Brit/pol/ #2014: Peter Hitchens As Art Edition


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UK has new tallest mountain.

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Still fucked outside and the car won't budge.

Looks like I'll have to phone my gaffer and be a NEET for a day.


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I have to spend all day inside with my toddler.

Hold me lads

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Schools closed?

Nursery, yeah.
And can't driven there anyway

There are no NEETs left on Zig Forums.

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Why not go and play outside?

>tfw 1cm of snow at uni and around 20cm back in worcestershire

Disappointed tbh

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good excuse to go out tbh

Lads, what would you name your sons?

Harold, Edward, Henry etc?


You are wrong


I rule the streets when it's raining lad, you can too

>"If I can make it into work, why can't you?"

Some people are just fucking cancer tbh


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Alexander Gordon

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Anything Brythonic
No Hebraic names unless they were borne by a hero.

When I was a 10yr old, I wanted to be an Entomologist or zoologist.

Today's 10yr olds just want to be traps.

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*steals your baby*




You know, I always liked the name David.



Worms was great, I have fond memories playing it as a kid. That and Lemmings.

just posted an add on craigslist looking for a lonely mummy to tuck me in bed and read me stories and let me suck on her milkers lads

Aethelstan, George or Charles tbh

When I was ten I wanted to be an astronaut, this gender stuff is a perversion that needs ending asap.

You notice how British games often seem to have that same toybox element? They're like the anti-cinematic game. No guided experience, just give the player a set of tools, and let them find their own fun.


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If my littleun had lessons like that I'd be up that school like a shot.
Is this part of the curriculum or something? Because if it isn't then parents need to band together and do some sort of action.

When I was ten I wanted to join the army but mum and dad told me to drop that right away

Even if it is part of the curriculum they should be up in arms over it.

Me too tbh, though it was because they were already redpilled on the current state of things

>parents kept trying to scare you by saying you'd die

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speaking of


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why are you looking at that stuff lad…

Why are you on poztwitter again

Problem is parents have lost their hive mind mentality.
It was different when I was young, the headteacher used to shit himself if the school wasn't doing it job.

All you have to do is spin it that they are sexualising children (which is exactly what they are doing, but parents just aren't aware of it) and then let their disgust evolve into anger.

I do remember being told by one teacher than men and women have identical brains, and everything else is just culture. I think she was just a stupid cunt though. She wasn't a science teacher or anything.

How is this not illegal? They are purposely feeding children misinformation for the sake of their political ideology.


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Should do one for Nige

Nigel and Roger ofc

Where else?’ Netanyahu cites Bible to justify Trump’s Jerusalem move, urges EU to follow suit

Sounds like Bibi wants to goad Europe into a civil war with asshurt Mudshits.

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You are like little baby

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Ha you got lied to lol

based tbh

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I think she really was just a silly bint.

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Fun fact: Salt lowers to freezing point of water from 0 to -6

Who's fault is it then?

obviously the person who sold them the drugs for not making it clean enough smh tbqh this is why we need to legalise ecstasy

Dead because government won't let people have what they want tbh

Who is her

She'd probably blame it on Brexit.


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someone i work with, mid 20's. still clubs a lot and also probably does drugs

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Y'know, there are certain heterosexuals into some pretty weird fetishes, but nothing as degenerate and disgusting as bugchasing. Faggotry is a sickness. This is why most of the spergy arguments against gay marriage fail. Instead, you have to argue against faggotry itself; it's not normal, it's not healthy, it's a disease.

Yaaaass slayyy. Love hearing bigots getting educated by sassy #FemalePower. Drug deaths are actually due to the racist Tory austerity.

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This tbh

A proportion of people think love is the reverse cowgirl position behind the pub wheelie bins behind a kebab shop.

Nihilism has killed romance tbf

Open borders by the end of the year.

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New long distance THOT walking.

You must be a bigot lad.

why did morality man retweet a video with stormzy and lots of other wogs in it. does'nt he know they ingest wicked poisons?

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There's a small strip of forest in Dartmoor where the moss is like a foot thick and covers the entire floor. It's like a bouncy castle, you can just dive onto it. It's my favorite place on this planet. Feels incredibly old too, I could see myself having a druid LARP there.

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Lmao, looks like a similar case to Grant Shapps sending condolences to someone over their grandfather's death and they used a picture of Ratko Mladic

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You can feel the magic.

Is druid code for gay? Would make sense as the memi comes from newbrit

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It came from uncucked

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Zig Forums
more like /shit/

Top bants lad. Welcome to the secret club.



druids wickerman gays

*steals gif*

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Really gets the keks

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Paganism is often used as an excuse for hedonism in the right wing so possibly.

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First reply:
Fucking thots.

Is that the little chicken shop wog towards the end?

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