Brit/pol/ #2000: JOCKED FOREVER Edition

Two police officers suffer serious injuries in stabbing incident
Five injured as car collides with pedestrians in south-west London

Hero police officer clings on to van hanging precariously over motorway bridge with driver trapped inside

Mother arrested on suspicion of child neglect after toddler wanders into shop alone

Person dies after being electrocuted at Manchester Piccadilly train station

Fate of London, Mumbai and Delhi are intertwined: London Mayor

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first for yummy mummy jewesses

Second for irn bru

Good lad good edition

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How should I get a girlfriend, lads?

By not being me.

at least you have introspection

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Third time this afternoon I hear Police sirens from the high street.

Would never get this in Church Stretton

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I unironically hate Scottish people, the nation of Scotland and everything that has ever come from that wretched part of this isle.

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I like the smart inventors and tough lads who killed all the non-British people for us.

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Congrats on 2000 threads bongers

t. the jerries

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*cures polio and small pox*

Good lad tbh

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ywn eat haggis with woes in his native homeland

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Makes it all worth it lads.

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who /muh heritage/ here?

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I wish I did crypto years ago
*buys lottery ticket instead*

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they aren't expesive

Imagine my shock when progressives are unironically the real hate-filled bigots

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smh they would get you fired for your job it you james earl ray posted during black history epoch

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I bet you're actually black

william wallace was welsh, lad

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aren't jocks irish? braveheart is about the irish king william wallace fighting against the vikings at the battle of maldon during the seven years war lad

in this day and age of cheap credit 30K isn't much


its also low mileage

Nver brought a car on credit.
Never will.

no lad, only the west coast and western highlands are irish, most jocks are actually picts LARPing as taigs

also, william wallace was given land in jockland by the normans

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ahhh lad

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some rice burner garage queen too

good lad bought my truck from a church fundraiser for 800 dollars cash



not william but his ancestors

erm… that's haram bro

I was meming lad but that was interesting I did not know that wallace was a normancuck


I got my 09 JCW mini a while back. took me about 5 years of saving up.
Great car tbh

And goes like shit off a shovel.

Your potential future queen lads

all scots are. The stuarts were too. If you havent figured it out by now, every ethnic group is actually LARPing

hes not norman, he's welsh and the normans gave them land

He wasn't but Robert the Bruce was a norman, much like most nobility at the time tbh.

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I would tbh

This tbh, if you think about it we're all just LARPing as ourselves

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why do yanks all look like gremlins

yeah she had a serious nose job, ugly little puerto rican looking shit

Scotland was a mistake tbh.



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Didn't realise it but it's obvious now

she also straightens her hair

Hmm. ETH will definitely gain against BTC in the longer term, but BTC is more well known ATM. If you do get BTC be prepared to swap it when the bubble starts to burst.

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thats got to be fake aaaaaaahhhhhh

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The state of it

Illegal immigrants from Iraq and Afghanistan are SUPERGLUED into back of lorry by traffickers and eat expensive Belgian chocolates to survive before being freed by firefighters

Made me fucking gag. Spoiler that shit tbh,

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Bet she makes Harry sucks on that long finger toe smh

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Why does she have a necklass with a cross, then a necklass with a snake (ie. the devil)?

What are the idea feet for women, lads?

Rather suck on fergies toes tbh

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small, pale and dainty


not jewish

hidden by socks apart from lewd moments

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is this the next level to /civic/ posting?

Chained to the stove.


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Elon Musk.

I love her, lads.

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it's a hereditary medical condition that's being introduced to the royal bloodline

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Yes tbh, it's evolving

Not christmas yet lad

Listening to Bjork atm

best chrimbo ditty right here

I've yet to start Christmas shopping tbh

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Why even start?

we could have prevented this

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SAS to ease entry test to woo women

Dunno tbh I hate it, nobody has told me what the fuck they want so I haven't bought anything

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Why bother? They MUST know that statistically women make shit soldiers

based destruction of standards for political correctness.

I am certain all our adversaries will be sure to include gender quotas in recruitment tbh.

he piss arses around over shopping as well fucking cunt

They know this but it's all pressure from the left again.

You'd think the SAS would be the last thing to get pozzed but nah.

I don't think many will join anyway.

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lad its the entry test
i dont think they'll survive the hike through the wilderness carrying 30kg of equipment followed by 72 hours of torture

True but it's a good excuse to listen to some bangers tbf

Me neither smh, dunno what to get anyone

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