Brit/pol/ #2011:Wonder if we'll ever have a civil war edition

2011 (MMXI) was a common year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2011th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 11th year of the 3rd millennium, the 11th year of the 21st century, and the 2nd year of the 2010s decade.

Brexit: Michael Gove says UK voters can change final deal

UK faces more snow over the course of the weekend

South London gang holds man hostage and raids his parents' home

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First for we love our police

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*executes your entire family with white phosphorus because you failed to properly entrap yourself using the illegal shotguns we gave you*

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Good lad.

Literal 1st degree murder tbh, I would've pushed for execution if I was the prosecutor


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unironically angry rn lads

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his wife is qt



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its a tragedy

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even aristotle was an orphan, chin up i guess

keek that ones fucking funny

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why were the police such cunts to veterans

Because the state treats its slaves like shit

its sick I suppose, I hope that manlet cop and all the try hards get strung up in a tree one day

le dinkheller video

Deadlifted 50kg earlier tbh lads, only started 3 weeks ago.

Oh and that girl from work wrote down her address and phone number for me on a bit of paper, that's basically a girl giving me her number, r-right lads?

You can deadlift me lad

Just make her laugh and put your willy in her.

lad you need to eat more. 50kg is fucking nothing. I'm a manlet and I weigh more than that.

Lads. I was talking about the gym with some lass at work. She goes to the same one as me, and as we parted ways she said that maybe we'd see each other there sometime. Does this mean she wants me to ask her to come with me?

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impressed tbh

sounds like BS tbh

last night everyone at my gym was cheering on this guy who everyone calls "thor" because he has long surfer blond hair to lift 256 kg, I can only do 142 kg. you will make it lad

lmao is everyone auschwitz tier ITT?

Proud of are boys in blue, true heroes

What does?

Virgins's razor: Never attribute to attraction that which can be more easily attributed to politeness.

I'm 90kg and I can deadlift 140kg. Everyone on /fit/ says that's bad for my weight but I'm proud of it.

I'm fucked

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im 79 kg and can do the same, fit is mostly endomorphic manlet autistics. don't chase numbers just have functional strength. lifting is like gun culture and MMA culture where everyone is an expert and its all ego bullshit

anyone played PUBG? i'm toying with buying it, but the last time I bought "early access" the Hebrews laughed their way to the bank.

grasshoppers btfo
ant masterrace

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so pretty much the whole thing then

hope it crashes the economy

he didn't say anything about imperium posting or milkers posting

*buys more BTC*


ive gone from 58kg to 61kg recently, trying to gain weight but ive always been skinny, its why i own a gun tbh kek

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I'm safe then

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me too tbh just got this one on thursday

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you call *this* a dip…? i've seen things you wouldn't believe…dips so steep they're more like cliff edges…believe me kids…this is nothing…

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looks good lad looks like an m1911 but i know that pistols look really similar and are hard to tell apart also hope you're not making fun of me somehow smh

kek reminds me of the old /gsg/ shitposting pastas tbh
bitcoin does seem to rebound from every dip though

fuckin kek lmao
makes me wonder how desensitised to violence people are when our entire next generation grew up playing cawadoody and violent vidya

some wogs are alright

imagine being the saps who bought in big time at 17K


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yeah its just a spanish clone of a 1911 tbh, you are right its milsurp so its covered in cancercrap

waggle your willies me mates

inb4 degenerate: I'm not like that anymore lads. Haven't touched weed in years or alcohol in over a year now.

this is so good lads

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I can't help but like girls who like and show interest in me tbh lads. Even if they are silly lefties.


*makes hot chocolate*

Sleepy again?
Not bedtime yet lad

If you buy it again it will feel like no time has passed

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bought some more

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did you buy it on GDAX, lad?

Yuck, don't even go there, lad.

I'm home alone I can be as comfy as I want


i can smell the freedom in the air… wait thats burning flesh, defiantly burning flesh

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use GDAX, it's the backend of Coinbase and has very low fees

I am eating more tbh my BMI is literally the bottom of the scale

Who LOCAL ales and LOCAL music here?

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the second verse of "I vow to thee" gets me every time lads, the tears are flowing tbh

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That label should have a picture of Amber Rudd instead

Is a charcoal burner someone who fucks a wigger

porridge wogs

Jerrycuck: the Original Series

the part about the Kingdom of God aka "and theres another country" always gets to me


The idea that England is in any way germanic makes some people spaz out tbh

Worst opinion I've ever seen.

t. normancuck

Fresh manlet

Now that I'm into self-improvement stuff, Woes does annoy me a bit. I want him to become a successful Chad tbh.

have you ever had your mates try to give you advice and tell you you're doing things wrong because they feel threatened by your self improvement?

Let him go lad, he can't help JOCKing himself.


Yes. Thankfully they're no longer my mates.

He's improved quite a lot from the (entirely self-inflicted and awful) condition of being a neet living with his dad for ten years

Funny that you use the dafty flag to complain about fags

That's not local

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Don't really have mates anymore tbh, everyone I've mentioned it to at work has been supportive tbh. My boss makes fun of my healthy lunches but he's just bantering, he himself does 10K runs and wears a smart watch that monitors his heart rate all day.

Sad how funny the Simpsons used to be.
An episode from 1989 is more relatable than literally any of the post season 8 episodes.

Alt Hype is a homo too. Still like his content.