Brit/pol/ #1999: t. Alberto Barbosa edition

Two police officers suffer serious injuries in stabbing incident

Five injured as car collides with pedestrians in south-west London

Hero police officer clings on to van hanging precariously over motorway bridge with driver trapped inside

Mother arrested on suspicion of child neglect after toddler wanders into shop alone

Person dies after being electrocuted at Manchester Piccadilly train station

Fate of London, Mumbai and Delhi are intertwined: London Mayor

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Good lad

Also repostan

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DruidxImperium OTP


No point without the Khazar milkers tbh


I do not understand this.

the eternal mummy

where's your dad?

You're easily identified by posting shit OC that no one else saves and constantly stirring shit over some combination of Nige/newbrit/how NA or For Britain or Britain First are secretly the saviours we all need though, it's not difficult

He lives in his own house.

where are you?

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this is whats useful about the "it's OK to be white" posters. There is no clear providence, so all people end up seeing is the media condemning something most people find acceptable


and his total inability to comprehend written text

you could move out for £100 a week

yeah lad we all need a professional to tell us how we are feeling

I feel great tbh


come on lads, lets have a proper discussion on something instead of mummy posting

Good post tbh

Negativity creates more negativity, but some people persist with it regardless

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And live where?

Only one way to deal with them. Deprive them of oxygen..

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with your mates

I wnt mummy to read me the Maastricht Treaty before bedtime.

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What mates?

They also had to throw NATO barbed wire around parts of the venue

Probably on the upward spiral for the past few years tbqh, despite having left uni and become a NEET

Should've whipped them with it tbh

I prefer the acronym NET, tbh

Gay Labour MP says Trump should be arrested

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Is Donald Trump Starting To Show His Power Level?

on the up tbh



Jewesses are superior to huwhite women in every way lad.

Go on spareroom or something and your new house-mates will become your mate-mates

It's more fun than trying to convince your mum that there's nothing special about British Gas

Not necessarily lad, they could be cunts or druggies

Piss stained underpant man

what will be the impact on our elections when the normalfag boomers are all dead?

also want to know how to get friends
asking for a friend

or strangled them with it

Nothing changes

Or even worse than that

Sounds more like it.


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in this age of over sensitivity whoever can manipulate emotions and peoples base instincts will win tbb

He's absolutely fucking vile, I hate him

bring back gay bashing tbh

It's quite simple, lad.

Oh I thought I remembered the cunt's name from somewhere else,

I think Meg found a bloke, lads. She's hidden her profile.

I suddenly have naughty thoughts about weaponising that puppet tbh

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read this

That's why you speak to them first. This guy is happy where he is so it's not like he has to move in with the first bunch of people with needles in the bin and Marx on the bookshelves.

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>tfw you finally accept most of the political class should be brutally assassinated

That's good, for her. Maybe it's one of us.

You know what. Fuck it!
Kick Drumplf out the whitehouse and get Mike "electricute the fags" Pence in instead. Then they'll know what they are dealing with.

The fucking state of it.


I would if I didn't know.

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Chris Bryant needs thrown off a roof tbh.

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The Proles were the biggest villains of 1984


My mate texted me a pic of bjork showing her tits the other day after I gave hime some banter about milkers.

Yes he does.

Maybe that's one of the plus sides of the inevitable Islamic take over of the UK

I'll be in the crowd for that one…

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Interesting quote. I found the "How to Win Friends and Influence People" very useful. Don't treat it like a Bible, but there is definitely some nuggets of truth there.

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This guy had some damn good insight, pity he was bogged down in LARP

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Never seen them before until he texted me.
You ain't missing much tbh

not my type

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phwoar lad if i hadn't got completely poleaxed last night i'd be joining you on the ale front.

based asian comes out swinging for Drumpf

Is Bjork a skraeling?

beer lowers test

I'll poleaxe you again lad

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Not even racist ffs

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2 bottles of Hobgoblin
2 bottles of Owd Rodger
1 bottle of Wainright


That sounds a bit gay lad. But you're Mercia-lad so i'll let it slide.

Cop yerself on with the threats so you will

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Excellent beer choices kipper

Get your mind out of the gutter tbh

Very cosy, lad.

kek lad how bladdered were you?

The best men of England had a beer or two in their belly.

'cor lad sounds top.

What do they mean by this?

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King Nigger and his family couldn't clean up after themselves.

They have turks working on the inside as spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) tbh

or this

(((cockroaches))) and (((vermin)))

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Top Lad

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Not as bladdered as usual but enough to give my stomach a rest tonight

Is White House a euphemism?

Like every single ethnic, picture my surprise.

! can see.

If Noel hates Corbyn that means that Liam is a Labour corbynista. Or am I wrong?

yeah ok

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*onions your path*

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>watching (((Gremlins)))

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