Brit/pol/ #2003: Christmas din dins edition

Theresa May left red-faced as DUP scuppers Brexit deal

Scotland, Wales and even LONDON all demand their own special Brexit deal

‘People are entitled to change their mind’: Tony Blair confirms he is fighting to cancel Brexit

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Good lad.


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Quite so my friend. Don't worry about those new foreign rulers, they're just friendly immigrants who are helping to develop your economy.


for HIM

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Good lad, nice edition tbh

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first for mumsnet approved

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lad I'm not made of money

Get in my league

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You sound as tight as a jock.

Post stilled Siuan is best girl tbh


Mingin' tbh

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kek I'm Glaswegian

Fucking hell

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Nineve is actually best waifu wait till you get to the part where she goes to see the jewelry merchant its one of my fave parts of the entire series

a bloke that cleans windows?

Can't remember where they were from, I think Yorkshire.

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no, a cunt that smashes them

Jesus Christ, that looks like something out of the sewer


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Good lad.
Step aside plebs.
>tfw mum makes them better than any that google images shows

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No this is what something out of the sewer looks like


Probably full of E numbers and MSG

They never look like the photo do they!

Depends if you microwave it or cook it in an oven, in this instance I doubt it would matter.

Assault rifle and other weapons and ammo seized in raid by PSNI in North #Belfast this evening. Most likely from dissident IRA faction.

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Based Continuity IRA

I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.
Pot noodles suddenly seem more appealing.

Cheers lads

Just finished the last one yesterday lad tbh. Best part was when Lan showed Demandreds head and everyone was shouting for Malkier. I'm wondering which of the best parts were Jordan and which were Sanderson's though. Have you read any of Sandersons stuff?

fucking tor has been a bitch lately, all worth it to piss off gchq

Not as bad as Harry's pet monkey tbh


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u ok lad??

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Why is /r/ukpoltiics full of soyboys? It used to be pretty comfy when Brit/pol/ was always shitposting there. What went wrong, lads?


Reddit is the fucking lair of the soyboy lad

i think sanderson really saved the series jordon was losing it (elaine and nineeves gypsie adventure for half a book)
all of sandersons work is gold tbh im listening to oathbringer atm

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I'll give it a look after I've finished New Spring. Cheers lad.

Fun little project would be to take it back tbh, bantastic lebensraum

I know, lad, but one time /r/ukpolitics used to be tolerable, full of Brexit supporters, but now it's just non-stop autistic screeching about Brexit.

Could easily eat a hundred of them tbh

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if someone starts the raid I'll join in

None of these are any good for bum sex friday fare, 'specially the Chillisketti

Kek good times when we raided that place

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honey glazed?

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Willoughy is a coalburner?

Do you buy the ready made ones? Or do you do them properly? The ready ones are shit, streaky bacon and baby sausages.

Not the small ones you get from the supermarkets.
Has to be home made. Proper sausages wrapped in big fuck off bacon rashers and glazed to perfection.

So could I.
Muslims would never know this feel. fuck em.

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making them is better, i still use streaky bacon tho. and loooooooads of honey glaze

100% nigger

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Honestly don't like them. seems like a memi in food form food if I'm quite honest. I'll have to try making some myself some day.

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I can heartily recommend Singapore curry naked noodles from Naked Noodles
Iceland is cheapest

Good lad, and not even joking same here, I'd eat as many as you put in-front of me.

Nah, I like them pure and uncut.

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I think it was just a photoshoot for the book.
On her website she only has photos of her with a white babby. Probably hers I think.

3 kids apparently.

found a Mormon on the dating website

You're a fucking memi lad, take that back! If you're talking about pre-made then it doesn't count anyway.

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Same tbh

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Top dawg

saved, cheers lad. Looks nice tbh

Yeah, we should start shitposting again there.

It's best to get in threads early so we should monitor the "new" section for soyboy threads.

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go for it lad, see if they try and take you into the church

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Not got any shit in them 4 mins and they're done. Pretty comfy
Singapore is rightful British clay

Stay away from Mormon girls. They use their pussy as bait to brainwash you

Those teef tho'

/cosy/ tbh

Have you tried the Thai sweet chilli one?

I've posted here before.

The way I see it, the upvote system and heavy handed moderation allows narratives to be forged very easily and dafty views to be crushed. Vote manipulation can be used to give the impression that some views are more/less popular than each other. This is perfect for pushers of the pants-on-head retarded ideology that pervades these shitholes.

Fucking mods are commie eurofetishists, bad mods get shut down by (((reddit admins)))

Aren't they usually groomed by their elders?

So I've heard.

Never tried that before is it nice?, not too much of fan of honey tbqh

Yeah fuck the premade micro piggies smh, big food for big boys only tbh

Who would have thought pig wrapped in pig would be so delicious smh
G-good lad

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Yeah and the chow mein but the Singapore was the best for me. Just the right amount of spicy
Fugging shop hasn't got the others

My only experience of them is when other people have served then, I have no idea where they got them from. You'd think on at least on occasion they'd realise that they taste shit and not buy them, but I guess that's normies.

Imperium tbh

Is it pre-mixed like that or has the mong poured the whole lot into the tray.

One of the mods there is /our guy/, he probably posts here.


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Who else here /lucky/?

My local village shop does some comfy saussie rolls, all made locally with less e numbers and soy.

You're Allahdamn right

braise gchq and mummy may

It's a yank delicacy so probably the former.

wtf i hate the dup now

bitch, the whole fucking world is rightful British clay

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They did have a very friendly 9/10 Yankee lass with them.

You said you wouldn't avoid your ban lad

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And you didn't convert her because…?

U wot

I had a chinky mormon attempt to convert me the other month.