Brit/pol/ #2007: HMS Are Liz Edition

rushed tbh

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Good lad. The commissioning ceremony was top notch with the prayers and hymns. Shame BBC only showed a small part of it.


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4d chess tbh

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idk lad, its a hard one. My father was catlick, as was his and his before him, etc

I'm just hoping there is a papal coup or something, until that happens I will have to interpret the texts myself in these trying times

inb4 soros

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is there a Spurdo lad hiding in the attic?

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Based Jewish AIDS twink

not in the EU
paid slave wages

this argument holds less and less traction the more they go on about it

the ultimate btfo of le banksters argument is to point out that the only reason the financial sector is so bloated is due to state borrowing to pay for the welfare state

90% of normies, even dedicated socialists, just have no idea about how fractional reserve banking works and are immediately confused when you bring it up.

Based banks we should give them more taxpayer money and implicit guarantees


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even in the 70s, their main argument was >muh food


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Surge in white and female terror suspects pushes up the number of arrests to record high

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based stand up to racism defending our civil liberties

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Indian burses and Polish fruit pickers are taking jobs from locals, putting more people out of work, on the dole, putting more of a strain on the economy.

there are no winners in this race smh

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post exceptional women

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Its like they want to be found out

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Even in the 70s their main argument was not an argument

here's 3

it's crazy how the SWP/SUTR are just fronts for Labour, all they do is protest against shit, when do we get an undercover report to highlight this utter bullshit?

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I remember seeing that

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its already started apparently

Whenever we infiltrate their groups.

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Imagine going to prison to show dems are the real racists and when you get let out you find the dominant faction in your party are racists and nobody gives a shit about you

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Guess I've no choice but to stay :^)

Their insanity is surreal, their narcissism is driving them to go and announce how they are responsible for it all and behind everything, they're itching to claim credit.
They really are their own worst enemy.

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Prince Charles bomb plot: Real IRA leader jailed

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How fucking delusional to you want to be?

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I've been taking amphetamines lads. Before you bully me I only use it for reading once or twice a week. I think a decade of easily-available trivial entertainment in the form of imageboards and video games has done some damage to my attention span, but on this stuff I can read a book in one sitting, thoroughly enjoy it even if it's not that interesting, and retain most of the important stuff. I just need to make sure not to overdo it like based Hitler.

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This is brainwashing, children don't know about these things and care less, all they'll be doing is parroting whatever they've heard or whatever they're scripted to say.
brb off to bomb the Beeb.

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Haha funniest joke I've heard all day dobgeg

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you realise most of this is made in Salford nowadays?

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Guido has some dirt on them apparently, Momentum have been shady as fuck in their actions.

It's such bullshit, do the SWP ever even stand for election? They're full time agitators, I fucking hate them.


It'll end up like this.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. It is not beyond the reach of sensible centre-right civic politics to entirely dismantle the Left's state-sponsored thuggery machine. I doubt normiecon daily mail types would be happy finding out their taxpayers money goes to fund safe spaces.

looks like a man in a wig

virald xumpf stumpfed for good

She gets fucking paid to make half arsed videos and acts like she's doing us all a favour.

Maybe I just have a personal axe to grind because I put effort in and never ask for a penny, I could get just as fucked as her and it'd be all for free.

It's easier for women to forgo anonymity because they'll rake in the money.

Why is the diversity in BBC programs always niggers when there are far more pajeets/pakis/chinks in Britain?

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yanks categorise them as white and the beeb love to pander

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The sooner they are taken down, the better. They are pure scum.

You put more effort into a single video than she's put into her whole e-career.
I'm so glad they're finally getting called out on a larger scale, I've been saying it for years that these whores aren't good for us, and now it's all coming into the light God I love being right

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Doesn't matter, it's the symbolism.

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none of these people like lauren southern ever do 'redpill normies' tho. I didn't know who fucking 'Tara Mcshitface' was until this episode. Their audience is entirely the already converted who are insecure in their opinions.

Awesome mate! Impressive recovery! To God be the glory!

Have you seen the latest attempt at leaving Trump absolutely DESTROYED?

Exactly this; I wouldn't send their videos to normies as they wouldn't work, this whole "they bring people to our movement" is cobblers.

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This is just a massive butthurt. Four more years!


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Because they are fucking scum

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Yawn tbh

At least they tried.

And a dozen others; have they not got the point that he doesn't give a shit? Not everyone is a sensitive snowflake like them.

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Why work lads?

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You save a good image lad

what bible do you read?

You're at the gym when she starts doing this in front of you. What do you do?

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I recommend English Standard Version (ESV), anglicised edition.

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To get money to buy a gun to execute journalists, politicians, judges, and all else.

Wtf, how did you get that picture of me?

tell her the machine isn't insured to be used that way and file a report smh

Avert my eyes tbh


Noble reasons

I knew you will respond. Message me again lad on snapchat.

She's half Pakistani ffs

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Sense of pride, accomplishment, and working as a team. Better to be a working a low-skilled job with the government reaching into your pocket than sat at home demanding that the government steals for you.

Tell her to get out for using the machine wrongly, smh
Then she'll be caught on my spy camera in the womens changing room

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KJV isn't perfect and has many flaws. There are better, more accurate translations, although I use the KJV because I prefer how it reads.

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Donald Trump 'beheading' councillor suspended

The posh woman who stabbed her boyfriend and got off with a suspended sentence thinks that was too harsh and has appealed the sentence

Wolf whistling and sexist remarks could become hate crimes in London

I know lad, and it's good to have other versions to make comparisons, but it still remains my favourite.

dazvold drimpfskiwitz will hang for this!