Brit/pol/ #1996: Snow and Ice edition

Sammy Wilson warns Brexit talks may jeopardise DUP-Tory deal

Britain is braced for a cold snap overnight amid snow and sleet

Poppi Worthington inquest: Officer admits not being fully trained

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I like that


Nth for normgroids are lower lifeforms and democracy in all it's forms is evil.

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stop watching porn

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Morning lads

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Morning chaps. And watch out for new drivers, who were probably still at school the last time it snowed properly; or were going to school on a camel/donkey.

Or were 'homeschooled' by uncle Guptah.

Tiny wee wee

Fresh bloke.

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What porn did Damien Green have on his computer? Jewesses?

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C of E is fucking disgusting

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Got some segment about autism on BBC Breakfast and some autistic faggot called himself "acoustic" not autistic

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>tfw no other posters here

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I'm gonna smack one of you lads in a minute

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Hope you lads are staying warm

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My Fucking sides

Are you having a fucking giggle

That fucking cuck Will better get onto this pedo and tell him to stop talking about his fucking kid, and that as fucking heir to the Crown he wants his son to fucking marry A WOMAN you fucking slag.

Based anglicans tbh

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If he did then he had top-tier taste

They'll cotton on eventually lad

I really, really, really, like this thread.

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Hope he doesn't die tbh

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it's destroy dick december, lad

I'm in

Haha I don't think so lad

ban evading on Zig Forums rn

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jewess loving december tbh

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Who's that uggo

Good lad, I do this too

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Milana Vanytrub

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Better picture tbf

Haven't done anything in a week, and before that almost a month. Doesn't change much tbqh

Lmao'ing @ this half caste whore on Victoria Derbyshire that's almost crying over the fact she wanked off Harvey Weinstein

Also who /morningcoffee/ here?

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In time or dimensions?

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I couldn't get to sleep last night and was plagued by glorious visions of London rebuilt in dafty architecture

She had no choice lad, she wanted money and fame

I always measure my poo by how much I earn whilst doing it

Morning lads

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How many fat jews do you reckon she's wanked off?

She really is trying to be princess car crash

BBC coverage of Harry and Monkey right now is fucking embarrassing, cameraman even zooming in on Monkey's ring. Literally been 10 live minutes of her just fucking shaking hands

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So many fucking wogs wanting to see her too, it looks nothing like a normal royal visit crowd

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Yeah now you get it lad, this beard is a propaganda tool for old faggy Harry

do you think they forced harry into this

All centralised power turns cuck in time.

Nah, he is his mother's son.


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regression to the mean

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greetings muggles

No lad, they were just introduced by a nice Jewish lady

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I actually did this several times years ago. If I saved the bitcoin then instead of spending it on TOR drugs they'd be worth almost £100,000 by now

Doing drugs is for boring faggots, unless it's mandy


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LSD/shrooms used for shamanistic purposes are the only moral drugs

I like to smoke dabs with my oil rig while watching PMQs

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My dad done loads of shrooms when you could just go out and pick them. They're a local drug

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Lefty means not moral lad, thats the point of it. You have to kill your dad, lad

grows in the local woods

and local parklands

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almost thought that was woes for a second




You've just given the authorities your details lad, good luck in court :^)

It's shit tbf lad

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getting bored of it tbh
t-tonight will be different r-right?

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Based centrism

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Christians should pray that someone hangs whoever suggested this.

Got to a town centre pub lad

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go to a spoons when there isn't a match on, lad.


maybe but i expect it to be similar or full of skanks, or at least from my experiences in town

the spoons here are full of old people or lads tbh

This has to be some sort of masonic antinomianist accelerationism, tbh. I genuinely cannot think of any other rational explanation, except for poz-brain meltdown.

brah just get tinder brah