Brit/pol/ #1997: Clown World Edition

EU-funded report tells journalists not to write negative articles on migrant crisis

Berlin museum includes Bataclan terrorist alongside Martin Luther King in list of martyrs

Corbyn tells banks: You're right, we are a threat

Why the PM will have to repeal her own EU Withdrawal Bill

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they always find a way to make things worse

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Good lad.

Them Days Are Gone:

Theberton (some nice Bowden stuff)

Granville Thorndye (might be this as his videos inspired me to make the demoralisation of Britain video)

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nth for rising normie discontent.

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Thread Theme.

Top lad.

For this monkey thot


Good lad.


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(czeched satan)

cheers lads
No fucking way. I was going to make a "Things can only get better edition before changing it to this" Was going to use a blair memi


for him

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And her pimp

webm related

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Good lad.
If Labour were to destroy London as a financial centre and scare banks into relocating their headquarters elsewhere, this wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

literally how did it get so big?

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Watching Un Village Francais and tbh I've lost what little sympathy I had for jerries. The way they terrorised French qts, smdh.

noice waves lad

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The fire rises


I meant the series, but I guess it's a mystery how the welsh bird got so big too

doing god's work lad

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i am a big boy

James Corden is a bigger mystery



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Don't you mean 11 years lad?

who's to say he doesn't mean God anyway?

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I was thinking exactly that tbh
I'm sure God would be watching his own son be born from nigh on heaven

The Father & The Son are part of the trinity with the Holy Ghost anyway right so what's the big deal smh

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Who's going down the pub tonight?

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got some shite for eign lagers earlier tbh
only did it for the nostalgia forgive this lapse in LOCALness

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Disgusting. This is how AIDS started

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The next 30 years will be interesting albeit bloody.

When they establish the EU Army (With our divorce money) it'll go to shit very quickly on the continent.

The Swedish king fucked a boon for years

forgive me reeeee
usually I only drink ciders tbh unless I'm at the pub then it's LOCAL ale

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I'm unrepentant in my fondness of foreign beers and lagers tbh.

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what the fuck is that head meant to be

port tbh

How is that bitch a minister of Italy ffs?

Proper English scrumpy on a summers evening cannot be beaten tbh

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port is a wine lad

my sources tell me that jahans got an autistic girl pregnant

only if the girl was himself

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Zig Forums btfo

A visual guide for incorrect pouring and its disastrous consequences.

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Is that even possible?

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maybe mulled wine in the medieval style now it's winter

it's also the english military drink of choice

comfy lad

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Can't wait to get drafted into Ukraine and have my throat slit and be kicked into a mass grave with all of you tbh.

She's a die hard commie who is a Soros funded ho. She is hated in Italy and I would not at all be surprised if RWDS starts there. They have a healthy history of murdering politicians

Same, but only for Belgian beers.

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excellent choice lad

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I like scandinavian fruit cider tbh

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If I get a slight whiff of anything like that happening, i'm fucking off to Iceland.

Homebrew is the ultimate localism tbh

r u gay

Fucking disgusting. I'm to to my LOCAL.

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boatsinker always does a good job of making xenos look even more absolutely disgusting

Have 4 of these beauties and say hullo to pink elephants and a great nights sleep.

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used to live in Shepton and go past the Blackthorn brewery every day tbh

me 2


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Why Iceland?

There was a film made years ago where some kids find refuge in a countryside cottage while the civil war in the UK was raging on. Can't remember the name.
It was a modern film IIRC

no possible.

you can't fit two tictacs and a slightly smaller tictac in a vagene

LOCAL beer or nothing tbh

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you are like little babby

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BASED black guy

Mans are next level bludds an sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit

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his signature looks like Anal Hump

Just an impulse tbh.

Reminds me of that character in New Brave World where he movees to Iceland to escape the madness of the progressive world.

Can't wait til they fire a white wagecuck for this

tfw the world is so globalised and fucked I had no idea what country this video is in until the woman says 'in the UK'

Brave New World

Good fellow Surrey lad.Have you tried anything by Surrey Hills brewery before?

beer is highly estrogenic tbh

'kin ell. That sounds like a rollercoaster of loathing and self destruction. Where Can I buy it lad?

Source lad?


give her a bacon roll to go

only if it is packed with hops lad.

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most of them are

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