Brit/pol/ #2009: Legend of the Galactic Heroes edition

Irish border: New draft Brexit plan could break deadlock
Brexit negotiations are continuing into the night in a fresh push to reach agreement over the Irish border.
Deptford murder victim was convicted sex offender who served four years in jail in 1999
A father found strangled in his flat alongside his daughter was a convicted sex offender who had served a jail sentence for a sexual assault, it was revealed today.
Morning mail: protests against Trump's Jerusalem move turn violent
Friday: Palestinian protesters confront Israeli forces in the occupied territories. Plus: concern over Chinese institute’s role in NSW education
The Queen commissions the Royal Navy's newest aircraft carrier - HMS Queen Elizabeth
The Queen has welcomed the UK's new £3.1 billion aircraft carrier into the Royal Navy fleet and declared it the "best of British".
Call for troops to kill UK Isis fighters is illegal and immoral, say critics
Politicians, families and law experts say defence secretary’s comments amount to an illegal policy of ‘extrajudicial killing’

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bit soon tbh


Shit coon tbh.

In memiry of guitar lad may he civic in peace.

with how slow the other thread is getting I thought it best to do it now before everyone goes to bed

Nth for qt Kate McCann


i love sea shanties

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But Woden's day was yesterday.
Today is Thor's day.

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it's Friday lad


Praise Freja!

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Can faintly hear the wind. Comfy

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Why is it windy all of a sudden?

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wtf are you doing?

He did link it, just didn't copy paste enough links to make it a noticable post maybe, and making a fresh thread for the graveyard shift is a good idea I think.

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I'll let him off then tbh.

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Good lad.

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Elisabeth II has been the most unsuccessful monarch in British History. Overseeing the dissolution and disgrace of the British Empire.

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Nah John was.

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K wat did John do?

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When did that board become utter dog-shit

Also learn to crosslink



early 2015 definately 2016

*gets put on america ships*

Just ate some grilled cheese on ciabatta bread with lots of raw onion underneath the melted cheese. Usually do anchovy fillets underneath too with a bit of garlic but didn't have any anchovies this time. I can feel my T rising by the minute.

I will admit that I had to use generic brand American cheese that was on special at 400g for $7, but cheese is expensive here and good cheese almost doesn't exist. Swiss cheese is the best imo.

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Oh it looks like you dropped something

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leafs ITT

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Call for troops and everyone including lolis to kill UK Isis fighters is legal and moral, say druids.

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Gaia love
No Asians
Royal Purple


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She has finally made a breakthrough in Brussels and a compromise has been reached.

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any news on what the compromise is lad?


Nice larp

seriously lads are the norn fucking retarded


The solution is clearly to annex Donegal, thereby cutting the border in half and then making the border a hard border to all EU citizens except Irish ones, who, should they choose to travel to mainland Britain out of Northern Ireland, will have to show a passport to enter.

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Re-read your comment. The DUP rejected the idea of norn Irelanders having to show their passport to travel to mainland Britain which is a mistake I think. The border check either has to exist there or on the Northern Ireland border. If it's on the land border the IRA will chimpout because it's in violation of muh good friday agreement free movement for all Irish. Northern Irish should agree to let the British check pasports upon entering the mainland if it keeps free movement in Ireland and prevents violence.


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Thinking of making my own peanut butter. It's a piece of piss tbh. Just need; a decent blender, oil, peanuts. What's a good make for blenders? Also, does user have a Food Weighhouse' in your town? The one with all the tubs of flour, cereals etc? Ours closed down for no apparent reason.

Make your own. Blender? There is only one!

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That's were they fucked up tbh


Was just watching this. Tbh their vids are boring unless they come across a recent tunnel collapse like they did here. That one vid where they squeezed through an old sewer pipe in an abandoned fort was super dank.

The Guardian at it again.

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I don't see any problem with this

wow really

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will nige come back now that we're getting a soft brexit

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i love him lads

Top kek, I wouldn't be surprised if any of them posted here. Their vids aren't boring by any means, just that there are a lot of cold war tunnel videos. Embedded related is a good example of IKS exploration.

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Fuck knows mate.
I left the house for work before I got the details.

Cheers lad

why is it so difficult to just give N. Irish citizens Irish citizenship?


What's become of the Common Travel Area?

They all have Irish passports I thought? I remember hearing from Northern Irish people that the republic makes a point of giving it to them because they consider the whole island to be theirs.

Our opportunity to tell the Government that they are retards is ending tomorrow.

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then doesnt that make it super easy to travel across the border?
why the fuck do they care about easy travel for the fucking continent?

because they ain't irish, lad

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I might have heard that on reddit tbh. I know that Irish citizenship is super easy to get if you're an American larper, and I'm pretty sure that anyone in N iron can get it if they apply but I bet a lot of them don't want it.

They are keeping it however the Republic giving away passports to wogs who can say a phrase in Irish won't help.

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think you mean 'Irishmen' there

bloody tragic what those republican shits have done to Ireland

I mean for fuck sake, I can claim an Irish citizenship because of a great-grandmother.

They give away passports like sweets.

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I had a read through the joint report detailing what's been agreed and if you've been following the news cycles over the last few months, it doesn't really say anything new. Basically, from what I can figure out through all it's legal wording is:

Citizen Rights
They've agreed to a reciprocal deal on EU citizens in the UK and vice versa, requiring them to apply for continued residence in their host country provided they are settled by a certain date (not specified, presumably Independence day). All countries are required to ensure this application process is as simple and easy as possible.

Regarding Irish Border
Good Friday Agreement is good.
No checks on Irish Border.
Norns can choose to be Irish (ergo EU Citizens), British or both.
EU citizens get free movement in NI, doesn't detail if there will be checks into Actual UK.

We're gonna pay what we are due to have paid up to the end of 2020, as if we weren't gonna leave the EU.
They mention that this means we may also get some cash back as well.
It lists what our commitments are.
No figure, but it's to be paid in Euros.

I'm fucked. They've spend eight months on this and this is all they came up with to nail down these three factors. The most obvious compromises which had been proposed from practically day one. They could have agreed this shit in the space of a month, hell a week even. Either our politicians are incompetent or the EU is willfully obstructive, most likely both.

I've included the report, please take a read for yourselves and let me know if I got anything wrong or missed out on anything.

I can claim irish citizenship tbh as well

that makes it hard tbh

filled it in again
on every field tbh

Reminder that Norther Irish people can legally own spooky assault rifles.

As someone who is half-Irish I find it ridiculous that anyone can claim Irish citizenship through one of their eight great-grandparents, it's given away far too easily. Over two million people living in the UK can claim Irish citizenship, making it just as worthless and meaningless as British citizenship.

Doesn't a quarter of England have Irish ancestry? Be a bit more, surely?

you cant unless your parent is registred as a foreign birth

probably more considering how many of our girls get
and how many of their girls get

Northern Irish people are eligible for Irish citizenship. Anyone with one or more Irish/N. Irish parent/grandparent too.

i wish we'd just reconquer ireland and hang everyone involved in the IRA if it were'nt at such a weak and delicate point in history i'd wish they'd scrap the good friday agreement

I really tempted to get my Irish Citizenship while wearing a Dutch football top for the banter tbh .

Fintan O’Toole: Ireland has just saved the UK from the madness of a hard Brexit
If the UK mirrors customs union, why bother leaving EU in the first place?


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I want gerry adams to be run over by a combine harvester tbh

We lost Ireland because we made an example of rebels during WW1. We brutally supressed an uprising during which time most of Ireland was loyal and sympathetic to Britain. After the rebels were publicly executed opinion swayed against the British.

We should just file a request to the ICC demanding the extradition of Gerry Adams and all the other fuckers and if the Taigs refuse withdraw, Britain does a lot for those powerless international bodies, especially in the former colonies. I'd just love to see those smug cunts who think they've gotten away with it due to our weakness get thrown in the slammer and then watchh everything they achieved come to dust with Northern Ireland fully reintegrated into the UK with its own councils.

I feel that way towards the entire Corbyn generation tbh. Their legacy has been nothing but stupidity, I just want to see those dumb statues of Gandhi and Mandela torn down, Rhodesia returned to British rule with every settler given zillions in repatriation and huge acres of land, I want to see the government make formal apologies for decolonisation and comprehensive education and then I want to appear on Jeremy Corbyn's deathbed and tell him everything he stood for has failed and Britain will return to le ebil racist 19th century

Mosley told them it would happen
if Mosley had been in power we wouldnt have lost Ireland to republicans and marxists