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Lads, Scruffy came back btw

I can’t even into grammar I am so angery and it hasn’t even begun.

Sounds yum lad

Jesus was a mushroom

A legit biblical scholar concluded, from reading original texts, that Jesus and his Disciples were actually a cult based around taking magic mushrooms

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Christ literally turned water into wine.
Just don't become dependent on the substance

reminder this has always been the enemy

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[sash intensifies]

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So Christians can take LSD then?

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It's only for special occasions tbh

I do a fair bit of driving and being a wage cuck so i'm tea totalled most of the time.


stop being holier-than-thou, you drink all the time. We all like a pint of ale.

If they can take it up the shitter, then why the hell not?

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Why not lad? It's not addictive. Which verse proscribes it or similar substances?

Drink your wine with a merry heart

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anything except youthful suicide and producing works of genius is immoral tbh

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I'm not Zig Forums, and I'm not knowledgeable enough to quote upon question.

Well that's me rock hard

Can't grumble tbh keg

Good grief
Bloody well would n all

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When you take DMT you see demons


Or angels, depending

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Jesus, BBC is fucked.

kek look at sweden they have it worse than us


Lad I'm judt jell let me grrrrr


Good then segragate

*drinks coffee*

noTHing pRoScribeS it YOuNG oNe BaCK tO slEEp nOw

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