Brit/pol/ #2004: Finland Birthday edition


Theresa May left red-faced as DUP scuppers Brexit deal

Scotland, Wales and even LONDON all demand their own special Brexit deal

‘People are entitled to change their mind’: Tony Blair confirms he is fighting to cancel Brexit

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for him

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druids to be quite honest

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Good lad.
I was almost ready to upload my thread


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Good lad

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I clicked on it 20 times, refusing to believe someone had uploaded a thumbnail

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Forgot to say good lad smh

Good Slav

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People like you disgust me. Used to wok with an old bint who had a Bird's Eye "Ocean pie" every lunchtime.

Thread Theme.

Good lad.

Pretty noice wee tune tbh.

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love this song tbh

Eighteenth for absolute despondency.

I have quite nice lunches but no one sits with me anyway because I'm a loner

had an interview at the university of cambridge today lads

They tasted great.
Should give them a whirl lad.

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Did you black up and tell them "mans gettin into Cambridge or niggas is gettin skrrrrrrrrraaaaaa'd"

How did it go?

I'd sit with you lad.

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Also top tovarich.

Good lad.

Based Jew Wife Man

How will Ulster ever recover?

It's because she's a half caste tbh

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They weren't even consulted ffs

Haffu piggu go home

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what do you do in finland

Eurasians are the only qt mixed race tbh

I just get drunk in sauna and bitch about foreigners

it's all just another step on the march towards faggotry

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They literally want cosplay warfare smh

filename tbh

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idk how these guardian types fail to see the utter embarassments they make of themselves by praising boring commercial centres with lots of wogs in council estates as these centres of culture

good effort. ake it over to the other brit tbh, they'd appreciate it

but lad big issue sellers are the socratic philosophers of our time

They're shameless and don't live in those shitholes.
Dosen't matter how hypocritical they seem as long as they're massaging each others egos for (you)s

now THAT is fancy
good job lad

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Dublin has some pretty parts (from when it was the second city of empire), but the Irish have done the best to destroy it; e.g. blowing up Nelson's Column and knocking down nice georgian squares to put up modern architecture (so that there's not a single complete square left).

Also funny that they praise the Irish economy when its grown because of the tax-evasion and financial services that they otherwise hate
Yeah let's just rely on the EU army to protect us shall we, you twat.

Good lad.

its what gets me more than any of their other propaganda - i cant see how any adult person does'nt get the irony in accusing your opponants of being narrowminded, ill-traveled bigots while simultaneously declaring gay bars, costa coffee, faggy weed niggers and glass squares to be a Second Athens unparalled on earth

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Nice Lad.

tbh the army should be small
with a very big militia/fencible force tbqh

Oakshott mentioned that we lost a wargame to the Amerimutts IN A DAY.

And now he wan't this?
What a pleb tbh


Or alternatively have a huge regular army. trying to balance between regulars and reserves is utter shit considering reserves dont even have to legally turn up


The main calls for growing the army at the moment are from people who want us to fight wars against Russia/Iran for the yanks

Is he drunk?

Ty lads

His voice is terrifying

Do bears shit in the woods?

will the daft times be you and the army against the muslim
or the muslim and the army against you?

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Depends whose in charge of the army, there are reasons why they are pushing for more ethnics and women to be in leadership positions

fug i haven't seen that in years

both id imagine
theres a lot of good lads, but theres also a lot of cucks, plus a lot who would do whatever their commanders/government tell them

I'd like to think they'd get fragged tbh

It's got to have been mooted more than once by them, it must be infuriating watching themselves be dismantled like this.

But we don't have this either, better to at least maintain and improve on what we have instead of throwing it away, it's an embarrassment.

Yeah I heard that, makes me literally smh. We were the top lads not that long ago and now we're reduced to a token force.

And everyone knows it, probably one of the big reasons why recruitment is down is that nobody wants to sign up to fight others proxy wars or for unjust agendas. It all stems from the top being traitors.

"Hey what's up guys!? Whadda madda!?"

If I was him I'd stay at home or migrate to Siberia
11/10 revolution in Italy

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r nyj


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Can't wait for the wops to have a meltdown, it's long overdue.

Italy has always been a 3rd world nation

Fucking this, most regiments have a long and distinguished history, throwing it away would be a shit thing to do

You're thinking of Sicily.

the labour government destroyed most of the traditional regiments laddo

I'm waiting for the government to start handing back the military regiments to the local Dukes that used to own them in a cost cutting measure.

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I know they wiped two gurkha regiments as a cost cutting exercise.

…and now….


Thanks Margaret….

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I remember when MI5 were advertising on the Xbox 360.

Not all of them though, and the ones that have been disbanded can always be restored

Nice idea though

Italy was fucked over when the (((Yanks))) let the mafia back in and funded the left and right to maintain an unstable continent m99

Lad when a country's right wing identitarians are swarthier than the wogs they hate that's a pretty good indicator of a country being 3rd world

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why is every security analyst a cuck?

"I was a sniper for the commies"

It's the age of tech and the government wants more toys like drones, the Lockheed Martin F-35 potato fighter jet, cyber warefare, Intelligent missiles, etc

Plus they can justify the low numbers in the British army by being a member of NATO. Eventually boots on the ground would be nothing more than intelligence gathering and security, as opposed to front line battles.


Why not they could cut them down to a personal guard outfit keep the tradition alive and then slowly start establishing control of areas for taxation using their bodyguards to slowly expand the forces.

When can we invade? Italy is a gorgeous country

I only associate with Northern Italians lad.